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  1. Kevin Farley

    HBO's Hacking Democracy

    I can't believe I'm starting this thread. This has been out for 2 days and we just watched it. If anything, an independent investigation needs to happen into voting machines.
  2. Kevin Farley

    new sci-fi movies?

    You woulda thunk after Matrix making ten gazillion dollars, it would pave the way for more hard sci-fi movies. not so far... What do we have to do to get more real sci fi movies? (more like niven, heinlein, gibson, not xmen 3 crap)
  3. Kevin Farley

    v-dub down on the engineering tip, yah!

    Dig the new vw commercials. Is that guy Peter Stormare from Fargo?
  4. Kevin Farley

    macworld keynote video

    Apple's site is broken ?!WHAT????!! And I want to watch the keynote address. Does anyone know where to get it? Thanks, guys. Kevin
  5. Kevin Farley

    chronic-what-cles of narnia

    So Awesome! let's discuss over cupcakes... http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=zLElfJ9YCh0
  6. Kevin Farley

    HBO pre-24/7 outtro animation clip

    Ok, in the same spirit as the Charlie Brown Special thread, who remembers HBO pre 24/7, as they went off the air each evening? They used to have a cute little animation, to a bongo beat, of the dad putting out the milk bottles and the cat (I think) and it was really awesome! Does anyone have...
  7. Kevin Farley

    Roll Bounce

    I can't believe I'm starting this thread. This was a fun movie! I guess it got two thumbs up. I really enjoyed it, especially the skating. As a former roller rink rat (Skate City, Semoran Skateway, and All-American in the Orlando area) I really dug this. I was impressed with Chi McBride and Bow...
  8. Kevin Farley

    are ethanol blends bad for cars?

    I have a 94 Camry, and the 10 cent savings look good. I had heard that the blends dry out seals and aren't good. Is this true?
  9. Kevin Farley

    I just beat Jak 2!!!!!

    After many, many hours of battle, this once weak gamer finally killed the big baddie. Great ending! and I look forward to 3. Wow, this was a hard game. But so much work went into making it, and it was fun/torture/fun. Who else beat this game? I'd love to hear from you... Whew.
  10. Kevin Farley

    need to return American Pie 2: who to contact

    Just watched our brand new copy of American pie 2 for the first time; it's defective (freezing for about half of the disc.) Does anyone know the number/contact info for Universal to get a replacement? Thanks!
  11. Kevin Farley

    I wish you could rent manual trans cars in the US!

    Even if they had a limited number of them. Why don't they offer this here? In Europe they do...
  12. Kevin Farley

    Television reinvented: rgb +cmyk!!!!!

    here's the link They just succeded in adding cmyk to tv, making color much, much more film like. But will it ever be implemented? The company, Genoa Color Technologies
  13. Kevin Farley

    Looking for suggestions for heartfelt 70's films like Serial

    Serial (Martin Mull, Sally Kellerman, etc.) is one of my favorite films. (sadly, not on DVD yet...) It's about life in Marin in the 70's (start of new age, hot tubs, open marriage, etc.) that was adapted from a serial column in the Marin County newspaper. It has that sweet nostalgic 70's vibe to...
  14. Kevin Farley

    Will someone please explain bobble heads to me?

    I don't get it. What's the lure?
  15. Kevin Farley

    Portland, Eugene, Ashland Oregon Folks

    My wife and I are visiting Portland, Eugene and Ashland next week. We have 2 days to wander and explore each town, and to try and capture the feeling or flavor of each place. It's our first visit, so we'd love any suggestions of must things to do or see, other than the standards or tourist stuff...
  16. Kevin Farley

    What the hell happened to Sound Dynamics?

    Ok, so I slept for 6 months and Sound Dynamics, one of the best loved inexpensive high-end audio and HT speaker manufacturers just vanishes. No website, they're owned by API, which has Mirage and Energy in their lines. According to some Joe at their site, Athena is technically the same. I'm not...
  17. Kevin Farley

    16:9 squeeze on Toshiba 32a42a ?

    My friend just got this tv, and we would love to hear if it can be done, and how? Thanks guys!
  18. Kevin Farley

    Anyone tired of trailer editing patterns?

    You know, the ones that are action, action, action... silence. line. 1 more second of action. "insert name of film". And it's gotten to the point that they've used lines that don't really rate being used for that silence - line - ending structure. The biggest case in point for me is for...
  19. Kevin Farley

    What is the punchline to joke in Breakfast Club?

    We just watched that tonight; That joke has haunted my imagination for years...
  20. Kevin Farley

    Buying a new suit (new primary suit) what color?

    I have an older ('93) green-grayish double breasted, but I've (ahem) expanded a bit, and it's pushing sausage casing style now, according to my wife. ;) So I'm getting a new one. I'm definitely getting single breasted this time (more versatile) and I'm debating gray/charcoal grey/navy. This will...
  21. Kevin Farley

    Sorry, but what does IBTL mean?

    It's confusing, but what does it mean?
  22. Kevin Farley

    What pressure should car tires be?

    My tire guy (and the tire itself) says to max it out at 44 (at least for my tires) and the lube guy, and other people say 32. What do you guys think? Personally, I'd say 44. But is that bad for the tire life? And what are the advantages/disadvantages?
  23. Kevin Farley

    How is the Wall Street Journal online edition?

    I've been thinking about subscribing, since I live in the boonies and can't buy or read the daily edition. Actually, I've only read the Journal a few times, but all indicators seem to point to read it daily. What do you guys think?
  24. Kevin Farley

    Why do soap operas look "shiny" video wise?

    What is that sheen that soap opera has? They used it on Friends when Phoebe acted on Joey's soap. I've always wondered about that.
  25. Kevin Farley

    Getting new toaster (vcr) Any diff in quality anymore? (jvc,sony,panny)

    So It's time to get another vcr. S-vhs isn't important, but would be nice for time shifting. My friend bought a 400 dollar sony unit in 1993, but it seems as if you can't buy good vcrs now. (gee, I wonder why?) The jvc's look good, but are they necessarily any better than the panasonics? We had...
  26. Kevin Farley

    Any new news on the Neuromancer project?

    Ok, Seven Arts Pictures is dead, neuromancer.org is dead, silence from Gibson's and Cunningham's camps, but does anyone know anything new?
  27. Kevin Farley

    Treadmill experience and advice? We're looking at them...

    Hi Guys, We're looking at treadmills. We're in a small town, and the local rec center only has 2, and they're jammed. (they also have 2 nice ellipticals, but they don't feel comfortable, and some recumbent bikes, but I really like treadmills, especially in winter.) We've been looking at...
  28. Kevin Farley

    Help! How to print 4 pages (front, back, left, right) on 8.5x11 paper!!!

    I'm trying to print out a leaflet, using 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, using booklet method... could be 10 pages, so a particular page could be pages 4,5, 18,19 or whatever, stapled together. I've tried Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, etc. I haven't found a way to do this yet. Help!
  29. Kevin Farley

    Does anyone know the rest of the joke in Breakfast Club?

    What Judd Nelson was reciting whilst traversing the ceiling tiles...
  30. Kevin Farley

    Alright this is nuts! 1 million plus for a pair of B&Ws!!!!!????!!!!