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  1. Brian Bunge

    FS: Behringer A500 Amps

    PM Sent
  2. Brian Bunge

    TWELVE inch subwoofer by PartsExpress

    If you don't mind doing a little assembly work some of the Dayton kits look to be real winners. I haven't heard any of them yet, but I have built a few speakers using their aluminum cone 5.25" and 7" woofers and a Vifa tweeter. I was quite impressed with them. PE is getting good at giving you a...
  3. Brian Bunge

    Veneer questions

    Justin, That'll work just fine. A buddy of mine has veneered quite a few speaker cabinets in 10-mil paperbacked rosewood veneer without any trouble at all on rounded corners.
  4. Brian Bunge

    Staining Gurus

    I've used the Minwax wipe on polys from time to time when I'm in a hurry and it's all I've got. Even then, I use 600 grit paper. You get a much smoother, silkier finish.
  5. Brian Bunge

    Staining Gurus

    I assume you're using Minwax poly? I gave up on sanding with 220 on poly a couple of years ago. I much prefer using 600 grit paper. I found myself sanding off the poly as well as the stain even lightly sanding with 220. I also gave up on Minwax poly. I'd contact Old Dad's and find out of they...
  6. Brian Bunge

    A few different Dayton woofers

    I'd personally go with the 8" Quatro. It's a 4 ohm driver and will be a better match to car audio amps. Considering you're talking 8's for midbass I'd at least try a 60Hz XO point. They should be able to handle it and I've always found that when using a subwoofer mounted in the rear of the...
  7. Brian Bunge

    Removing veneer

    Hell, I was going to say belt sander with 60-80 grit sand paper. Or maybe a heat gun. It might somehow reactivate the veneer and cause it to bubble. Never tried either method though.
  8. Brian Bunge

    FS: GR Research A/V-2's

    Price Update: My dad is willing to take $450 + shipping for all 3 speakers. This is 3 complete speakers for the price of only the kits!!!
  9. Brian Bunge

    Good speakers that you can get MAJOR SPL from?

    John, That's more like it! Well, you know...average amps for average speakers! Sorry guys, I couldn't resist!
  10. Brian Bunge

    Good speakers that you can get MAJOR SPL from?

    John, Amps clip; speakers bottom out!
  11. Brian Bunge

    speakers done, how should I finish? [pics]

    Matt, I've been watching American Hotrod on Discovery Channel for about a year now, and even with a professional spray booth and spray equipment they still sand the paint to get rid of the "orange peel".
  12. Brian Bunge

    FS: GR Research A/V-2's

    A couple of years ago we were building some maple A/V-2's for one of Danny's customers but had some problems with the stain. So we built new cabinets for the customer and my dad kept these and just painted them black. He also built a matching center with shielded drivers. Now he is wanting...
  13. Brian Bunge

    Need a small, musical subwoofer for my new high-end computer speakers

    Joey, Stuffing the enclosure will give the sub a more gradual rolloff and probably give a little flatter in room response. In other words, it'll probably sound a little more accurate. I'd probably try a little in there and see what you think of it. If you don't like it you can always remove it.
  14. Brian Bunge

    Need a small, musical subwoofer for my new high-end computer speakers

    Wayne, Joey's actually onto something there. To make building a little easier let me suggest the following design: I'd go with a 12" external cube (assuming 3/4" MDF) with a 2" round port that's 8.5" long and stuff the enclosure with about 4-5 ounces of polyfill (around 1/4 lb.). This...
  15. Brian Bunge

    Need a small, musical subwoofer for my new high-end computer speakers

    Geoff, I'll look at that Apex driver. Concerning the TB, I'm trying to find the name of the company that took over from Nuera. In the meantime, I still have 2 of them laying around!
  16. Brian Bunge

    Need a small, musical subwoofer for my new high-end computer speakers

    Geoff, Yes, those are the PR's, and you're correct. Even with a pair of them, the PR's are the limiting factor in the design. I don't remember what company it was that bought out Nuera Acoustics. I haven't bought any TB drivers in a while so I haven't kept in the loop on that. Wayne, In...
  17. Brian Bunge

    Speaker suggestions $1500/pair

    I thought I'd offer some clarification as to why the GR Research speakers only show the response from 200Hz and up. Around 200Hz and down is where the listening room really starts to affect the response of a speaker. So unless you have an anechoic chamber or are able to make ground plane...
  18. Brian Bunge

    SV12 replacement

    Cliff, No problem. The circuitry in the amp is more than just limiting. I've built several subs with the SV12 back when ACI still sold to the DIY crowd and I can tell you there's no way that you could put that driver in such a small enclosure and get that type of extension without having some...
  19. Brian Bunge

    Need a small, musical subwoofer for my new high-end computer speakers

    Wayne, I can't remember if you've ever done any DIY'ing before or not, but that Tang Band 8" driver with a pair of Dayton 8" PR's in an 11" external cube looks pretty good. At least from a simuation point, that is. If you're not into DIY, tell us what your budget is and what kind of size...
  20. Brian Bunge

    SV12 replacement

    Cliff, Is this the Titan or the Titan II? The ACI amp has some proprietary circuitry that makes simply swapping out for another driver a hit or miss proposition. I'd suggest either getting the replacement SV12 from Meniscus (assuming it actually is a replacement) or contact ACI for a...
  21. Brian Bunge

    ACI Maestro...

    Steve, Completely true. We all make mistakes, being the human beings that we are. I always forgive. Some issues may take me longer to get to that point, but I eventually get there. Mike, I'm glad I can help cheer you up. This past year has been extremely trying for my family and me...
  22. Brian Bunge

    ACI Maestro...

    Steve, Yes, I have the utmost respect for Mike Dzurko. He has been in the business for over 25 years and should be considered as the model on how to conduct oneself in this, or any other business. He never, ever gets caught up in all the "my sub's better than your sub" BS that happens around...
  23. Brian Bunge

    ACI Maestro...

    Steve, Since you're had several of the SVS subs I'd really be interested in your thoughts on the Maestro. I haven't heard one yet, but am familiar with the Titan. I've always been impressed with it.
  24. Brian Bunge

    My Alpha LS Speakers are almost comlete!!!!

    Hank, You know that Frank is your alter ego. He's the one with the black cowboy hat. Dave, Danny designed a custom center for him using 2 of the tweeters and 4 of the woofers. And this man didn't have no TV. He had a huge NEC CRT-based projector hanging from the ceiling.
  25. Brian Bunge

    How to set up 4 subs?

    Mark, Long time no see! How've you been? From what I remember in the past, you were sort of toying with an IB sub. I think that's probably going to be your best bet if you can do it. Your front wall where your screen is mounted is also adjacent to your garage where that '65 Mustang sits...
  26. Brian Bunge

    My Alpha LS Speakers are almost comlete!!!!

    Shawn, Those look great! Good job! Dave, We built 3 pair for a local guy's HT and each cabinet weighed 150 lbs. without any of the drivers installed!
  27. Brian Bunge

    Blown woofers-what up with these???

    Yeah, also open them up and make sure that nothing has been disconnected. I've seen it happen more than once.
  28. Brian Bunge

    Dayton 10" powered sub or BIC 8" V80

    Edward, As far as I'm concerned, the Dayton is the only sub in that price range worth considering. If it were sold at BB, CC, etc. it would easily sell for $300 or so.
  29. Brian Bunge

    Enclosure builders?

    I've seen those PE cabinets first hand and I cannot believe the quality you get for the money. As Hank said, "I wouldn't build something like that for so cheap."