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  1. Andrew Radke

    The Monkees TV Series & 33⅓ Revolutions per Monkee + "Head" (1968) movie, coming to Blu

    As fellow Canucks on here have stated, the price is just way too steep with the exchange rate. $200 + tax + shipping, converted to U.S. funds is just WAY too much to even consider a purchase. As much as I love "The Monkees", I'm thinking I'll hold on to my existing DVD sets.
  2. Andrew Radke

    Christmas movies and TV episodes

    I usually start watching the Christmas movies literally the day after Halloween. I may start later this year though, as by the time Christmas rolled around last year, I was burnt out. lol I think I watched close to 60 in less than 2 months. Even yuletide joy has its limits!!
  3. Andrew Radke

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    Well that would indeed be the icing on the cake if that were the case, as I went into buying the individual season sets without expectation of any extras set included. So if they were to include any on this final set, I certainly wouldn't complain.....nor would t be...
  4. Andrew Radke

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    I've been collecting the individual season sets on DVD, so I'm excited to own the 4th and final set come November! I haven't watched any of the sets yet as I'm waiting until it's completed. :)
  5. Andrew Radke

    Anyone else want Problem Child 1 & 2?

    According to, both films will be released as a double feature on December 15th. I've held off on buying the DVD versions for years because of the full screen transfers. Very excited about finally owning these!
  6. Andrew Radke

    Simpsons to DVD: D'oh Dead!

    I only found out about this yesterday, as somehow the news in April slipped past my radar. Needless to say, I'm furious. The Simpsons" is the FIRST TV on DVD show i ever collected, and I hoped one day that I would eventually own the complete series. Although these sets were getting released...
  7. Andrew Radke

    Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu-ray)(DVD) Available for Preorder

    Count me in as another who will wait for a price drop. Loved the show when I was a kid, but not enough to spend that much coin at this time. I'll certainly own the set........just not this year.
  8. Andrew Radke


    I too own all 11 seasons on DVD. I've also watched the show during its original run. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has been altered / edited / replaced.
  9. Andrew Radke

    Hades froze over......Wonder Years!

    Well if they cleared "virtually every song" as the press release states, then all I can say is THANK GOD Star Vista allows payment in installments!! This is a show I remember fondly from my childhood, and I too am shocked and amazed that it's finally going to see the light of day on...
  10. Andrew Radke

    Highway to Heaven

    Well, I for one am glad I held off on purchasing the existing sets. Hard as it was, as I really do love this show. But it seems it was worth the wait. I personally would rather have a a complete and "intact" product. However, I caved only ONCE this past Boxing Day when I purchased the...
  11. Andrew Radke

    Little House on the Prairie: building the best possible collection

    As tempted as I was to buy the existing releases, I held off knowing full well of the anomalies that plagued them. Looks like my patience has paid off! I will definitely be getting these!
  12. Andrew Radke

    1966 Batman DVD Coming! See Post 649

    WAIT! Christmas was 3 weeks ago!!! What an amazing surprise to go to TSoD to find the news that this is FINALLY coming!!!! I am literally on pins and needles with excitement right now! This was definitely a favorite of mine during my 80's childhood, and I can't wait to finally own it. I too...
  13. Andrew Radke

    Mill Creek's Married... With Children rereleases, now with Love and Marriage theme song

    I'm perfectly happy with the releases I already have. The replacement of "Love & Marriage" was never a deal breaker for me, as I always skipped past the intro anyway. However......if season 4's "It's A Bundyful Life" is the broadcast version, I may be inclined to upgrade that set.
  14. Andrew Radke

    The Twilight Zone

    My problem with "The Bewitchin' Pool" is the fact that they used June Foray's voice to dub the girl during the outdoor scenes (evidently because the girl's voice was inaudible). It didn't sit well with me that in every other scene she sounded like Rocket J. Squirrel. lol
  15. Andrew Radke

    What was your first TV Show Box Set?

