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  1. Phil Volk

    Which is better: Denon 3803 or 2805 AVR?

    The 2910 is replacing the 2900 and 2200 at around $730 retail (less online or probably refurb pretty quickly knowing denon) _______________________end quote_______________ Wow! truer words have never been posted! In my book , opt for the auto room calibration, it will improve the sound...
  2. Phil Volk

    Yamaha rx-v650 or rx-v750

    Then again, I've had like 5 new receivers in a little over two years, so the wifey would definately question my decisions in this case. Fortunately, those thoughts go away as quick as they come. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wow! What has been your overall net investment...
  3. Phil Volk

    DD15 vs DD12?

    Who amongst you have spent some time comparing these two against one another? impressions?
  4. Phil Volk

    Mirage OmniSat & OmniSat Micros

    I sold both polk and mirage and while In-walls may have a little more punch, I would look at the tc or lc series from polk, I don't much care for the rc's...and there was a looooong runing post here about the omnisats (and other omni series speakers), they are a VERY good little speaker, but as...
  5. Phil Volk

    Martin Logans

    Ml's have the lowest measurable distortion of any speaker on the market...the hub-bub about difficulty in placement is way overblown, they can be tossed into a room in the same way as any direct radiating speaker and sound much better...the differance is that while extra can be gained from ANY...
  6. Phil Volk

    Validity of Audioreview.com user reviews??

    The Major problems with these on-line reviews are as follows: 1) people write positive posts about what they bought about 5 times as often as people write negative reviews...every item gets 4.4 stars out of 5(or similar rating)...no one ever admits a mistake and everyone convinces themselves...
  7. Phil Volk

    are those power conditioners really worth it?

    I love the blue lights on my 7000SigSeries, they match the AVR507 (so does the silver front panel). I bought it because the 7000SS has an added layer of protection to the MOV's , this is a non-self -sacrificing surge protection(?) that will reset after @15 seconds (saving settings on equip if...
  8. Phil Volk

    Athena VS Sapphire(and more needed ht help)

    don't buy without auditioning EXTENSIVELY, and don't take advice from those who haven't....this being said ,I am very familiar with both brands and prefer the saphires
  9. Phil Volk

    B&K AVR 507 questions

    I don't buy receivers for their abilities (or lack thereof) as a video processor , or to get the video inputs that my monitor lacks, or to let it do all my video switching (that's what remote macros are for) I buy a receiver for it's SOUND QUALITY ...The B&K has a non-current limiting design...
  10. Phil Volk

    Interesting Yamaha's YPAO fact

  11. Phil Volk

    Speaker "salesmen" still using a white van

    buying speakers without extensive comparative demos is pathetic, I wouldn't buy any speakers unless I had done some thurough listening to many other brands at the same price point....people who buy these "white van" speakers (or bose or anything sold "on-line only") aught to realize they are...
  12. Phil Volk

    Tweeter/Boston Acoustics

    boston's have great name recognition and that didn't enter into the decision...I think that one of boston's claim to fame used to be was that they were all made in the US, no longer the case...due to the walmartization of our economy , even boston has moved off-shore....as have MANY other...
  13. Phil Volk

    Tweeter/Boston Acoustics

    Working for Tweeter previously and having a friends still there ,I can tell you that Tweeter will still carry BA car, satelites, in wall, outdoor, and other items.....however, since many of tweeters divisions dropped polk some years ago (8?)polk has been trying to lure them back by presenting...