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  1. Larry Schneider

    Mondo Cane in October

    My copy of Dead and Buried included an announcement of upcoming Blue Underground releases, this one included. The other "shockumentary" titles listed are MOndo Cane 2, Africa Addio, Women of the World and Goodbye Uncle Tom.
  2. Larry Schneider

    How is the Panasonic DMR-E30 as a progressive player?

    Does it resemble the other Panasonics, the RP-62 or 82?
  3. Larry Schneider

    Panasonic DVD recorder

    Does anyone have one of these? I'd like to be able to transfer video tapes to DVD, including SVHS tapes, and would like to know how the recorder performs at the 2-hour setting with a tape source.
  4. Larry Schneider

    Holy Grail problem

    Well, I'm watching the film and it never looked better. However, on my Toshiba the damned English subtitles turn themselves on every five minutes or so. On the Toshiba display subtitling is off, but the subtitles come on spontaneously. Re-entering the menu turns them off, but they very quickly...
  5. Larry Schneider

    Beware Moon 44

    According to IMDB this is a 2.35 Panavision film. Artisan has chosen to present it panned and scanned. Damn it.
  6. Larry Schneider

    New satellite delay

    The launch of the new DirecTV satellite has been delayed. It was to have gone up (from Kazakhstan) in mid-October.