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  1. John Garcia

    Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 1

    Yeah, sorry to hear about that. I'd really love to help you out on those, but funds are also going elsewhere. GLWS too man!
  2. John Garcia

    Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 1

  3. John Garcia

    Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 1

    The one thing that hasn't changed in my system since I bought this unit.:) I am the original owner. Original double box and packaging, manual, etc... Both silver and Black trim included. Smoke and kid free environment. Unit has always been in the rack with proper ventilation space. I have...
  4. John Garcia

    My 4 year old popped all my cones, or may be able to repair them. Parts Express offers a repair service where you can send them in.
  5. John Garcia

    Has anyone heard the Elac B5 speakers by Andrew Jones?

    Are you talking about the existing ones or the NEW ones that were shown at CES? The ones at CES with the concentric drivers are the ones generating the buzz IMO.
  6. John Garcia

    Need to go to subwoofer school...

    Yes, vented subs have definitely come a long way, a lot of which owes to much better drivers, cabinet design methodology and construction techniques as well as better vent designs. For the sake of the explanation, I generalized for the OP. There are always exceptions in both categories - I've...
  7. John Garcia

    Are there soundbars with wireless rear speakers? Good ones?

    Gizmodo ranked the new Sonos as the top one, but the Vizios have also been among the top rated for a few years.
  8. John Garcia

    Need to go to subwoofer school...

    For musical quality, one typically wants a sealed subwoofer. Due to the nature of their design (air inside the cabinet is sealed from the outside air), the tend to have a "cleaner" more musical sound. While many still reach deep down, the "rumble" associated with movies is often not as good in...
  9. John Garcia

    Sub Bypass compared to Low Pass Amp Setting

    Sorry, yes, bypass would not add any filtering; I meant with the 200Hz filter. That doesn't explain the difference in output though. There's a difference between LFE, the ".1" or "sub" track that you are talking about and BASS. Unless your mains are set to large and sub=yes, you are getting...
  10. John Garcia

    Sub Bypass compared to Low Pass Amp Setting

    What is the receiver's x-over set to? I'm guessing it is much lower than the 200Hz on the amp, so bypass is double filtering and causing the bass to roll off faster above the x-over.
  11. John Garcia

    Pioneer Andrew Jones vs Mixed BIC Sony SS

    Andrew is now with a different company, so there won't be a next generation of the AJ Pioneers. I don't know how long they'll keep producing these models, but it would seem a bit dumb on their part to stop making them at this time even though Andrew isn't there. From Polk, I felt you'd have to...
  12. John Garcia

    Paradigm Monitors vs. B&W 685s CMT-340SE mains and center CBM-170SE surrounds (2x, add 2 more for 7.1) Sub (without knowing room details yet) I'd opt for the Rythmik F12 in black oak or matte which can be purchased from Ascend as well and it will come in right around $2k for a 5.1 setup...
  13. John Garcia

    Polk audio dsw660

    I'd look at something, anything, other than Polk for your sub choice. What's the price range you're looking at and is the room smaller or larger?
  14. John Garcia

    Paradigm Monitors vs. B&W 685s

    It is tough for someone else to tell you what you might prefer sound wise, but in my personal opinion, the B&Ws are better than the current Monitors. I'd go listen to the B&Ws and see what you think first. What exactly is the budget? There are plenty of great speakers on the market that can...
  15. John Garcia

    Cannot believe this......

    RTV might work for the surround, but refoaming is a better idea. The driver looks to be treated paper or poly, if poly, CA should work really well. If paper CA might be a 50/50 as to whether or not I'd use it. The ones I had that were repaired with fabirc tape and some type of glue that kept...
  16. John Garcia

    Cannot believe this......

    Parts Express offers a service that they can recone the driver, but not sure if that applies to all drivers or just their drivers. Might be worth it to check with them. I've also seen woofers repaired with a fabric tape and I used those drivers for years like that without issue.
  17. John Garcia

    Zone 2 2.1 Setup?

