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    Sopranos HD-DVD postponed.

    TVShowsOnDVD.com just posted this. No reason why. Sucks, cause I think I was one of the few people willing to pay the 100bucks for the set. Probably being delayed to better coincide with the Blu Ray release. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6517
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    So has Warner/Adult Swim given up on Space Ghost?

    It's been a while since volume 3, still plenty of episodes to put on DVD. Every couple of weeks I hear a new season of Aqua teen or Harvey Birdman is being release - when their original gem Space Ghost seems to have been shelved. Anyone know what's going on?
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    New Foo Fighters album to be DualDisc

    Well at least the acoustic disc will be. This according to the latest Foo article in Rolling Stone. For those who don't know the latest Foo Fighters album will be a double disc affair called 'In Your Honor'. Featuring one disc devoted completely to rock, the other to acoustic material. I'm...
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    Harry Potter 3 packaging question

    So I'm gathering from this picture, that Warner has scraped the digipack for the third Harry Potter film in favor of a dual keep case? Because if so that's really lame. Way to keep continuity Warner!
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    Kevin Smith announces "Clerks 2"

    from ViewAskew.com: LOS ANGELES -- Kevin Smith is making another convenience store run. The writer-director of "Dogma," "Chasing Amy" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" told the Associated Press on Friday that he has begun work on a sequel to "Clerks," his homemade indie classic from...
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    Six Feet Under 4.08 - Coming and Going

    Good episode I thought. I think the shows has picked itself up from the creative slump it had in the first couple of episodes. Less humor this week, but I like were the characters are going.
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    Six Feet Under 4.05 "That's My Dog"

    Wow. All I can say is what a curve ball of an episode. I did not see that whole David plot coming. Very powerful, yet somewhat clichéd. I liked it none the less, and it's interesting to see the repercussions of this event in future episodes. However, one thing I'm getting tired of is the...
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    Smalleville Season 2 insert question

    I got the set the other day, and notice that the digipac inside had a slot for what could be a booklet or something. Does the box set come with any particular insert, or is that just there for no reason? Sorry for mis-spelling Smallville.
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    CD Binders to store DVDs - Good idea or Bad?

    I find that I really want to re-watch the X-Files as of late. But I hate having to remove the discs from the packaging because they're so flimsy, and frankly to roll out that Digipac can be a hassel as well. I was thinking of buying a good 100 disc CD Binder and store them all there, that way...
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    Elisha Cuthbert Attacked by Cougar - Not a joke!

    From IMDB.com Two things. One, looks like life DOES imitates art. Two, this happened to her while she was filming 24. Which means in this season of 24... Kim will once again encounter a Cougar for some reason! ugh, are they completely out of ideas.
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    Is the OZ Season 3 box not shiny?

    That last two season use that shiny material for the box art ( I have no clue what it's called). However, today I got S3 in the mail from Amazon and the box art feature a plain, non-shiny, box. Does this go for everyone’s copy of season three here? It seems rather weird, as HBO generally keeps...
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    DVD Covers that look alike

    I guess the industry has tapped out all the possible ideas for cover art/posters for films. As I find more and more movies have Identical or similar covers.. for instance: and or and I know there are better examples, so if you can think of any more, please post...
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    Cover Art - Chappelle's Show: Season One (Uncensored)

    Probably one of the funniest sketch shows on TV right now. Anyways, here are the specs (from Comedy Central.com): 2-disc digi-pack Over 7 hours of entertainment Contains all 12 episodes uncensored and unblurred, plus bonus special features: 30-minute deleted scene and gag reel...
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    24: Season Three observation

    Has anyone noticed that they hardly use the split screen format that made this show so awesome anymore. Of sure every phone call still uses it (as do the little bit scene the commercial break) otherwise we never see two people's perspective's at once. What happened to this show. It used to be...
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    Can it be, has FOX gone bilingual?!

