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  1. Adam Wolkoff

    Best size-direct view

    Greetings: I'm putting together a system for my parents. They want a direct view TV and will be sitting 10 feet away or so, due to room constraints and preferences. 32 or 36 inch? TIA ASW
  2. Adam Wolkoff

    HTF REVIEW: "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" (Widescreen)

    Sean Patrick wondered: "I have the original dvd from 1997 (which was also anamorphic) - how much of an improvement is the picture quality? i know the extras are great, and i plan on picking it up in the future, but unless it has a totally 100% better looking transfer i might wait a few months."...
  3. Adam Wolkoff

    Swordfish disc problem

    No problems on my Tosh 5109. ASW
  4. Adam Wolkoff

    WTB: Touchscreen remote

    J&R has refurb'ed prontos. If you call them ask for the flier price of $129. ASW
  5. Adam Wolkoff

    What's a good dark/black beer?

    I'll second the vote for Guiness. Get the 16oz cans with the nitrogen widget inside. My Irish friends tell me this is the closest they feel they can come to a "real" pint, whatever that means. I just love the stuff! As Brendan Behan once said, "Guiness: it gets you drunk." ASW
  6. Adam Wolkoff

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels??

    There were no transfer-related issues to me when viewed on a 40X81/5109. The movie is a real gas, lots of fun to watch. Even stands up fairly well to repeated viewing. Since you've seen Snatch, you'll get a kick seeing some of the same actors in both similar and quite different roles in Lock...
  7. Adam Wolkoff

    Problems with 'Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs' on my Toshiba 3107

    Data point: plays flawlessly in my Tosh 5109. Good thing, too...was a birthday present for my 4 yo daughter. ASW
  8. Adam Wolkoff

    Your first home theater experience?

    Jurrasic Park in Dolby Pro Logic. The scene where the dinos jump over the log with humans hiding underneath sold me on the whole thing. The Lion King sealed the deal ASW
  9. Adam Wolkoff

    Suggestions on Direct View set?

    Greetings: I am tasked with selecting a decent tv for the folks. We are looking at 32-36" direct view, priced under $1000. Two recent possibilities include the Toshiba 36A41 and the JVC 36230/36260. Thoughts? Alternatives we've missed? Thanks much for any advice... ASW
  10. Adam Wolkoff

    another exciting test

    hit it
  11. Adam Wolkoff

    40X81-Operation w/o Remote? Help

    Greetings. This weekend my daughter initiated a series of events whereby the remote for my TW40X81 died of severe impact related injuries. The immediate problem (besides no remote) is that it appears the remote is the only way picture size can be adjusted. I don't see any menu provisions for...