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    Alice Season 8 Available 10/23/2018

    They were available originally as factory pressed. I got on the boat late and got 1-3 as dvdr's, but the rest of the series and Flo I pre-ordered and got pressed. The artwork is screened and the cases are the same between the dvdr and the pressed ones, at least. These were limited run, so I'd...
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    DVD Sets You Would Like to See Redone?

    Sanford and Son. This show deserves a full-on new transfer with no syndicated episodes. And I would love to see, just once at least, the full end credits film play out to the end (where the theme gets wild and funky.. It is usually cut short by the new syndication dates billboard tacked to the...
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    Laurel and Hardy Restorations Coming to Blu Ray and DVD

    Done deal. Bluray for me. Simply must have this!
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    Laurel and Hardy Restorations Coming to Blu Ray and DVD

    I hate waiting. I want this yesterday!
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    Contest: Win Bonanza Official Tenth Season

    Hoss. The show didn't make it without him.
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    Contest: Win Gunsmoke: Complete 16th and 17th Seasons

    Festus, no question about it.
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    Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection region free Blu-ray

    Have the blu in hand, as well as the previous region 1 dvd sets (remastered and the one with "Is is your legs?" missing). The remastered dvd has a better picture than its predecessor having the benefit of better compression and conversion methods (note Basil's string vest in Communications...
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    Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection region free Blu-ray

    The image has been twiddled with and, as a result, images are softer and detail is lost.
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    The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection, March 27

    I used to post at (now years ago as "Thumptheshoes". Throughout the years, the forum has had its share of pranksters and false information. For instance, one member, Moron4392, claimed to have received a double volume 1 set of remastered shorts that included the...
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    The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection, March 27

    The place where the screen goes black has been "fixed" on all the Sony dvds since 2007. It is now seamless, although the "Oh!", from the dialogue has been removed.
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    The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection, March 27

    From the discussion of the short at the dot-net forum, I found this quote from Squirrelbait: "By the way, what exactly happened to cause a blackout in the scene with Moe and Curly under the bed? In the box set, that bit is missing altogether." The discussion of individual films on that site...
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    So what is your favorite TV show of all time?

    Gilligan's Island. At this point I feel like I've lived there. Gutted when they paved the lagoon over.
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    Wanted: GUNSMOKE (CBS/1955-1975)

    Check out Gilligan's lagoon making another Gunsmoke appearance!
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    Stations/Networks who withheld certain episodes from the runs

    METV always skipped the colorized episode of Gilligan's Island called "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk", as it was not provided to them with the rest of the colorized package.
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    Mayberry RFD

    Wonder what they’ll edit? Time-Life always edits..
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    Jackie Gleason Color Variety Shows Time/Life...

    Gleason would revisit the old show format, once again, in 1985 for the Honeymooners Anniversary Special. This retrospective clip show, which was carried on NBC (of all networks?!), also featured an appearance by Audrey Meadows.
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    Jackie Gleason Color Variety Shows Time/Life...

    Part of the charm of the Gleason show was never knowing who might show up.. like that guy, Art "Carvey":
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    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - DVD SEASON & SERIES SETS (2004-2012) - Pros, Cons, Incongruities & Imponderables

    My own print of "Take A Dare" is a United Artists network print (Eastman faded magenta!) from 1967 which opens with the Created and Produced by Sherwood Schwartz credit, and has a seamless transition (no splice) into the original Season 3 opening theme after the cold open tease. Pretty sure the...
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    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - DVD SEASON & SERIES SETS (2004-2012) - Pros, Cons, Incongruities & Imponderables

    It was there prior to Gilligan, but got facelifted, blacktopped, concreted and re-dressed as necessary. Gunsmoke The Rifleman Wanted.. Dead or Alive McHale's Navy It's About Time Get Smart!(It is the entrance to an underground lair that is filled with monkees props and costumes!) The Wild Wild...
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    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND - DVD SEASON & SERIES SETS (2004-2012) - Pros, Cons, Incongruities & Imponderables

    It had been suggested that the closing theme for seasons 2 and 3 hand subtle differences. I have compared the two from original 16mm network prints using audio software and found no difference in the arrangement. Without an original print of Meet The Meteor, I can't say for sure, but having the...
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    Spotted a new L&H Collection but seems to be filled with public domain and silent content.

    Would these be remastered or, for instance, would it include the same old print of Way Out West with the unfortunate splice in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains song? Anyone know?
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    ALICE Season 7 Ships July 10 from WA

    Pressed discs here from the WB. Nice!
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    B&W Seasons of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on DVD -- Colored Versions or Urban Legend?

    Not only that, but the image is now zoomed to fill the 16x9 frame. Those old colorized episodes didn't look fantastic in standard def 4x3, but they really look grungy zoomed in on that already blurry, low bandwidth station.
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    MASH and HD

    It is called "A Different View", and features the episodes "Our Finest Hour" and "Point of View". Seems like CH had an unedited Sanford and Son episode that was cut on dvd, but it wasn't the infamous "Blood is Thicker Than Junk", which was edited even on the vhs.
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    MASH and HD

    Just some flashback stuff. It is about 2-3 minutes total. I like that the Columbia House version is the complete show, but there's no advantage as far as better image, that's for sure!
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    MASH and HD

    Just had a look: Our Finest Hour is the edited, 2-part syndication standard definition master in 4x3 aspect ratio, complete with combing effects, video noise and that bouncy picture that we're all familiar with. Those of you, like me, with VHS copies of the complete episode remain 1-up with the...
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    MASH and HD

    Original 35mm theatrical prints of Stooges shorts were printed open matte with reel band instructions recommending a 1:85 matted presentation. My 16mm theatrical density prints for the widescreen-era Stooge picutres (Shemp, Joe and the features) are also open matte and can be shown either way...
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    MASH and HD

    Only watched the first 4 eps so far.. The framing is not too bad, though it doesn't feel natural to the setups-- some OR shots are too cramped and Mulcahy passing the bible to Hawkeye in "Requiem for a Lightweight" happens out of frame, watering down the joke. I 'spect there will be more...