    My very first was THE SIMPSONS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. At the time, I wasn't even aware that it was announced....let alone released until I was on my computer and listening to the radio one morning when the DJs were discussing the release of the set. Needless to say, i couldn't have ran to...
  16. Andrew Radke

    Different Strokes Season 5/Bicycle Man

    I haven't seen that episode since I was a kid........but it is indeed etched in my brain. But you're right, it was definitely the most memorable of the series.
  17. Andrew Radke

    Lionsgate Press Release: Saved By The Bell: The Complete Collection

    If this were to include the "Good Morning Miss Bliss" episodes, then I would be all over this, as I already own the previously released sets. Guessing Disney still owns the rights. Unfortunately, a featurette and a documentary aren't enough to warrant a double dip for me. Out of curiosity...
  18. Andrew Radke

    What you you think will happen next with the Saturday Night Live season sets?

    I'd love nothing more than to see future sets released, but sadly I'm not holding my breath. It would be great if someone could prove me wrong though!
  19. Andrew Radke

    Mill Creek to Re-release Sony TV Shows on DVD

    please....Please....PLEASE give us the 5 remaining seasons of "The Jeffersons"!!!! That's all I ask. :)
  20. Andrew Radke

    Important Made-For-TV Movies We Need On DVD and/or Blu

    I have to go with "A Very Brady Christmas". Sure, I wouldn't classify it as 'important'......and technically it IS on DVD so long as you're willing to buy the complete series of "The Brady Bunch" to obtain it, but I would like to see this made available as a standalone release. Unbelievably...
  21. Andrew Radke

    DVD's, Focusing on TV/DVD - How's the Future Looking

    I received a Blu-ray player 2 Christmases ago, yet still buy DVD's on a regular basis. If I DO buy a Blu-ray disc, it's based on the following criteria: 1) The movie was never released on DVD 2) The movie was released on DVD but has been discontinued. 3) The movie was released on DVD, but...
  22. Andrew Radke

    Shout Factory to Bring Pee-Wee's Playhouse to Home Home Entertainment

    FINALLY!! Paul Reubens said many moons ago that special editions of "Pee-wee's Playhouse" were in the works, but it never came to fruition. I bought the existing Image releases, but will gladly double-dip providing the bonus material is up to snuff. I want to see LOTS of behind-the-scenes...
  23. Andrew Radke

    Under The Dome (Blu-Ray) (Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I've watched the first 3 episodes, and I don't "mind" it. I think the build-up to the show was more intriguing than the show itself. I've yet to see any kind of "WOW" for the first 10 minutes of the premiere. I'll keep watching, but I have to agree with Hollywoodaholic. This...
  24. Andrew Radke

    Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids - Complete Series A Personal Review

    Thank you Brian for your information regarding this set. You just saved me a LOT of money! Very disappointed as I was looking forward to owning the COMPLETE series. Seems this is anything but.
  25. Andrew Radke

    TCFHE Press Release: Sons of Anarchy Season Five (Blu-ray)(DVD)

    I thought season 5 was the best yet.....and the 2nd cover sums up the season as a whole perfectly. Looking forward to getting this!
  26. Andrew Radke

    The New Three Stooges

    When I was a kid in the 80's, I had a public domain VHS tape which featured some episodes of "The New 3 Stooges". Getting this will be a no-brainer for me! A few months ago I purchased the "Giant 600 Cartoon Collection" released by Mill Creek which included about 56 N3S cartoons. However, most...
  27. Andrew Radke

    The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Sixth Season Available for Preorder (Blu-ray)(DVD)

    Season 6 was ok, but IMHO, it was the weakest yet of the series. It had its moments......but I found them to be few and far between.
  28. Andrew Radke

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    Fingers crossed for "The Flintstone Kids". Loved watching that on Saturday mornings as a kid. Also, count me in for 'Captain Caveman"!
  29. Andrew Radke

    WHV Press Release: Friends: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

    I've watched my DVD sets so many times, the extended episodes are what I know. I find more often than not, the additional footage in each episode only ADDS to the storylines, as opposed to being just filler. To watch the broadcast versions on Blu-ray, I'd forever have the feeling that the...
  30. Andrew Radke

    Win a signed copy of The Carol Burnett Show: The Ultimate Collection on DVD

    I haven't seen this show in SO long!! I was born in '77 and only saw reruns when I was young. I definitely enjoyed sketches of "The Family" with Carol as Eunice and Vicki as Mama. I also love how those sketches were the groundwork for the "Mama's Family" sitcom.......which I also love!