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  1. Jeff*H

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    If they created new negatives for each episode in 2k or 4k resolution for their HD disc transfers, then it seems like they easily could do a digital release in 4K. Or am I missing something?
  2. Jeff*H

    Shout Factory just made a deal for the Cannell library

    Hopefully Shout can fix WISEGUY, which needs the following issues corrected that plagued the DVD and previous digital releases: Fix the Incorrect opening title sequences used for many episodes in seasons 2, 3, and 4 Restore the 2-hour episodes to full-length instead of 2 parts each Release the...
  3. Jeff*H

    Praise for CBS TV on DVD

    They also deserve praise for completing several long-running series on DVD over a period of many years, including CHEERS, PERRY MASON, HAWAII FIVE-O, ANDY GRIFFITH, I LOVE LUCY, and most recently, GUNSMOKE. However, there are several they still need to finish, including BONANZA, BEVERLY...
  4. Jeff*H

    TV on DVD news roundup

    I’m utterly delighted for all the GUNSMOKE fans out there, and for all of us Classic TV on DVD fans, too— this is an epic achievement! My 10-gallon hat is off to Ken Ross and the CBS DVD folks!
  5. Jeff*H

    Episodes of Classic TV Shows Out Of Syndication

    I remember watching HAWAII FIVE-O reruns on WOR in the mid-80s on more than one occasion where the 16mm print actually melted and burned up on-screen and they went to commercials for an extended period of time. I presume they had to remove the bad portion and splice it back together.
  6. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Seasons 10 and 11 had some hidden gems in my opinion, and even season 12 had a good season opener and a few other interesting ones. On balance, though, the seasons’ overall quality and ratio of great episodes were nowhere near the glory days of season 3, which was my favorite. Good or bad...
  7. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    As an avid new fan of the series back in the mid-80s, I watched every episode I could, including the McGARRETT late-night reruns on CBS. I clearly remember CBS airing both of those episodes at one point in 1984. They even reran a season 11 episode, “The Execution File”, in 1986, though not...
  8. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    As you make your way through the H5O episodes, I highly recommend the following website that has long-been a must-visit destination for fans: A great way to enhance your enjoyment of the shows, you will spend hours and hours here!
  9. Jeff*H

    TV on DVD news roundup

    There is precedent: not only was H5O Season 10 remastered for the complete series set, the remastered season is also for sale on VUDU, and likely other streaming services as well. So fingers crossed for BONANZA Season 2!
  10. Jeff*H

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    I know they’re not B&W, but Head of the Class and St. Elsewhere?
  11. Jeff*H

    Press Release WHV Press Release: The Kominsky Method : The Complete First Season

    Wonderfully funny dark comedy for fans who enjoyed Douglas’ “Wonder Boys” movie. This one’s a must-have on blu-Ray for me! Great chemistry between Douglas and Arkin.
  12. Jeff*H

    Complete Series before DVD/Blu-Ray

    I collected the following shows in the 80s and 90s, complete: STAR TREK : Columbia House circa 1987-1991 BATMAN ‘66: off-air from uncut syndicated run in 1984, horrible-looking 16mm film prints, faded and scratchy. SLEDGE HAMMER!: original ABC recordings on Beta TWIN PEAKS: original ABC...
  13. Jeff*H

    Seasons of Shows with Cross over not included

    The CANNON series set from VEI does NOT include the BARNABY JONES crossover episode “Deadly Conspiracy” (instead, it is the non-continued version of the episode), however the BARNABY JONES set includes the CANNON episode with the first part, concluded on BJ.
  14. Jeff*H

    Recommendations wanted for a vintage half hour western

    Thanks for checking on this. I have the 75th Anniversary series release, and those discs were authored exactly the same: one 2-hour 15 min video stream on the disc, not broken up into individual episode files. This made it a challenge when trying to rip my discs’ files onto a backup drive...
  15. Jeff*H

    The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary. Might we finally see a Brady Blu-ray

    Unfortunately they didn’t release a HAWAII FIVE-O 50th Anniversary Blu-ray set last year, though I know firsthand that CBS DVD exec Ken Ross was pitched the idea (for a blu Ray Best-Of set to test the waters) and had considered it. And the DVD sets sold well. <sigh> So the chances aren’t...
  16. Jeff*H

