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  1. Tekara

    Help with RAID!! (nVidia nForce and XP 64)

    Windows needs the drivers for the raid controller. When it first boots, windows will say something along the lines of "press f6 for custom drivers." It won't prompt for the drivers until the end so you'll have to be patient and wait. This does require a floppy disk with the drivers and a drive...
  2. Tekara

    What does it mean when people "buy servers"?

    It really doesn't take anything to serve simple html webpages. About the only time a web server needs to have any power is when you have large databases (like forums). Most servers tend to be older technology because it is more reliable, something akin to tried and tested. They also tend to be...
  3. Tekara

    Another Excel Question

    Nah, the the event I suggested can be applied to a range of cells. In this case, your range would just be the singular cell. And it'll update the date cell whenever it's altered, so there's no chance for a mistake in forgetting to press a button. Although, just like the button you'll need to...
  4. Tekara

    Another Excel Question

    Sure, you'll need to use some visual basic though. This page will help with events and it covers using worksheet|change which is what you'll need to check for A1 changing, then you'll just have B1 change it's contents to today(). Make sure to lock down B1 so it can't be manually edited by...
  5. Tekara

    Vista: 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

    My advice is to stick with 32bit for now; it's a lot easier dealing with drivers in 32bit vista right now. Even in SP1 vista64 requires that all drivers be digitally signed which means that you won't find drivers for older hardware or for hardware from smaller vendors that didn't go through...
  6. Tekara

    Photo / file renaming tools

    I personally use CKrename which is free and has the ability to rename files and apply a new sequence.
  7. Tekara

    Yet another "Purchasing a Laptop" post

    I use a Dell M1710 17" laptop and I love it, I haven't used a desktop since buying it. I bring it with me near everywhere, including the mile walk to work. Now as for a recommendation on a laptop, if you're looking for a good deal it's hard to beat Dell's outlet: ...
  8. Tekara

    Need an iPod / iTunes expert

    It should have nuked the ipod and started over with the new library. It's a painful thing I keep having to put up with from itunes when I change computers. If it doesn't you should have an option in the ipod section of itunes to nuke the ipod and start over, that would be the best bet in my...
  9. Tekara

    Once a hard drive dies.....

    Aside from the wayback machine, I only know of Google's page caching. However, for Google's cache you'd have to catch it almost immediately after the hard drive cache since it tends to be updated frequently. But hey, you never know. . .
  10. Tekara

    Once a hard drive dies.....

    Well heck probably all I can add is to consider setting up an automated rsync of the data over from the server to a personal machine of yours. That way if this ever happens again you've got a personal backup that is at worst 24hrs old. There's something to say for the sense of security that...
  11. Tekara

    New laptop

    Here's a good start: Download and run the free versions of the programs offered at those sites. It will allow you to remove unwanted programs and clean up the various...
  12. Tekara

    Any Photoshop (elements) experts?

    Adjusting the tolerance can help a lot, you can use the backspace key to take off the last point. Hope that helps you out some!
  13. Tekara

    Can a native 1400 x 1050 monitor display at 1024 x 768 without distortion?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they use projectors like we do which tend to have a native resolution of 1024x768.
  14. Tekara

    How do you Download GIMP?

    Gonna' sneak in a link to gimpshop if anyone is interested in GIMP, but is more familiar with photoshop:
  15. Tekara

    Quick Broadband question

    Well let's start simple: Open up a command prompt: start->run-> type "cmd" intp the box and hit the enter key In the prompt type in: ipconfig Tell us what it puts out. There should be a number next to the word "gateway" type in the prompt: ping Where
  16. Tekara

    Laptop cooling pad

    Generally, no one is not *needed* if you own a top of the line DTR with a high end video card you may want one. If you're not having any problems with how warm the laptop gets like sweaty palms, then I wouldn't bother getting a pad.
  17. Tekara

    Internal HD Vs. External HD (pros & cons)

    Hmm, well, this one has *a lot* of good reviews, so it's topping my list: I really like that built in 80mm fan to keep the drive cool.
  18. Tekara

    Internal HD Vs. External HD (pros & cons)

    You can do anything with an external drive that you can do with an internal one. And that does include installing an OS onto it and sharing it over a network. I would say that if you have any intention of moving the drive around at all, just go ahead and get an external one. As far as what...
  19. Tekara

    Help finding a simple program the organizes your music

    You know, I've never tried changing the actual file name or location in iTunes. I've always done that using windows explorer. So I'm not sure on that one. However, iTunes has a full id3 tag editor. I keep all my mp3s on an external hard-drive so that I can move them from computer to computer...
  20. Tekara

    Help finding a simple program the organizes your music

    I'll second that, it's free and it's easy to work with.
  21. Tekara

    First Build Suggestions

    You can use a knoppix CD for memtest, plus it's a great disc to keep around for troubleshooting. When you get to the boot screen enter in "memtest" and it'll load up memtest86.
  22. Tekara

    Can I modify the autorun popup window?

    Sure, you can use the tweakui powertoy to manipulate the autoplay menu and correct the link to powerDVD while also removing the unwanted menu item. TweakUI:
  23. Tekara

    How interesting is your IP address?

    The site seems to be broken at the moment, it's only returning that response. . .
  24. Tekara

    eSATA Hard Drives

    If you have an internal connector left, you can just use one of these guys:
  25. Tekara

    Connect sources via computer or direct to display?

    Hmm, well, I would say that unless your looking to be able to record the other sources onto your computer I would stick with connecting them to either your receiver or projector. It'd just be easier to not have to turn your computer on when wanting to watch a particular source. As far as...
  26. Tekara

    Fantasy Map Making Software for NON-Graphic Artist

    Been forever since I've done any of this kind of stuff, so I may be a bit out of the loop. But anyway, here's one that I loved and it looks like there's been a new release since I've last played with it: Campaign Cartographer 3
  27. Tekara

    Wireless expander

    Well, my first inclination is to upgrade the antenna first. It's may be less expensive but more importantly it's a more simple solution. Something like a higher gain 9dBi rubber duck antenna should suffice if your single is only dropping every once in a while...
  28. Tekara

    Simple question about PDA's

    For free palm software is the best bet. A quick search brought up this: I'd say to search around freewarepalm some more to see what else is there as well.
  29. Tekara

    DVD-R: Bit Count/ToC Analyzer?

    Alrighty then lets see if a scanner can pick up on anything, couple options here. If you have nero: Nero>Nero Toolkit>Nero CD-DVD Speed>Extra>Scan Disc or you can grab this one (90day trial-ware): Maybe, hopefully, it'll pick up on the difference in the two...
  30. Tekara

    DVD-R: Bit Count/ToC Analyzer?

    Hmm, well, first thing that comes to my mind is that the original disc something like a DVD+R or a DVD-RAM; it may be the disc itself that the dubber doesn't support.