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  1. Stefan A

    What are some good Dreamcast games

    My wife just bought a dreamcast from ebay because she just had to have this southpark game. The playstation version wasn't good enough. Anyway, now that we have it, I would like to know what the good games are. Any genre will be fine. Thanks Stefan
  2. Stefan A

    recording from Dish Network

    I have recently gone from standard cable (using my TV's cable tuner), to Dish Network (with their standard receiver). I went to record a program and discovered that I was unable to program the channels into the VCR. And I also discovered that I could not record a live program and watch a...
  3. Stefan A

    changing tracks on the rp82

    On my rp82, I can skip tracks one at a time. But, I cannot select a specific track using the numeric keypad. Why is this?
  4. Stefan A

    The Ring (Wagner's)

    For the 13 years or so that I have been into classical music (and have a B.S. and M.M in music) it is surprising that I have not actually sat down and listened to The Ring. Of course I have known the popular sections. But, the other day, I listened to Das Reingold and followed the libretto. Now...
  5. Stefan A

    subwoofer out on receiver broken

    All of a sudden, I notice that my subwoofer isn't working. My main speakers go down low enough that I was not aware of it. I just thought that my sub was turned down too much. So, I hooked the sub into the output on my dvd player. When I have it set for DD, the sub works fine when hooked into...
  6. Stefan A

    x-box and accessories for sale

    X-Box and Accessories for Sale 1.X-box and it’s components (box, 1 controller, a/v cables, power cord, manual) - $175 2.2 Microsoft controllers - $25 each 3.High Definition A/V Pack - $15 4.Monster Fiber Optic Cable designed for X-Box - $30 5.Halo - $40, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee - $25...
  7. Stefan A

    Morrowind - The ultimate goal

    I have been playing the game a lot for the past week or so. I really like it but I guess I just don't completely understand it. I realize that it is an open ended game in that you can play it however you want. But, is there an ultimate goal? An ultimate goal that you can acheive regardless of...
  8. Stefan A

    The definitive Holst's "The Planets" recording

    Well, I figured I would start a new thread since I was the one that suggested individual threads. This topic seems like one of the major ones. How do you know which recording of a particular piece of music to get? There are several ways to decide - some better then others. My least favorite...
  9. Stefan A

    ultimate cd search engine

    I am looking for someplace where I can find out if a certain cd is available. I have checked the usual places that carries large stocks (amazon, tower, ect) but possibly what I want is too rare for them to carry it. I would just like to find out if something exists. The recording in question...
  10. Stefan A

    Added a 2 channel amp - some observations

    Today my used (new to me) Adcom 555 200x2 amp came in. So, before hooking it up, I listened to some music that I am familiar with on my Yamaha receiver (rx-v596). OK, it sounds good, like it always sounds. Then I hook up the amp to do a comparison. The music is fairly quiet at the beginning...
  11. Stefan A

    Hooking up and using an amp

    I just bought a used Adcom 555 but it will not have an instruction manual. The 555 manual at the adcom website is just a spec sheet. What do you use to connect an amp to your receiver (acting as a preamp). Standard interconnects? Speaker wire? Then, is the idea that you unhook whichever...
  12. Stefan A

    subwoofer volume at various frequencies

    I was reading another post regarding subwoofer drop off at certain frequencies. I am not completely sure what that is, but I wanted to test my subwoofer. I put on "Shake Rattle and Roll" from my Chesky test disc. What it does is play a tone starting at a frequency of 300 and goes down gradually...
  13. Stefan A

    Adcom GFA-555 vs 555 II vs. 555 pro

    What is the difference between theses amps? Stefan
  14. Stefan A

    New panasonic dvd players

    I just called panasonic to find out some more info on the dvd rp62 and 82. I was specifically inquiring about how the 62 is different from the 56 - and how the 62 is different from the 82. According to the rep, the 62 adds ability to read WMA files, a zoom feature, and the player itself is...
  15. Stefan A

    confused about amps

    I was at a friends house the other day listening to his new HT setup. His setup is much different than mine - although we both have good equipment. One of the main differences is that he has a 250 watt 2 channel amp hooked up to his pre-outs for the mains. All I have is a Yamaha RX-V596 (100...
  16. Stefan A

    jurassic park III - Brand new

    Hi, I have a brand new, never opened, Jurassic Park III DVD. This is of course widescreen. I am looking to sell or trade this. If you want to buy it, I will take $18 and I will pay the shipping. If you want to trade, check out my wishlist in the dvd profiler. Although, I want it to be an equal...
  17. Stefan A

    comparison screenshots of P&S vs. OAR

    I know this comes up often but I can't seem to find what I am looking for doing a search. Can I get a few web sites with screenshots comparing the 2. Thanks
  18. Stefan A

