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  1. David Dennison

    Veronica Mars Season 3

    Thanks. I see it now on the website. When I was looking there yesterday evening they must have been having website difficulty. Several of the nights were showing the schedule, but Tuesday was blank. Now VM's picture is gracing the main screen. I caught Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD this summer...
  2. David Dennison

    Veronica Mars Season 3

    When does Season 3 premiere? I have not seen it in any Guide menus on the TV, and the new CWTV website does not show it.
  3. David Dennison

    Most Films An By Actor, Actress And Director In Your DVD Collection

    Based on a quick DVDProfiler search, I think these are my tops: Director: Spielberg 11 Hitchcock 9 Actor: Tom Hanks 19 Tom Cruise 12 Morgan Freeman 11 Actress: Julia Roberts 9 Sigourney Weaver 8
  4. David Dennison

    Lord of The Rings Return of The King Deals

    How do you get the $5 Best Buy digital coupon? It did not come up when I tried to order online so I canceled my order. I need to order 2 copies of ROTK EE. Can I get a $5 coupon for each?
  5. David Dennison

    Buffy / Angel question

    I think Buffy is far superior to Angel and probably my favorite show ever produced for tv. Angel still is a very solid show, but I was disappointed with Season 4. I have not seen Angel season 5 or Buffy season 7 because I did not start watching until the DVDs. I always thought Buffy was some...
  6. David Dennison

    American Idol - Season 3

    I think the top three choice is a no-brainer at this point. Latoya and Fantasia have been consistently great. The third choice is George who is the only singer in the competition to get consistently better. The middle 3 are clearly Jennifer, Diana, and Jasmine. I don't think Jennifer is in...
  7. David Dennison

    Best three Worst three Need three

    Jake, thanks. I blame my wife for Clueless and Junior, I can't explain Vertical Limit or Gremlins 2, and don't knock Adventures in Babysitting or Real Genius (though admittedly awful cover art). I was always anti-Buffy until I finally gave it a real chance over the holidays through...
  8. David Dennison

    Best three Worst three Need three

    I just came across this thread (and have not read all 9 pages), but I will give it a try. Jake- Best: (too many good ones to choose just 3) Fargo Casablanca Tombstone Worst: (not too many bad ones IMHO) You've Got Mail The Hours Blue Velvet Need: It's a Wonderful Life To Kill...
  9. David Dennison

    Weekly RoundUp 3/9

    Thanks Mike! Schindler's List for me and maybe Ten Commandments SE.
  10. David Dennison

    "Ed" - 9/23/03

  11. David Dennison

    Weekly Roundup 9/23

    Finally, Babe in WS. That will be my purchase for the week. Thanks as always, Dave.
  12. David Dennison

    ***Official Survivor: Amazon Discussion Thread***

    It was clearly a smart vote this week by Rob. This gives Rob a chance to make the final two now. I think he has a good shot to beat Christy or Matt in the final two. If Rob makes it, I bet he does a better job in answering jury questions than anyone yet on previous Survivors. He seems like he...
  13. David Dennison

    ***Official Zelda:The Wind Waker - Your thoughts here... Thread***

    I happened across the postman a little while ago so that sidequest is done.
  14. David Dennison

    ***Official Zelda:The Wind Waker - Your thoughts here... Thread***

    I have finished the earth and wind dungeons and found all of the triforce maps. I am trying to complete some of the sidequests before the end. I am stumped with the new rich girl on Windfall Island (Maggie? on second floor of rich guys house). She gave me a letter to send which I did to her love...
  15. David Dennison

    "Ed" - 4/11/03

    Awesome. Yes, perfect episode. Please don't cancel. There were tears in my eyes as well. Then came the firework, and they became tears of laughter as I was rolling on the floor. One advantage I did see to this being written as a potential series finale is that the show did not end with "I...
  16. David Dennison

    Is "Ed" Dead?

    Yes, Ed is the best show currently on tv right now, and the only show I really look forward to watching every week. I watch many other shows and enjoy some while I am watching, but I can't think of anything else that I am really excited about seeing long before it airs. I would really hate to...
  17. David Dennison

    ***Official Zelda:The Wind Waker - Your thoughts here... Thread***

    I saw this question posted earlier by Bert, but apparently he was able to figure it out before anyone answered it. I am on dragon island, and I threw the girl up onto the ledge. Now I am clueless as to how to get into the dungeon. I have the first windwaker song from the shrine. Otherwise I have...
  18. David Dennison

    Female Celebrity (Ultra)- Tournament V. 03 !!!

    Thanks Brian. Great tourney.
  19. David Dennison

    Female Celebrity (Ultra)- Tournament V. 03 !!!

    Reese Witherspoon Nicole Kidman I am very glad she is going to win as she is probably the only semifinalist that would make my top 10.
  20. David Dennison

    Ed - 3/5/03

    Another terrific episode. Although the gastric bypass storyline was forced, it was clear the producers or somebody with the show wanted to get the counter-message across. I did not think it was a problem because it was intermixed with such spectacular storylines: everything with Mike and Dr...
  21. David Dennison - Fun for Movie Nerds

    Cool. Here is my list. my top 20