    DVD Sets depreciating in value

    Same here....I’ve ripped all my hundreds of series (thousands of episodes) to large external USB drives as well, and saved my discs as backups. I’ve even gone a step further and created backup external drives too, in case a few fail here and there, so I don’t have to re-rip the DVD’s hopefully...
  17. Jeff*H

    Collecting Poll

    Used my new Betamax to record WTBS, CBN, and local station classic tv lineups in the early 80s, completed a 1966 Batman run in 1984. In the late 70s, pre-VCR, I recorded shows on a cassette tape recorder and listened to them after going to bed at night until I fell asleep. Good times...the...
  18. Jeff*H

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

    Would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on a Richard Shores (and Morton Stevens and Bruce Broughton and Don B. Ray) collection of HAWAII FIVE-O scores someday, but I believe there may be some kind of legal wrangle with the Leonard Freeman estate and CBS on this.
  19. Jeff*H

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    If you have Amazon Prime, they have a “sub-channel“ on their service for an additional $1/month called Best TV Ever, and it features lots of older public domain TV series, including PD versions of Petticoat Junction, One Step Beyond, Ozzie and Harriet, Dick Van Dyke, Colgate Comedy Hour, I...
  20. Jeff*H

    WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Posts #218 & 356 for Info)

    I’d include “A Fish Story” in any top episode discussion, that one is chock-full of laughs!
  21. Jeff*H

    Happy 50th Birthday, HAWAII FIVE-O!

    Wanted to make sure to note that today marks the 50th Anniversary of HAWAII FIVE-O, which premiered on September 20th, 1968, on CBS with the pilot movie, which was later rechristened “Cocoon”!! Happy 50th birthday to a true classic that never went out of style! Here’s a 50th Anniversary salute...
  22. Jeff*H

    The Original Magnum P.I. Appreciation Thread

    My love of H5O in syndication in the 80s (and thru today on digital HD) led to me enjoying MAGNUM PI in first-run on CBS in the later seasons. I then rediscovered the show once it hit DVD, and enjoyed the early seasons even more. Great stories and cast and scenery like H5O, but with a sense of...
  23. Jeff*H

    Roger Perry. Classic TV and Film Actor Dies at 85

    Roger Perry also appeared in several of my favorite classic shows, including SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (“Peeping Blonde” and “Privacy of the Mind”) and HAWAII FIVE-O (“Ready...Aim...”). I think he was in BIONIC WOMAN as well.
  24. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Alan’s fun and witty observations, along with those of everyone else here who participated, helped bring fresh eyes to my all-time favorite series....thank you! Looking forward to future BARNABY JONES and MAGNUM PI observations—both of which I own as well! See you over there...Mahalo! (And if...
  25. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Jeff Daniels talks about his H5O appearance on a 1990 Letterman at the 27-minute mark...
  26. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    For me, “Though the Heavens Fall” was the episode I noted earlier that I enjoyed for its sheer entertaining insipidity despite the horrible acting from Farrell and Smith, and the bad plotting (seriously, Kimo and Lori sit outside the guy who was acquitted’s house in their car, eating sandwiches...
  27. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    While I generally consider most of the Season 12 H5O episodes to range between ‘weak’ and ‘excruciatingly awful’, there are actually several that, in my opinion, manage to be highly entertaining despite, or perhaps due to, their wretchedness. I’ll mention those lucky few as Alan gets to them...
  28. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Sadly, the DVDs replaced a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” with some generic music score in the opening scene at the strip club, and throughout the rest of the episode, too.
  29. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    There’s probably an outtake somewhere of the dogs taking a wizz on someone’s leg, or worse......which would be far more entertaining to watch than the episode itself. Sadly, it gets worse next season at times. At least Tricia Neil returns (in another role, thankfully).
  30. Jeff*H

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Alan, I continue to enjoy your detailed observations as you work your way through the series. Your remarks have allowed me to see things in these episodes that I’ve never noticed or thought about before (and I’ve seen these shows dozens of times over the last 30 years or so). Just wanted to...