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  1. John*Wells

    Cobra Kai will get a season 4

    There will be a season 4 DVD release. Per a Q&A on Twitter. Show runner Jon Hurwitz Eluded to “Deleted scenes in our upcoming season 4 DVD release “ in response to a question asked by a fan regarding An attack on Eli/Hawk
  2. John*Wells

    Does anyone have a contact for MGM

    Is there an e mail address or direct contact for MGM to ask if their tv properties might be released in blue Ray? I tried the Twitter account for MGM television and got nowhere
  3. John*Wells

    Amazon Prime In the Heat of the Night (Freevee)

    So, I Have Purchased Seasons 1,4,5, and 6 of In the Heat of the Night on DVD. I am comparing Season 4 with Freevee. It Turns out that Brotherly Love and Shine on Sparta Moon are excluded from the DVD set for Clearance reasons. (The Amazon DVD listing stated they were not cleared) However...
  4. John*Wells

    General Discussion Roku channel complaint

    I found In the Heat of the Night (TV series) on the Roku streaming channel. I realize that ads are part of the deal and I don’t mind that. But can they not place the ads in the correct place before a commercial? Instead of interrupting the flow of the show?
  5. John*Wells

    Netflix Knight Rider

    Why is Netflix using episodes used in syndication for the episodes that originally aired as 2 hour specials? Is that all universal offered them?
  6. John*Wells

    Amazon has officially acquired MGM

    I would expect very few physical media release from them after this https://www.theverge.com/2022/3/17/22979800/amazon-mgm-merger-completed-prime-studios
  7. John*Wells

    Boston Legal

    Reviews on Amazon are claiming that episodes are missing from the complete Series set. Is that true? I was looking at purchasing it but not if it’s incomplete
  8. John*Wells

    Dallas TV show.

    There is a social media post I have seen on Facebook today that indicates the iconic South Fork ranch property is under contract to be sold. Also, no one is answering at the Ranch regarding tours. I goggled south fork and found out it was for sale in 2016. It would appear that tours have been...
  9. John*Wells

    my Latest Youtube Video

    I made a video last night regarding Physical media. Give it a watch
  10. John*Wells

    Any Lego enthusiasts here?

    Since Christmas Eve, I have purchased Lego sets to build of the White House, the International Space Station, The US Capitol, The Lincoln Memorial, The Saturn V Rocket and a partial Skyline of New York City. I had a Lego set as a kid and enjoyed them but was never a fanatic. I do enjoy...
  11. John*Wells

    Law & Order

    I saw the new season premiere. I noticed Carey Lowell playing Jamie Ross. She’s mentioned as being an Assistant District Attorney. The last time I saw Jamie Ross, she was a Judge in Law&Order trial by Jury. From the bench back to an ADA? seems like a step backwards
  12. John*Wells

    The Practice

    What is the hold up with the rest of The Practice being released? Is it a music right issue? Or, is it a Disney Problem?
  13. John*Wells

    Jack Webb Productions

    Has the Webb Estate had discussions about releasing the DA and other unreleased Jack Webb works?
  14. John*Wells

    Head of the Class Season 4 coming in March 2022

    Found this on Amazon Season 4 is Out March 2022
  15. John*Wells

    I tunes purchase

    I purchased 5 volumes of Classic Dragnet radio episodes from I tunes. Are they able to be burned to CDs or DVD discs? Or is apple not going to allow that?
  16. John*Wells

    The Caine Mutiny in 4KUHD??

    Is this being planned for a 4K UHD Release? I purchased the SD and Blu Ray versions .. I Checked Columbia Classics .. didnt see it listed there either
  17. John*Wells

    What sound bar should I get?

    Last year, I purchased a 50 inch Series 4 TCL 4K UHD Roku Television. What is the best sound Bar to complement that?
  18. John*Wells

    PBS Documentary on Muhammad Ali

    I’m trying to purchase the DVD. But Amazon appears to only have the Region 2 version in stock. Why is this?
  19. John*Wells

    The Adventures of Superman

    So I pulled Season 1 of the show to watch. I’m watching the episode the Stolen costume. I must say time was not kind to the negatives of this episode. I’m watching the SD DVD is my new Sony 4K UHD player x-800 M2 model. The show looks like I’m watching it on a black &white TV with Rabitt ear...
  20. John*Wells

    Netflix Netflix buys Ronald Dahl Library

  21. John*Wells

    I just purchased this Sony 4K UHD play

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-ubp-x800m2-streaming-4k-ultra-hd-hi-res-audio-wi-fi-built-in-blu-ray-player-black/6336494.p?skuId=6336494 Opinions?
  22. John*Wells

    Friday Night Lights TV show

    I recently binged this show on Netflix. I wonder if it could ever be revisited. I did not think I was going to like it at first but as it went on, I liked the progression from the top program to building one and winning a title. I wonder if the actors would ever do a reunion TV movie or if the...
  23. John*Wells

    Friday Night Lights Blu Ray Mill creek

    The listing says 13 discs. Did mill creek cram eps on discs as they have in the past?
  24. John*Wells

    I Catalogued My Entire Physical Media TV And Movie Collection

    Ive Spent the Weekend Putting together Lists of all My Video Physical Media. I Had 80 Completed or Partial TV Series' or Tv mini Series. 224 Movies, 157 Historical Docs 19 NFL Team Docs and games on DVD and 40 Pro Wrestling Historical Docs. All were on DVD or Blu Ray. Who Else has Done this?
  25. John*Wells

    What Series are you most glad you have on DVD?

    In my case, I would say Mister Ed is the one I am most glad I have. The Series was first released in 2 Best of Sets. Then, there was a legal dispute with the Estate of Walter Brooks which made full season releases prospects less likely. Then Shout got in the game and the Seasons were...
  26. John*Wells

    My Adam 12 E bay Experience

    About 2 months ago I set out to collect Adam 12 on DVD. I Found all but Season 1 on Amazon and bought the individual shrink-wrap Sets because I refused to pay $300 for all of the seasons at once. I Checked Deep Discount and Season 1 was back ordered. So I Checked E bay and found Season one...
  27. John*Wells

    Spectrum cable internet and phone

    So I’m in South Carolina and my internet phone and cable have been down dive about 6:30 pm Sunday. I have called them and continue to get a recording stating they are trying to repair a problem in my area. Does anyone else have spectrum and experienced issues in other areas?
  28. John*Wells

    PBS Documentary fans

    I am now on a PBS Documentary buying Binge. During the Pandemic, I increased my Presidential Documentary Collection by getting my hands on the Edition of "The Presidents" About President Eisenhower. Yesterday, I picked up Ken Burns America and Ken Burns American lives. In Addition, I got the...
  29. John*Wells

    CBS Shows using the Same Music Tracks

    So, I am watching an Episode of Leave it to Beaver in Season 2 and I heard 2 Music tracks That were also used in Mister Ed. Was this a common thing in the early TV Days ?
  30. John*Wells

    Has there ever been a Release of The DA

    Im a Jack Webb Fan. Would love to get my hands on a DVD Release of this series