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  1. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 7-7-2009

    I had the same issue. Mac OS X 10.5.7, Safari 4.01 Thanks for your hard work as always!
  2. Scott Pierson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Incredible Hulk -- in Blu-ray

    Todd writes: No offense, but welcome to last year. I agree that the IH is reference all the way, but does this need a new thread considering this was released 7-8 months ago? --- I for one welcome any comments about any film on disc by RAH, no matter when they were released. Not all of...
  3. Scott Pierson

    Looking for a replacement for my B&K Ref 50

    I had the B&K Ref 30 back in the day. I also got tired of waiting for upgrades and switched to the Anthem AVM 20. It is awesome, works much more intelligently than the B&K and sounds better. I would recommend looking at the current Anthem lineup, including the Statement D2 if it's in your price...
  4. Scott Pierson

    Toy Story 2: Special Edition..... due Dec. 26th

    Can Dave or anyone else clarify whether the DTS track on the new disc is the new mix or whether it is the original mix ported to DTS. I ask because, while I agree that the DTS track is far superior to the DD track on the UTB, I have to say that the new DD track is better yet. Seems to have a lot...
  5. Scott Pierson

    Settings for Fellowship of the Ring Complete Recordings DVD...

    Hi, As Doug wrote, it sounds like you are using the digital output on your DVD player to the Anthem. To hear the hi-res surround with the Anthem (I have one, too), you need to use the direct 6-channel analog input on the Anthem, assuming your DVD supports this and has a 6 channel output...
  6. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 7/5/2005

    Mike, Isn't the Film Noir Collection 2 from Warner? You have Fox listed on the roundup. THanks for all the hard work as usual. Enjoy the weekend! Scott
  7. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 5/10/2005

    The Costco price on the Controversial Classics Collection is $52.99. Better than DDD and Amazon. My local Costco also had a case of Scrubs Season 1 out a week early, but it would not ring up at the register and they went and pulled them off the shelf. The price will be $26.99 when it goes on...
  8. Scott Pierson

    Opinion: The Best and Worst DVD Commentary You've Listened To?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the commentary on Blood Simple. Done tongue-in-cheek by a "film historian," it is a great satire on the whole commentary process. The guy is so deadpan when he makes such outrageous statements like the opening scene in the car being shot with the actors and...
  9. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 4/19/05

    Whoa! :b Thanks for the heads up. Saved me $5 and a ton of disappointment when it came in the mail and I realized my error. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 4/19/05

    Some Deep Discount DVD prices: MST3K Vol. 7: $35.88 Four Feathers: $9.12 My Man Godfrey: $4.99 For $5, I think I have to try the Godfrey disc, even though I hate to "support" colorized versions. The B&W comparisons posted at the link above do indeed seem quite close to Criterion...
  11. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 3/8/05

    Columbo Season 2 was 33.99 at Olympia Best Buy, no markdown at the register. : (
  12. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 3/1/05

    Thanks Mike, I saw that post, but he's in Ohio. We don't have BJs wholesale store up here that I know of. I should have said "Has anyone around here (in the northwest) seen it in a store?" Thanks again for your awesome work each week. It's the first click of the day every Sunday!
  13. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 3/1/05

    No Classic Comedies box at Costco, Borders, or Best Buy in Tacoma, and none at Costco and Best Buy in Olympia. Best Buy had all the individual titles, however. Did they not get the box out to retailers in this area for some reason? Anybody actually seen one in a store? Scott
  14. Scott Pierson

    Blockbuster - get $8 in trade for DVDs Starts Oct 5th

    Ahhh.... I never clicked all the way through. I just saw the "Add to Queue" button and went back thinking it was rental only. Thanks!
  15. Scott Pierson

    Blockbuster - get $8 in trade for DVDs Starts Oct 5th

    When I go online, all I see is the rental stuff. Where is the sales area?
  16. Scott Pierson

    Blockbuster - get $8 in trade for DVDs Starts Oct 5th

    Well. thanks to this thread, I put together four huge shopping bags of crappy old discs that had been sitting in the closet waiting for me to get motivated enough to put some big lots on ebay. I took in around 160 discs. They took all but 5 which were not in their system--mostly unrated versions...
  17. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 9/28/04

    Hunting of the President for me. I want Eternal Sunshine, but $20? I'll wait.
  18. Scott Pierson

    Question about FRITZ LANG'S INDIAN EPIC...

    I'm not sure, but I did not notice anything weird about the framing when I watched this. I really dug this film. Some truly bizarre stuff. The snake (deliriously funny un-special effect), and the very hot dance made this well worth it.
  19. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 9/21/04 Star Wars Trilogy (authorized sneak peek)

    Thanks to mike posting the CompUSA ad in the other threaed, I had no trouble PM'ing at BB, even though the nearest CompUSA is at least 35 miles away and we definitely do not get their flyers in our local paper. With my latest $5 reward certificate, it made it $34.99. So, Thanks again...
  20. Scott Pierson

    Obscure TV product that you would like to see on DVD?

    "People Like Us" Great BBC Comedy done like a documentary. Absolutely hilarious.
  21. Scott Pierson

    Obscure TV product that you would like to see on DVD?

    Anybody remember a CBS mini-series in the late 80's that was a satire of Dallas/Dynasty night-time soaps with Charles Grodin as the evil head of a California vineyard, a la JR Ewing? I think it was called Fresno. I thought that was so hilarious. It had a great cast. Charles Grodin, especially...
  22. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 7/6/04

    How cool is this? I just got Best Buy to price match CC on the Film Noir box with a printed copy of the Weekly Roundup post! She didn't even bat an eye. Thanks, Mike!
  23. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 6/8/04

    Our local Costco had the Tarzan collection for only $36.99. Cheaper than DDD. Needless to say, I snatched it up quick.
  24. Scott Pierson

    what's the point of an orchestra conductor?

    You're right, but volume alone isn't usually the main point. When you add instruments it's mainly for the purposes of tone color. The composer will have a much wider range of instrumental sounds to choose from to express his ideas. To put it into a visual analogy, compare early orchestras having...
  25. Scott Pierson

    what's the point of an orchestra conductor?

    Interesting question. Since sound is created by the movement of air and volume of sound is determined by the amount of air moved, and if the other conditions could truly be equal, then yes, 20 violins would be louder than a single violin, since there would be more instruments moving air...
  26. Scott Pierson

    Weekly RoundUp 2/10

    Just to clarify. The CC ad says the 11.99 per CD price is limited to 3 "per title" per customer. I don't think there's a limit to how many CDs one can buy.
  27. Scott Pierson

    Earphone jack on Sony SACD?

    Yes there is a HP jack with a level control.
  28. Scott Pierson

    Denon 5900 / Sudden Closed Captions Display

    Well, after a week and a half, and a dozen or so discs, I have experienced no problems with this one. So far so good. Maybe this newer firmware did the trick.
  29. Scott Pierson

    Denon 5900 / Sudden Closed Captions Display

    The one I picked up today has the firmware as posted above. They mentioned that the DVI output has been activated already. ESS 6334-1 Make Day 1015 DRV 030825 System 6542-1 DSP1 6332 DSP2 6333 So far no problems with two movies. I'll let you know if I experience any of the issues I...
  30. Scott Pierson

    Denon 5900 / Sudden Closed Captions Display

    How do you get this info from the unit?