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  1. Dave Whipps

    Announcing The HTF 2015 Hollywood Meet (NOW BOOKING!)

    I would add that these have turned out to be some of the coolest and most unique trips I've taken. Ron, Adam and team are masters of organization and take great care of us. The itinerary and the super folks who attend will all make this a great trip.
  2. Dave Whipps

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    My ideal setup would be to replace my existing 7.1 Denon receiver (move it to the office) with this beauty - install some new ceiling speakers for ATMOS height and then sit back and probably (binge) watch the Game of Thrones Blu-Rays. I know I would be hooked on the receiver and the series.
  3. Dave Whipps

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

    One of the best things about my home theater is the awesome sound and once I experienced the Atmos demo - I knew I wanted it at home.
  4. Dave Whipps

    The official "I just purchased my Apple Watch" thread

    I'm jealous! I ordered the space gray sport on 4/10 3:01 EST and mine is still listed as "processing" with a May 13 ship date. The spare charging cable came yesterday.
  5. Dave Whipps

    Wreck-It Ralph - quick review

    A great movie with a great message. This will be a must have blu-ray when it comes out.
  6. Dave Whipps

    Interview Bob Whitehill, Stereoscopic Supervisor Pixar on 3D

    Thank You Disney! Count me in as a 3D fan - especially when it's done the way Disnet PIXAR can do it. This was one of the most informative and interesting presentations and demos of the trip. Very glad I have a 3D set to enjoy all the content and look forward to more and more from these folks...
  7. Dave Whipps

    Paramount Archive Tour and lunch with the Home Video Team

    Paramount is one of the most scenic and historic movie lots in Hollywood. What a great tour. Another highlight of the week. I also want to thank them for their hospitality and coming out to meet with us at lunch. Wow - how often do you get to meet, have lunch and Q&A with executives from a major...
  8. Dave Whipps

    Warner talks with HTF about their 90th Anniversary

    This was truly one of the highlights of the week. The folks at WB are fantastic and true movie fans. They really take pride and love what they do. Meeting the folks at MPI and having them show us what they do was a rare treat that most of the public doesn't get. It's really hard to describe how...
  9. Dave Whipps

    Interview Universal Studios Monsters Collection Making the Invisible Man, Visible Again

    The Univesal Tour is always a treat. King Kong 3D is well done. Touring the vaults was a welcome bonus. I love the Monsters collection and was pleased to see the restoration that Universal is undertaking. I hope they include some before and after scenes in the extras so folks can see how well...
  10. Dave Whipps

    Latest from Dolby Laboratories: Atmos and Advanced 96 Upsampling

    Dolby labs continues to show why they are leaders in the industry. The ATMOS demo really :"showed" what theater sound can be. This is really something to look forward to and would certainly be something I will be willing to spend extra money for at a theater. I can't wait unitl it comes to a...
  11. Dave Whipps

    Toshiba 57LX177 REGZA

    I've had it since November and been very pleased. No issues and it looked pretty good with only minor adjustments. I do plan on having it calibrated, but it looks great so I've been in no great rush. The only "issue" I had was finding a stand large enough to hold this. Its not so much a weight...
  12. Dave Whipps

    Dish Network Question/Problem ?

    I don't have the new Dish 811 unit (I have the older 600 HD set) so this may be not relevant, but I found that I need to keep the channel set to a non-OTA channel when I'm finished using it to keep the program guide current. If I leave my 600 set on a local OTA channel (HD or SD) the program...
  13. Dave Whipps

    Will adding a separate AMP add reserve power for my Receiver

    I have a Denon 4802 that I'm very happy with. I have been thinking about using the 4802 as my pre-processor and adding a new separate 5/7 channel AMP (like the new Outlaw models.)The Denon spec sheet mentions that the 4802 has "7 Channels equal power amplifier section." If I use the amp to power...
  14. Dave Whipps

    Olympics HDTV broadcast is SPECTACULAR...

    The HD images and 5.1 sound are super. They look and sound spectacular but please give us Bob Costas and company! The announcers on the HD broadcasts are just plain awful.
  15. Dave Whipps

    How can I improve my picture quality?

    Greg I know how you feel. When I first hooked up my Toshiba Widescreen, my cable looked pretty bad on some channels. I contacted my cable company and they came out (for free) to check signal etc.. After they replaced a splitter and some cable runs with upgraded video cable, things were much...
  16. Dave Whipps

    Is a Denon 4802 enough for Klipsch RF-7?

    I've got the 4802 and I'm using it with 2 year old Klipsch Reference (similar to RF-3). I love it and couldn't be happier. I bought the 4802 over the 3802 because I too here/heard that little voice in the back of my head. (Plus I wanted the higher bandwidth component switching of the 4802.)...
  17. Dave Whipps

    DISH 6000 8VSB OTA Module problem

    Yes, the fan is running (very noisy)all the time and the analog signals come in through the 8VSB and DISH6000 great. Just no DTV!! Dave
  18. Dave Whipps

    DISH 6000 8VSB OTA Module problem

    I have a DISH6000 with the 8VSB OTA Module and just had an external antenna installed. I'm getting great analog signal/reception (both UHF and VHF) from both the Baltimore and Wash DC stations, but my DISH6000 cannot find any digital (DTV) signals - either via the scan or direct DTV add...
  19. Dave Whipps

    !!!! The OFFICIAL Home Theater Forum National Meet 2001 member report !!!!

    This was a great week. It was truly a one of a kind vacation. Big, big THANKS to Ron, Steve, Parker and Greg for making this happen. Thanks to all of the studio and company hosts that treated us so well. Since Ron has done a great job posting all the trip details above, I just want to add my...