    I'll take a stab. Zone 2 is typically full range with no bass management, so yes you can hook a sub up to that signal as long as it has speaker level inputs. Then you can either use the sub's filtered output or run them full range - sub has to be blended manually in either case. For the...
  18. John Garcia

    Micca budget bookshelf speakers MB42X and Club 3

    I really like the Pioneer BS22LR and other than bass, I prefer these. They definitely achieve better WAF than the Pioneers too as they are both smaller and slightly more attractive without giving up any sound quality. They do tend toward slightly bright side at the top end but aren't...
  19. John Garcia

    Micca budget bookshelf speakers MB42X and Club 3

    Haven't' seen any discussion on these little guys here, so figured I'd throw something up since I picked up these two different models from them recently. First up are the Club 3 or CB3, featuring a 3.5" long throw midbass and 3/4" silk tweeter. Club 3 - One of their newest models. The...
  20. John Garcia

    BIC vs Klipsch subs ... which to buy? (models mentioned in thread)

    Get the VTF-2 :D It is a solid sub. Tom V. of PSA and former founder of SVS gave the NXG a nod of approval, so I'd also say it is a good bet if price is a problem.
  21. John Garcia

    Chane speakers mini-review

    Agreed. I tend toward soft domes because they give a pleasant top end that is often soft but pleasing, like my current music speakers, Dennis Murphy CAOW1s. Really comes down to what you like and I definitely don't like brighter speakers for movies.
  22. John Garcia

    Chane speakers mini-review

    I haven't heard the current ones but listened to the previous bookshelf, the A1B, in a critical listening session with a friend who owns them. They sounded good, but the tweeter lacked some fine detail and was ever so slightly sibilant when pushed hard. The mids were excellent and bass pretty...
  23. John Garcia

    That evil 4 letter word to audiophiles... SONY

    The funny thing about Sony is, they do make some good speakers here and there. If they just didn't have that name on them, people might think different about them, but not all (or even the majority) of their speakers are good.
  24. John Garcia

    Question on biamping

    Since it all comes off one power supply, it doesn't matter how it is configured internally, it is still a waste of time.
  25. John Garcia

    Best movie (IMO) to test out your Sub!

    Agree on Pacific Rim. Recent: Godzilla 2014, Thor: Dark World, Edge of Tomorrow. Presumably when it comes out, Interstellar will be pretty crazy too.
  26. John Garcia

    Need help with Velodyne F1500B

    No sound at all would tend to indicate the amp is fried. It may indicate power, but that doesn't mean it will work. Had a F1200 Servo with a similar sounding issue and all Velodyne (they're local for me) said was "Here's the amp schematic - you'll have to get it repaired."
  27. John Garcia

    Question on Ascend 340 speakers.

    The 5s were good with the CC-370. When I upgraded to my other speakers, I kept them as surrounds until I eventually upgraded those as well. I had them for maybe 3-4 years and was not let down by them - I liked the punchy midrange and high sensitivity. Paradigm of that era tended to be a tad...
  28. John Garcia

    Question on Ascend 340 speakers.

    I owned the old Monitor 5s, and I liked the Monitor 5s.. The 340SEs would be a definite upgrade from them IMO. I've heard the 340s a number of times and find them slightly north of neutral in terms of brightness and have a VERY nice, even midrange that is highly detailed, though the overall...
  29. John Garcia

    put Velodyne driver in SVS?

    Need to know which SVS it is and if the ports are properly configured for what you want to do. Changing the alignment might help, providing the driver is not damaged. The Velodyne driver may work, but almost certainly will not work correctly in the SVS enclosure so I would not do that. If you...
  30. John Garcia

    NHT Classic 4

    Yes, they should be fine with it. They are semi-lower in sensitivity at 86dB, but are 6 Ohm. I believe the Arcam AVRs are 4 Ohm capable, so I'll say they'll be fine. Have you listened to the 4s already?