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  1. Chris White

    FS: Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player, Demod, LDs

    Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player, Kenwood Demodulator, Laserdisc Collection Features of the Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player Product Review of the Pioneer CLD-79 Laserdisc Player Laserdisc Collection: Aladdin, Batman & Robin (5.1), Beverly Hills Cop (P&S), Braveheart...
  2. Chris White

    FS: Toshiba SD-P2000 Portable DVD Player

    Toshiba's ultra-portable SD-P2000 DVD-Video/DVD-Audio player is designed to deliver "no compromise" video and audio performance. The company's first DVD-Audio-equipped portable is distinguished by an 8.9-inch PolySilicon widescreen display whose high-resolution image (1,024-x-600 pixel) is more...
  3. Chris White

    FS: accessDTV HDTV Card

    AccessDTV lets you take control. Want to get up to take a break or answer the phone? It's a cinch. With accessDTV you can pause live DTV and run instant replays of your choice. Want to know what your buddies think? Use accessDTV's interactive messaging feature to talk while you watch. Add...
  4. Chris White

    FS: Audio Authority 9A60 Transcoder

    Audio Authority's 9A60 is a transcoder that convert VGA sources such as some HDTV, older VGA only satellite HDTV set-top-boxes, and PC signals to Component (Y-Pb-Pr). Component HD-Ready TVs limit the type of products you can connect to your HDTV but the 9A60 performs a colorspace conversion to...
  5. Chris White

    FS: Bang & Olufson 3404 Turntable

    B&O 3404 Turntable in good condition. Cartridge included. Price: $90 plus shipping (PayPal preferred)
  6. Chris White

    Another Movie Poster Lightbox

    Inspired by Chris Hovanik's project (see it here), my wife (Janis) built a movie poster lightbox for us. Here are detailed plans with costs, and more pictures: Movie Poster Lightbox
  7. Chris White

    Glossary of Home Theater Terms - New and Improved!

    The description for this forum asks, "Wondering what terms such as "anamorphic widescreen" and "component video" mean?" Even if you know those two terms, there may be others you don't know. We use an amazing amount of terminology in this hobby. Over the past few weeks, I've been working on...
  8. Chris White

    FS: Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player + Laserdisc Collection

    Price: $700 + Shipping (Price Reduced) Condition: Excellent Includes: Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player, Kenwood Demodulator, Laserdisc Collection Features of the Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisc Player Product Review of the Pioneer CLD-79 Laserdisc Player Laserdisc...
  9. Chris White

    What is winkblr.exe ?????

    My pc started having problems playing dvds. After installing WinTop, I discovered the problem appears to be a program called winkblr.exe. It's a major resource hog -- using up to 90% of available CPU power. A search of the MS knowledge base didn't help identify the file and, according to...
  10. Chris White

    No audio output on my Toshiba. Any idea why?

    When I select the TV input on my Toshiba TW65X81, I don't get any audio output. There is nothing coming from the audio out jacks and there is no sound from the tv speakers. The audio is working correctly for every other input, so that should rule out any audio cable problems. The only thing I...
  11. Chris White

    Advice Wanted: Building htpc to record HD

    I’d like your comments/advice on an htpc that will be used strictly for watching and recording hdtv – no ntsc pvr, no dvd, no cd jukebox – just hdtv. After researching for the past month, here are the components I’m considering. Case: DC Quiet Case w/ fan and power supply $119 Sound level is a...
  12. Chris White

    Two Toshiba Tweaks at the White House

    My wife and I completed two Toshiba projects this weekend. The first project was to remove the protective screen from my Toshiba. I reshuffled the screen stack long ago, but this weekend I decided the removal method is better. This page has a few pictures and more details for anyone interested...
  13. Chris White

    Help! Having problems painting!

    We're trying to paint our Toshiba tv black and having major problems with a large plastic piece. As you can see in this picture, the left speaker grille has been removed. The piece I'm referring to is in the middle below the screen. We first tried to use spray paint, but it was streaky so...
  14. Chris White

    Whole-House Surge Protection??

    After a recent experience with the effects of http://www.hometheatertalk.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/003836.html [Edited last by Chris White on August 29, 2001 at 08:29 AM]
  15. Chris White

    Please explain "sub-channels"

    The local hdtv stations are listed with a normal channel number. For example: WESH-DT NBC Channel 11 WFTV-DT ABC Channel 39 WKMG-DT CBS Channel 58 However, whenever I see someone refer to ABC, they say it is actually channel 39.1. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but does this...
  16. Chris White

    Toshiba Tips & Tweaks

    Recent additions to my Toshiba Tips & Tweaks page: 1) Downloadable service manuals for the following models: 43H70, 43HX70, 40H80, 56H80, and 65H80. Each manual is in two files. One with everything but the schematics and another with just the schematics. To help me save on bandwidth...
  17. Chris White

    HDTV in Orlando - When????

    I noticed last week that the Orlando stations have filed for yet ANOTHER extension until November 2001. Has anyone heard anything from any of these stations lately? ------------------ The Whites' Home Theater Website Pictures, DIY Projects, Glossaries, FAQ, Links, Toshiba Tips & Tweaks
  18. Chris White

    DIY A/V Cables -- Updated Web Site

    I invite you to visit my newly updated page: A really easy way to make top quality audio/video cables. I've made several changes to this page, including the addition of numerous notes which are designed to provide more detailed information and answer the most frequently asked questions about...
  19. Chris White

    A really easy way to make top quality audio/video cables.

    With a lot of help from Tim Cristy and Brian McGuire, I have constructed a tutorial: A really easy way to make top quality audio/video cables. You can view this tutorial by clicking on DIY A/V Cables in my signature. Enjoy! ------------------ The White's Home Theater Home Theater...