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  1. Alan Tully

    Gosford Park (2001) coming from Arrow

    About time we had a decent Blu-ray of this film. NEW UK/US/CA TITLE: Gosford Park (Blu-ray) When Sir William is found murdered in the library, everyone – and their servants – becomes a suspect. Pre-order in the UK via Arrow: https://arrowfilms.com/product-detai...u--ray/FCD1825 US pre-order...
  2. Alan Tully

    International A Vincent Price Box For The UK (including Scotland!)

    Arrow have a Price/Corman/Poe six film box set released in November. The films are: The Fall Of The House Of Usher The Pit & The Pendulum Tales Of Terror The Raven The Haunted Palace The Tomb Of Ligeia The box includes a book (200 pages I think). Usher & Pendulum have already been released, &...
  3. Alan Tully

    50's Fox Westerns Released In France

    Looking over at blu-ray.com I see that on April 24th the following are being released on Blu-ray. No specs yet, so I don't know about forced subs or regions: Broken Arrow '50 Garden Of Evil '54 Broken Lance '54 Warlock '59
  4. Alan Tully

    Five Warner Titles For 2012

    So Warner are releasing 40-50 catalogue titles next year on Blu, so how about five titles you'd like: She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - this should look fantastic on Blu Scaramouche - maybe include the silent version like they did on the French DVD release The Curse Of Frankenstein The Horror Of...