    This sucks, seems everyone is jumping on the French/English bandwagon. I was in my local Blockbuster today, and came upon the 2 Disc Alien discs, and the back sheet had both French and English on 'em. I don't know if this is an isolated incident.
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    C.S.I. Season Three Cover Art

    According to DVDfile the specs are 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfers and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround tracks, audio commentaries by cast and crew on select episodes and five featurettes (The CSI Tour: Police Station, The CSI Shot: Making It Real, The Writers' Room, CSI Moves Into Season 3 and...
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    Will THUNDERBALL be released separately?

    Well I just got the second volume of the Bond sets. I don't care to get the third set as it contains my least favorite Bond films, with the exception of Thunderball. Now I know the single SE is out of print, so I'm wondering if anybody knows of plans that MGM may have to start re-releasing...
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    Cover Art: Mystery Science Theater 3000 vol. 4

    Just found this at Amazon.com. Got me excited.
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    Foo Fighters Live DVD to be released this fall

    For any Foo fans here, just wanted to let ya know that foofighters.com have officially announced that the live DVD, entitled "Everywhere But Home" will be released this fall. Other sources I hear, have said as early as November 14th. Lets hope that date sticks. Currently all that is know, is...
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    Anybody know if 'Bob Newhart' is coming to DVD?

    I really love this show, just discovered it recently. However, the rerun are impossible to catch. Anybody know if there is any talk or plans to release this show on DVD in the future?
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    Run Ronnie Run! on DVD Sept 16th.

    Mr. Show fans rejoice... well sort of. Al thought New Line successfully kept the Mr. Show movie from ever hitting the silver screen, they are releasing it on DVD this year. From DavisDVD:
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    Undergrads on DVD??? July 1st? Anyone have info?

    This semi obscure animated show was supposed to be out on DVD last year, however it was cancelled. But to my suprise, I was on DavisDVD today, and they had the cover art for it, and also a release date of July 1st. Does anyone know if this is true, and the first season of Undergrads is...
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    Does Canada have a different cover for Adaptation?

    So I picked it up today, and the cover is different from the one I've seen on the Internet. So I'm wondering if this is because I bought it here in Canada? So if yours is the same let me know. I do, however, like this new one a lot better. Less crowded then the amazon.com one. Amazon.com...
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    RHINO to release "exciting" MST3K DVD in 4th Q2003

    From The Satellite News: "The good folks at Rhino Home Video have apparently rethought their plans for MST3K this year. They now tell us they are planning an "exciting" DVD release for the fourth quarter of 2003. The plans are still in their very early stages, so we have no information on...
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    Bowling for Columbine.... still waiting...

    Anyone have any news about what's going on with this title???
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    My 24 Season Two Cover

    Suffice it to say, I cant friggen' wait to own the second season on DVD and re-watch it (possibly in glorious 5.1). However, in my infant boredom I have decided to guess, based on the few promotional pictures for this season I could find on the web, what the new DVD cover will look like... so...
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    Anyone know what's going with Larry Sanders S2?

    Its been way over a year since the last season was released on DVD, and I haven't heard anything about a second season. I'm assuming it didn't sell well, which is probably a key factor into why Columbia doesn't want to continue it. However, has anybody heard anything about this release?
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    24: Season Two in Dolby 5.1?

    I was just finished watching tonight's episode of 24, and I was a little surprised to notice that Dolby Digital logo at the end of the credits, instead of the usual Fox TV Dolby Surround logo. Could this mean that the next box set of 24 will feature Dolby Digital 5.1? Or just DD surround...
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    CSI Widescreen Petition.

    Well the good news is it's up to 134 sigs, which is nice. However, it could still be higher. CBS and Paramount should know out stance for future releases of the DVD box sets. So let them know. CSI ON DVD IN WIDESCREEN
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    CSI FANS, how can we get S1 in 16x9!?!

    DVDfile today said in its news update today that it was CBS's decision to have the CSI DVD set released in 4:3. In the recent months, I’ve seen the effect that we, the DVD fans, can have on a release (ET, Back to the Future, etc). I think we could do this with CSI, which is a show that I...