    Getting up to turn on/off xbox

    Every other piece of equipment in my HT setup can be controlled via a remote control. Of course, in many instances, 1 remote will do the job. Obviously, this isn't new to anyone. Call me lazy, but it would sure be nice if I could do that with the xbox. I havn't seen the dvd xbox remote, but...
  19. Stefan A

    Survival of 3

    I was thinking about all the speculation of 3 consoles surviving. My feeling is that one of the ways for all 3 to survive is to bring in people who were not previously into gaming. I haven't had a gaming system since the original nintendo - and it was really my brother's. One of the reasons I...
  20. Stefan A

    no sound in x-box game

    Total elation to complete disapointment: I went into a Target this afternoon just to see if by chance they had an x-box. They actually had 2 behind the locked glass. So, I bought it. Also bought the HD connection pack and a fiber optic cable. Get home, hook it up, go through the initial...
  21. Stefan A

    which system makes sense for me?

    I have been interested in the past few weeks about possibly getting back into playing video games. A few years ago I bought a playstation but I ended up taking it back and selling my games. I took it back because many of the games just did not interest me - or at least I didn't want to spend...
  22. Stefan A

    When Harry met Sally

    According to Amazon, there is a new version of this coming out November 13th. I can't figure out what the difference between this and the ones thate are already out are. Anyone have info on this? ------------------ Stefan Antwarg My DVD Collection The Regal Brass Quintet Not HT related
  23. Stefan A

    pics of my HT

    Well, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post my pics. http://members.home.net/santwarg/ht/ht Stefan Antwarg
  24. Stefan A

    dvd's demonstrating the superiority of progressive scan dvd players

    With my Toshiba 50h81, I am using my Yamaha 796 dvd player. This is not a progressive scan player. So far I have not seen anything wrong with the picture. The thing is, I don't know exactly what is inferior about the picture on an interlaced player. Can someone provide an example or 2 of what to...
  25. Stefan A

    Example of progressive image vs. interlaced

    With my Toshiba 50h81, I am using my Yamaha 796 dvd player. This is not a progressive scan player. So far I have not seen anything wrong with the picture. The thing is, I don't know exactly what is inferior about the picture on an interlaced player. Can someone provide an example or 2 of...
  26. Stefan A

    Weird thing about RPTV's

    I notice that when I am sitting down, the picture looks different than when I am standing. The brightness of the picture is right when I am sitting - of course I adjusted the set sitting. When I stand, everything seems darker. But, the picture looks smoother when I stand. I guess this has to do...
  27. Stefan A

    High def from satelite

    I am just beginning to research what I need to get started receiving stations like HBO or Showtime in HD. Right now, I have the Toahiba 50h81. I do not have a set top box. I was under the impression that if I bought the new 6000 sat receiver, that I would only need that to get HD. Then, I...
  28. Stefan A

    comparing video cables

    Today I received my new Better Cables Silver Serpent Component cables. I also have the Monster video 3 cables. Based on what I have read here and especially this review - http://www.obisreviews.com/main3nf.html - I decided to buy the cable to see what I thought. After going back and forth...
  29. Stefan A

    got my Toshiba 50x81

    Today was the day I have been waiting for. The Sears guys were excellent - although my heart jumped a few times as they carried the TV down 13 steps. Everything appears to be working as expected for a new RPTV. I haven't looked at a non-anamorphic dvd but have looked at some good ones. Pic...
  30. Stefan A

    I made the Toshiba 50h81 plunge

    Today I went to Sears to buy the TV with internet price match. This was not a smooth process, but I ended up buying it. I printed out the hamptonimage.com price w/shipping ($2040 - MD) and took it to Sears. Of course they have to call to verify. This took about 1 hour. The sales lady called...