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  1. Wayne Murphy

    $3000 panasonic lcd vs $7000 yamaha

    Hey all. My bro in law is getting a new projector for his basement apartment. Big screen tv's won't fit down stairs so he is trying to figure out which way to go. I can get him a Panasonic PT-AE100 LCD projector for $3000 Or I can get the Yamaha DPX500 LCD projector for about $7000...
  2. Wayne Murphy

    joggers please help

    It's time to start getting back into shape, and round is not a shape that I like.:b I jogged a lot in high school and loved it. Now I'm 34 and 25lbs overweight and I want to take up jogging again, I'm fortunate to have some neighbours who have invited me to join them. Here's the question...
  3. Wayne Murphy

    What's in your fast food?

    Check out your favourite fast food specs. No wonder I'm 25lbs overweight!!! http://www.tacobell.com/menu/nutrition1.htm http://www.wendys.com/w-4-0.shtml Link Removed http://www.timhortons.com/english/fr...tent_3500.html http://www.megawraps.com/megawrapsinc/htmls/index.htm...
  4. Wayne Murphy

    psb vs monitor audio

    I've been given the unthankful task of buying a wedding party gift for my bro-in-law. The cash I've been given plus what my wife and I are adding gives me certain restrictions on what I can buy. I've decided on a Yamaha receiver but am having a difficult time with the speakers. I can get the...
  5. Wayne Murphy

    xbox 5.1

    I've rented xbox and had to use the regular patch cords to my system. How is the A/V pack different? What connections are there available? A friend and I played Halo about 14 hours straight. Thank goodness for long weekends!!:D Needless to say playing Halo on a 100 inch screen just rocks...
  6. Wayne Murphy

    sexy 80's? your pick for fashion accessory

    After reading the leg warmers post I thought I'd ask which was your favorite 80's thing? Leg warmers Toe socks (modeled by Julie of course) :b Big hair Make-up put on with a trowel Scrunchies Big gaudy earings/ hoops or the ever present Madonna clothing/attitude?
  7. Wayne Murphy

    5.1 sound. Halo

    I just rented the xbox with Halo and a few other games. I plugged the rca's into the front of my reciever and used the dolby pro logic and it was quite good for sound. I've seen some posts mentioning 5.1? How do you hook that up? Is there an adapter that the rental doesn't come with? I'd...
  8. Wayne Murphy

    Win Me

    Does anyone know how to disable the log on at the beginning of startup? I have a computer with Win ME and one with Win 98SE. I'd love to be able to disable this startup log on. I have no use for it on either computer as they are not on a net work. Any suggestions are thankfully welcome...
  9. Wayne Murphy

    Scotch Drinkers?

    I'm new to the world of Single malt scotches and finding the buy and try to be a little expensive. I really like Dalmore and Dalwhinnie. Any other fav's? Do you add (water....ice....straight) and why? I like a little ice then swirl til it melts. What are good snacks to munch while...
  10. Wayne Murphy

    Cd recorders.

    Hey all. I am interested in buying a CD to CD recorder. Are there any that have more than 1 CD to 1 CD? Like a 3 to 1 setup? How much does the media cost? I have a large collection of CDs that I want to make some "car tunes" CDs from. Do you use the computer ones or different ones...