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  1. jtvd78

    Subwoofer for my room

    I just installed an Auzentech Prelude into my computer a few days ado, and for Christmas, I want to get a Sub for my system. This sub will be replacing for huge towers, each with a 12" sub. I know that I will be downgrading, because 1 sub cannot have the same power as 4. I listen to a lot of...
  2. jtvd78

    Digital Media Receiver

    So I'm in the market for a DMR. However, I know almost nothing about them. I pretty much want something which can stream content from a local hard drive, as well as a Nas/ File server, and youtube. A built in web browser would be nice too, but is not essential. I would also like a built in TV...
  3. jtvd78

    10 Hz subwooofer

    I want to buy a powered subwoofer for my home theater. i would like it to be able to reach 10 hz. is there any subs out there that can do this? i would like it to be at a reasonable price.