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  1. Oscar W

    FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area

    SVS accidently shipped two of them to me. Darn the luck. They advised to refuse delivery on the second one, or I could buy it with free shipping. Darn the good bookkeepers! I don't have a need for a second sub and figured I'd try to sell this one for them. The sub will arrive at my house on...
  2. Oscar W

    Computer clock losing time

    My computer clock has consistently been losing 15-45 minutes a day for the past few weeks. Before I noticed this it usually ran a few seconds fast. Any ideas why??? My computer is on 24/7, with a DSL connection. When I am not active on it the only programs running are: SETI, Outlook and AIM...
  3. Oscar W


    playing with fonts
  4. Oscar W

    Personal Digital Recorder to hard drive software

    Does anyone know a program that I can use to record a conversation from a personal digital recorder to my computers hard drive? I would prefer freeware, shareware, or a demo as I only need it for one recording about 18 minutes in length. I have tried: Audio Notes Recorder - only lets me...
  5. Oscar W


    just checkin sumtin