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  1. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 10-29-2019

    Thanks Mike! Some good titles indeed this week. Looking forward to Batman Beyond ever since I saw an early look at SDCC.
  2. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 3-13-2018

    Thanks Mike! I too am disappointed in the price points for Justice League. I will be very surprised if we don't see it closer to $10 mark by late this year so I'm holding off for now. The Shape of Water however is another story. I loved it in the theaters and look forward to revisiting it again.
  3. Chris S

    Amazon Feud with Disney, Warner

    This isn't the first time Disney and Amazon have had this dispute. The sad part is that Amazon punishes their customers as their main tactic. That's not appreciated on my part, so it's the primary reason I've quit pre-ordering Blu-rays from Amazon and instead use other retailers.
  4. Chris S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Captain America: Civil War -- in Blu-ray

    Ah, I see. Very clever Robert! Now about that mission report from December 16, 1991.....
  5. Chris S

    Heartfelt Thanks To HTF

    +100000!!!! Thank ya'll so much!
  6. Chris S

    Weekly Roundup 2-2-2016

    Thanks Mike!!
  7. Chris S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bram Stoker's Dracula -- in BD

    Ya'll have me convinced. Just ordered it from Amazon with same day shipping so I'll have it to watch tomorrow night. :)
  8. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 10-20-2015

    It was no swinging on vines with the forest monkeys but I know what you mean. Still, it's a fun ride that I'll be picking up on Tuesday. Thanks as always for the roundup!
  9. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 9-15-2015

    Thanks Mike! I'll probably be picking up Monkey Kingdom as it was one of the kids favorites from this summer. I wasn't too aware of Love & Mercy but given the responses here I'll be adding it to the list as well.
  10. Chris S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Bram Stoker's Dracula -- in BD

    Well that's definitely more interesting than simply another "remaster" of the film. My interest is now peaked. :)
  11. Chris S

    Blu-ray Review Slow West Blu-ray Review

    I tried to catch this in it's short theatrical run but couldn't find the time away. Never realized it was in 1.66:1 aspect, very interesting. I'm sure thats how it was displayed at the theaters too, right?
  12. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 6-23-2015

    :thumbs-up-smiley: Awesome!
  13. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 5-26-2015

    Thanks for the Roundup. A pretty slow week for me, time to catchup on some titles I've been neglecting.
  14. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 5-12-2015

    Thanks Mike and Travis!
  15. Chris S

    We lost Steve Tannehill

    So sad to read this news. The DVD Resource page was one of the main reasons I was convinced to buy into DVD back in the 90s. I was sad when he turned down his site and I'm greatly saddened to hear of his passing. Thoughts are with his friends and family.
  16. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 1-6-2015

    Thanks as always Mike and happy New Year!!
  17. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 12-23-2014 & 12-30-2014

    Thanks Mike! And Merry Christmas!!
  18. Chris S

    Blu-ray Review The Twilight Samurai Blu-ray Review

    This is one of my all time favorite samurai films. Sadly similar video issues plus the fact that it lacked anamorphic widescreen also plagued the original 2004 DVD release. Even so, this does sound like it's worth the upgrade from DVD release even if it may not be perfect.
  19. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 12-9-2014

    Do we know if it's the same digital content that Amazon is offering? (amazon's digital bonus)
  20. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 11-11-2014

    Well if that's the case this already expensive week just got even more expensive. :blink:
  21. Chris S

    Blu-ray Review Disneynature: Bears Blu-ray Review

    Saw this in the theater with the whole family and we all (kids & adults) loved it. I too will wait for a price drop but overall I highly recommend it!
  22. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 7-29-2014

    Same here so nothing new for me this week.
  23. Chris S

    Roger Ebert reviving "At the Movies" on public TV

    I too enjoyed the Christy & Ignatiy coupling and probably caught every episode while it was on. They definitely bickered back and forth about movies the same way Siskel and Ebert once did. I lament seeing the show, in whatever form, go away as it was a terrific means for discovering otherwise...
  24. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 2-25-2014

    +1 - welcome back!!
  25. Chris S

    Sign the card! The Official "GET WELL SOON" thread for Mike Frezon!

    Get well soon Mike!! We definitely miss you around here!
  26. Chris S

    FS: Yamaha RX-V1800 (7.1 channel receiver)

    I just got done upgrading to a new receiver so I'm selling my Yamaha RX-V1800. It's in perfect working condition and comes from a smoke free home. I believe I am missing the second zone remote (the small one) but have a few more places around the house to check. :) Details on the receiver...
  27. Chris S

    Replacement amp for SVS subwoofer?

    Well my trusty monoblock amp that's been powering my SVS for almost 8 years has bit the dust. Now I'm on the hunt for a decent (but not too expensive) replacement. At the moment I'm considering the Emotiva XPA-100 and am curious what others thought about that amp, or whether there is general...
  28. Chris S

    Weekly RoundUp 7-2-2013

    Thanks Mike! Relatively slow week with the 4th of July holiday in the mix. I'm very tempted to pick up The Producers but will wait until it falls below $20 first.
  29. Chris S

    Man of Steel Deluxe Edition CD Soundtrack Review

    While I enjoyed portions of the score more than others, I do feel your review is spot on. Even though I feel comparison's to Williams previous work are unfair I do find it personally difficult not to reach back to memories of that great composition.