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  1. Scamp

    Onward (2020)

    Jake, thanks for posting about the graphic novel as I wasn't aware of its existence. Will have to note that for a future purchase. Did you see the one they have featuring additional stories based upon the live-action Aladdin? As an aside, I did manage to see Onward twice in theaters before...
  2. Scamp

    Next Hanna-Barbera set?

    Looking at that example, I'd be more inclined to say look how much better the blu-ray looks compared to the Amazon stream.
  3. Scamp

    Scooby-Doo Where Are You! Series Digital Code for Sale

    Just picked up the recently released Scooby-Doo Where Are You! complete series on blu-ray. Looking to sale the digital code for the series for $40. If interested, please contact me. Payment to be made via Paypal.
  4. Scamp

    Disney+ Streaming Service (Official What? No! Thread)

    Mark, under the terms of the deal, you only have to be a general member of D23 to get the Disney+ discount of $140.97 for 3 years of service, a savings of $23 per year over the normal current annual rate of $69.99. A general membership to D23 is free. The only real drawback here is having to...
  5. Scamp

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: Aladdin (2019) (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    Bonus features could definitely be more extensive and not crazy about two of them being digital only. One of the digital bonuses is listed as a "presell" bonus, so exactly how does that work? Is it only available to people who purchase a copy ahead of its release, and if so, how does one get...
  6. Scamp

    TV on DVD news roundup

    Well, I am thrilled to see the 6 seasons of Dragons:Race to the Edge are being released although it would have been nice to have them all release before the 3rd film hit theaters.
  7. Scamp

    Contest Win a copy of The First Purge on Blu-ray + extras

    Probably a boring choice, but my scent of choice would be vanilla.
  8. Scamp

    Blu-ray Review Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

    Gotta agree with a lot of the other posters; this is a fun Disney family film. Have watched it many times over the years and still enjoy tuning into it whenever I catch it airing on TV. Would definitely give it a chance and seems like a good time to try it out with Halloween on the approach.
  9. Scamp

    TV on DVD news roundup

    I agree with you for the most part; I've long thought Disney was one of the worst in putting out their content on dvd/blu-ray. However, in regards to Once Upon a Time, I've bought every season on blu-ray at a Best Buy physical store. I even have the lenticular versions of the slipcovers for...
  10. Scamp

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: The Incredibles 2 (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    "Additionally, the Digital HD/SD, Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film have been modified in an effort to accommodate photosensitive viewers, however individual sensitivities may vary." I wonder if the 3D version has also been modified, like the other non-4K versions?
  11. Scamp

    Press Release Shout Factory Press Release: Murder By Death (1976) (Blu-ray)

    Cool looking Clue poster, any idea if it's still available to purchase? But, yeah, Clue could certainly use the special edition treatment on blu-ray.
  12. Scamp

    Press Release Shout Factory Press Release: Murder By Death (1976) (Blu-ray)

    I certainly hope since it's being released by Shout that we do get those deleted scenes among other fine extras. And speaking of TV versions, does anyone else here recall Murder Can Hurt You, which spoofed TV detectives, like this film spoofs literary ones? Have always wanted to see that one...
  13. Scamp

    Pre-Order Celebrating Mickey (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Totally agree; would have much preferred to see Runaway Brain included vs Get A Horse. As has been said, Get A Horse is a fine animated short; was disappointed when it didn't win the Oscar, but it's already out there on blu-ray. We should have had Runaway Brain on blu when the Disney Short...
  14. Scamp

    Weekly RoundUp 6-26-2018

    Hey Mike, Thanks for the update on what type of discs you received for the new seasons. I haven't picked 5 & 6 up myself as of yet although I do plan to do so eventually. I never seem to get tired of watching repeats of this show. I am glad Fox gave the show a reprieve and is bringing it...
  15. Scamp

    The Future of Barnes & Noble--and what it may mean for media purchasing

    Unfortunately, didn't find out about the CD sale until it was already over; would have liked to browse & find some at that price. As for customer service/check out in the Music/Movie section, I can't think of one location near me that has abandoned it; I'd say there's someone manning that...
  16. Scamp

    Good Morning Ms. Bliss ??

