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  1. jeff lam

    Closed - Win an Axiom Audio Epic Grand Master Home Theater System or $2242 in Credit!

    Username: Jeff Lam # of Posts: 1806 Current Speakers: GR-Research AV-1 Why I Want To Win: Replace my speakers that are over 10 years old now. Bonus entries: Liked HTF on Facebook (X) Uploaded Gallery Images ( ) - Paste link here Complete Profile ( ) Guide or How-To ( ) [/list]
  2. jeff lam

    *** Official CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010) Review Thread

    I saw it over the weekend and must say I expected much more. Not much character development, even the fighting and action scenes seemed backwards. The longest and best action scene was with the scorpions which didnt really play a role in the major plotline. The Hades and Cracken fight was...
  3. jeff lam

    Knight Rider - Season 1 (Wednesdays this Fall)

    I missed the TV movie when it aired. Where can I watch it and do I need to see it before I start watching the series episodes? I can't seem to find the DVD of the tv movie. Netflix and other sites say its not available yet.
  4. jeff lam

    Which Blu-Ray players have built in Audio Decoding?

    I have been using my Toshiba HD-A2 for nearly a year now and just got a new Yamaha RXV 2600 HDMI 1.1 receiver a few months ago for a great price thinking I can just use the built in decoder of the toshiba to listen to the lossless sound formats. Now that Toshiba is out and Blu is in, Im looking...
  5. jeff lam

    Blu Ray Profile 2.0

    Wow, So what exactly will the internet connection offer? Web enabled features like how HD-DVD did? Doesnt the PS3 already have web enabled connection?
  6. jeff lam

    HD-A2 froze up!!!

    I got an RA number from them but they didnt send me a shipping label. I had to pay for it cross country. Was $35 to ship... Insane. I just hope they fix it right.
  7. jeff lam

    HD-A2 froze up!!!

    I just got my new HDMI receiver and was excited to test out the TrueHD tracks on my HD discs. I have had no issues whatsoever with this player for 6 months till today. I popped in Transformers and it started to load then started to play but then went back to counter 0:00 and stayed there...
  8. jeff lam

    Denon AVR-3808CI: An Overview

    I am in the market for a new receiver as well and cant decide between the Denon 3808 and the Yamaha RXV3800... Does the 3808 upscale to 720p as well as 1080p? My Pioneer plasma is a 720p set...
  9. jeff lam

    HTF HD-DVD Review: Transformers (Highly Recommended)

    What about the rumors of a possible extended cut being released? I really want to pick up this HD DVD disk but I would be mad if they decided to release the extended cut with TrueHD and the works in a couple months...
  10. jeff lam

    Prison Break Season 3

    Such an unfortunate occurance. Two full seasons of character developement simply gone like that... Really a tough hit to the show... Im not sure how they can recover from this... PB was really one of my favorites from the very first episode. Although they couldnt keep it going forever I supose...
  11. jeff lam

    JJ Abrams-produced Monster movie (Codename: Cloverfield)

    I was wondering the same thing but I found this: may answer some questions... Will probably be updates as we find out more...
  12. jeff lam

    Transformers the movie... the live-action movie!

    Both my wife and I enjoyed this film, the action kept our interest throughout. Some good comic scenes and lines as well. Anyone see the teaser trailer preview before the movie that took place in New York and was at a party and a couple earthquake rumbles and noises happened? Then the Statue...
  13. jeff lam

    WTB:Paradigm MiniMonitors & CC-370 center chennel

    Wow! I started this thread about 6 years ago and it's still kicking... Woohoo me!!!
  14. jeff lam

    Anyone have any 15" subs for sale? Atlas?

    I couldnt find them.... what are the ts specs of this driver?
  15. jeff lam

    Anyone have any 15" subs for sale? Atlas?