    Fantastic news about Shout's new Saved by the Bell set, and it's inclusion of "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" along with the College Years & movies. Glad I never got around to purchasing any of the prior releases. Bonus features are still "to be announced," so it's still possible the pilot you're...
  17. Scamp

    Weekly RoundUp 6-26-2018

    Thanks Mike!
  18. Scamp

    Weekly RoundUp 6-26-2018

    Hey Mike, thanks for the reply & pics of the LMS discs. Sorry it took a bit to get back to you with my reply, but am moving things around the house and had to rearrange some things to access where I have my TV on dvd stored. Anyway, looking at your pics, I'm guessing you did receive all...
  19. Scamp

    Pre-Order Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man (1951) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Me, too! Wouldn't mind in the least to see some more Bud & Lou make the transition to blu-ray.
  20. Scamp

    Weekly RoundUp 6-26-2018

    Mike, since you just recently picked these up, I'm curious did you receive DVD-R or pressed discs from Amazon? When I purchased these roughly 3 years ago, I got pressed for seasons 1 & 2 and DVD-R for 3 & 4. I have yet to tire of watching this show no matter how many times I've seen a...
  21. Scamp

    Press Release WHV Press Release: Scooby-Doo! and the Gourmet Ghost

    I'd be more excited if WB would go back to releasing these on blu-ray.
  22. Scamp

    TV on DVD news roundup

    Yeah, it's very odd as to what you may get. With Last Man Standing, I received pressed for seasons 1 & 2, but burned for seasons 3 & 4; ordered them all at the same time.
  23. Scamp

    Good Morning Ms. Bliss ??

    Yeah, it could make for a good release as would The Golden Palace to finish off The Golden Girls collection. Speaking of Hayley Mills, the theater closest to me has this amazing B&W framed photo of her among their displays that I swore to somehow get if they ever decide to shutdown or remodel.
  24. Scamp

    TV on DVD news roundup

    Thanks for posting the link. Boy, do I miss the website. I can count on 1 hand the websites I visit on a daily basis, and was one of them. Looking at that list, does FOX even do non-MOD releases anymore? And are they available somewhere else besides Amazon? Just curious...
  25. Scamp

    Floyd Norman: An Animated Life - legendary Disney animator

    I do want to thank you for posting about this film. I was aware of Floyd and have enjoyed reading articles by him in the past. Not sure if I'd heard of the film before now, but in any case appreciate the notice. Went ahead and placed an order, which hopefully goes through without a hitch...
  26. Scamp

    Pre-Order The Incredibles Collector's Edition (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    They're actually using the stylized artwork from the film's end credits. It's actually making it very tempting for me to pick this release up.
  27. Scamp

    Blu-ray Review Coco Blu-ray Review

    Has anyone noticed any weird coloring during the scenes in the Ofrenda room? When viewing the blu-ray, the scenes appeared abnormally orange saturated to me. Don't recall this from seeing it in the theaters. I'm assuming the coloring is due to the lighting coming from all the candles in the...
  28. Scamp

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 (Blu-ray)

    Well, two lousy things about this announcement are that there is no mention of a blu-ray release and secondly that it confirms this as the final season of the show. Sad to learn there won't be any additional seasons as I really enjoyed this particular lego version of Star Wars. Of course, this...
  29. Scamp

    The Simpsons season 18 coming to DVD... take that, streaming!

    Good to know Target had them in store; do you happen to know what the in-store price is? I was afraid the packaging would be the same lousy stuff they started to pull with the later seasons, having to slide the discs out of cardboard pockets; sucks that it was done that way. That was another...
  30. Scamp

    Dukes of Hazzard fans...a nice surprise for the holiday season

    Might consider some upgrading if these do prove to be single sided discs to get rid of the flipper seasons that I have. Of course, as others have mentioned, a blu-ray release would also be a welcome addition. A bit strange that they are including the feature film & dtv release that did not...