    I'm ready to start on my IB project and need a pair of 15" subs. Anyone have a pair they want to sell? Looking for a pair of good 15's. SS, Atlas, Fi, Avalanche, etc... email me: [email protected]
  16. jeff lam

    A few questions about PRISON BREAK

    I just watched the last episode on DVD last night both my wife and I were glued to the TV during this series. We found ourselves wanting the watch the next episode even though we knew we couldn't. Outstanding series! I love shows like this though where there is much involved in the behind the...
  17. jeff lam

    Is HDMI Here to Stay???

    I'm looking into getting a plasma and a A/V receiver with HDMI switching and just curious if the industry has finally decided to adopt HDMI as the standard now. Seems we've gone through so many different HDTV capable connections in such a short period of time (Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI). I would...
  18. jeff lam

    Ground loop hum with bass shakers? How to avoid?

    This sometimes fixes it. Ground loop is caused by different ground points. So naturally if the plugs have a ground, try plugging them into the same outlet/circuit/surge protector.
  19. jeff lam

    Decorative side panels

    I was looking for larger maple pannels recently as well. I had a cabinet shop build them for me. Edge glued pannels aren't that difficult to make either with the proper tools and know how. Of you can try your local lumber shop/yard.
  20. jeff lam

    Ground loop from antenna

    Yah, would rather stay away from cheater plugs if possible. Ground lead is on the gear for a reason.
  21. jeff lam

    Where to get Maple Laminated Panels?

    Southern Lumber is where I usually go to get this stuff. However they dont have maple panels. I wanted to use solid as it will be a tabletop for the sub. I'm using a chamfer bit on the edge so ply and banding wouldn't work. Solid edge would work but would add seams on top and I dont have the...
  22. jeff lam

    New Subwoofer in town.....

    Whats the point of a sub with this capability??? Cause structures to buckle? IMO, Theres a reason why subs have only had a frequency response down to 16-20Hz for so many years. Anything below is mostly usless in practical real world applications.
  23. jeff lam

    Receiver for bass shakers?

    I agree. Plate amp connected to the receiver sub output is the best way to go. Cheap too.
  24. jeff lam

    Ground loop from antenna

    Thanks John. Good to hear from you. I'm gonna try running the line through my Panamax surge protector 1st to see if that will tie in the ground points. If not, Ill get that Video Isolation Transformer. Ill give you a call when I finish my GR sub so we can do a listening session.
  25. jeff lam

    Where to get Maple Laminated Panels?

    Surprisingly my lumber store that I get all the good stuff from in my area doesnt have maple panels larger than 15" wide. I asked if they could laminate several thinner panels together for a 18 x 22 piece i need. No go. They have oak and poplar laminated panels premade but no maple. Only thing...
  26. jeff lam

    Ground loop from antenna

    Got a Directv HDTV tivo and hooked up the antenna thats connected to the wall plate in my apartment to get ota locals in HD. Bam... Ground Loop hum. Never had the hum till now. I figure the antenna installed is grounded at a different location. It's not as bad as I've hears some others before...
  27. jeff lam

    Indor UHF Antenna for 40 miles???

    Just got the Directv Tivo HD receiver and now need an antenna to catch OTA broadcasts. I live in the San Jose CA area and antennaweb says I'm 40 miles from most towers. Says I need a red or green color UHF antenna to get most channels I want. Now the RS Bowtie and Zenith SS doesnt say the color...
  28. jeff lam

    Directv HD Tivo... Wise decision at this point????

    Seems like a deal. Where did you buy from?
  29. jeff lam

    Directv HD Tivo... Wise decision at this point????

    I've been wanting one of these since they first got released but couldnt afford it at $1000. I finally saved up the money to buy one and with the price drop, it seemed like a good deal. However now I'm hearing with the mpeg4 birds they just sent up these boxes will be worthless in a year. Whats...
  30. jeff lam

    Complete DIY Budget speakers for ~$250/pr???

    Guys, my brother is in the market for some speakers. He will probably want them complete and fully assembled. Obviously he can't go with GR AV1's like me with his budget. I recommended axiom and paradigm from retail speakers but want to know if there is anything out there in the diy world that...