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  1. Glenn

    HTF Contest: Win a copy of How I Won the War on DVD

    I have not heard of this movie before. I guess I will find one to rent since I almost never win anything. Glenn
  2. Glenn

    ONKYO TX-NR808 in Atlanta

    New in the box? Hmmm, I will give you $500 for it. I'm near Atlanta.
  3. Glenn

    need decent "smaller" tv

    Hi, My daughter is going to college in August and I am looking for a smaller sized tv for her to take. I am thinking about a 26 inch tv. Are there any LCD hdtv sets less than 32 inches that are decent without spending the same amount as a 32 inch set? Maybe a tube tv would be good? Let me...
  4. Glenn

    Questions for the Nikon folks re: D50/D70

    Hi Jeff, I have a D50 and so far I love it. I used Minolta SLR film cameras forever and then several differnet digital point and shoot cameras. I also bought the 18-70 DX lens and it has been great for me. I plan to add a larger zoom next and I am looking into that now. Good luck, Glenn
  5. Glenn

    Who wants a Nikon D-67mm lens cap?

    Hey Jay, If no one else wants it, I'll take it. Thanks, Glenn
  6. Glenn

    HP Notebook Problems with Best Buy - (RANT)

    Hi Scott, I have a HP laptop. Once under warranty I had it shipped back to HP to repair a problem with the power input plug. It stopped charging the laptop. They fixed it but as a normal procedure they wiped the drive and re-installed the base software for that model. I did know they were...
  7. Glenn

    Nikon 18-70mm wanted

    Hi, I will probably buy a 50mm 1.8D just for general use. Then later maybe I will buy a larger zoom, I will look into the 70-210 to go along with the 18-70. Thanks, Glenn
  8. Glenn

    Nikon 18-70mm wanted

    Hi, Thanks, I will check out, Glenn
  9. Glenn

    Nikon 18-70mm wanted

    Hi, I am buying a Nikon D50 digital camera and I am looking to get the Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor Lens to go with it. This is the lens that normally is sold with the D70 kit. If anyone has a good used one for sale or knows of one at a good price pelase let me know...
  10. Glenn

    2 DishNetwork PVRs for sale (no PVR) fee!

    You have to remove the hard drive from the Dishnetwork box, unless it has changed in the last year or so. I have not read that forum for a while since I dropped Dish. Glenn
  11. Glenn

    2 DishNetwork PVRs for sale (no PVR) fee!

    You can transfer recordings to a pc but it isn't real simple. All you need to know is on that web site. Check out the Tutorials under files. Glenn
  12. Glenn

    Will my iMac be expensive to repair?

    Jack, >>From what I am reading here I get the feeling I am about to pay another $200-$300 to get this iMac fixed. Not necessarily. You have to provide us a little more info and be willing to attempt easy repairs yourself. What model iMac is it and how old? Do you have the original...
  13. Glenn

    Will my iMac be expensive to repair?

    Hi Jack, >>When I tried restarting the iMac, I instead encountered a question-mark icon as opposed to the usual Mac O/S icon. The machine also made a clicking noise. Did you try to startup your iMac with a system disc? The question mark icon means that it cannot find an operating system on...
  14. Glenn

    scorching hot computer deal of a lifetime

    Wow, to bad I will be out of town the day they are here in Atanta. Glenn
  15. Glenn

    I got the Tiger Launch Blues...

    Hi Lee, I didn't go to an Apple store but instead went to CompUSA. Here is my report. CompUSA Stinks here in the south-side of Atlanta. CompUSA had an ad on their web site with a big sale for Tiger's release today. The local CompUSA had no information about this sale and only had Tiger...
  16. Glenn

    Winegard AP-4800 HDTV Antenna Pre-amp

    Hi, Please e-mail me. I'm interested. Thanks, Glenn [email protected]
  17. Glenn

    Wanted Celeron 1.1 CPU

    Hi, >>i think the easiest way to tell the difference between fc-pga and fc-pga2 is that fc-pga2 has 256K cache whereas the fc-pga will have 128K cache. Thanks for that tip. That really helps. I didn't know there were two versions available until recently. >>Why on earth would you wan...
  18. Glenn

    Wanted Celeron 1.1 CPU

    Hi Kevin, I have looked at eBay and actually bought one somewhere else. But a lot of ads don't specify between the fc-pga or fc-pga2 and as I found out that is important. Still looking. Thanks, Glenn
  19. Glenn

    Wanted Celeron 1.1 CPU

    Hi, I know this is not the for sale board but I am looking for an inexpensive Celeron 1.1 CPU. It needs to be an Intel Coppermine fc-pga CPU. If anyone has one laying around that they are not using please let me know. Thanks, Glenn
  20. Glenn

    What are the best forums/boards for Mac users?

    Hi Lee, I like for good deals and their forums. The forums don't have a great format but it is still worthwhile. Glenn
  21. Glenn

    What's a good monochrome laser printer for Mac?

    Hi Lee, How about a Brother HL-1440? I have one and it works with both Macs and Windows. You can usually find them for around $100 with rebates available. I don't see it listed this week in any deals though. I also think that model is discontinued and a newer model is available. I think it's...
  22. Glenn

    Forever iMac user switching to PC laptop - Any advice?

    Hi Peter, I have heard good things about Toshiba computers but I have never owned one yet. I use both Macs and Windows computers. Both do fine. The windows computers generally seem faster when surfing online but Macs are better in some other aspects. One suggestion that you might look into...
  23. Glenn

    Mini system?

    Hi guys, I'm not opposed to a receiver with a CD player but her space is limited and I don't know if she would really want it at this point. At 14 getting the best sound isn't her top priority, as mentioned bass and coolness is important. Thanks for the Sony suggestion, it might be good...
  24. Glenn

    Mini system?

    Hi, I am looking for a mini stereo system for my teenage daughter for in her bedroom. CD player, FM radio, and an aux input for her ipod are requirements. CD changer might be nice. Looking in the $100 - $200 range. Any suggestions? I guess another option would be to get a receiver and CD...
  25. Glenn

    Wanted: NCAA Football 2005

    Hi, I am looking for Xbox NCAA Football 2005. If you know of any good deals or someone looking to sell one please let me know. Hopefully with that game being bundled now and football season coming to an end I can get one fairly cheap. Thanks, Glenn [email protected]
  26. Glenn

    How to hook up a printer WIRELESS

    Ron, Your printer can either be hooked up via USB or ethernet cables directly to your network(ethernet) or a computer(USB). You are trying to connect via your wireless network and you will need a wireless print server to do this. The printer and wireless server go together...
  27. Glenn

    How to hook up a printer WIRELESS

    Ron, Check this out. I took it from another forum. d-link 802.11b Wireless Print Servers – USB or Parallel at Best Buy - online or store (YMMV) Model: DP-311U $74.99 $40 rebate $35.99 Available online and in some stores Model: DP-311P $59.99 $40 rebate $19.99 Shows sold out...
  28. Glenn

    Anybody have spare GMAIL invite? (MERGED)

    Hi Todd, I sent you an invite. Enjoy, Glenn
  29. Glenn

    Anybody have spare GMAIL invite? (MERGED)

    Hi MIke, Send me an e-mail and I will send you a Google invite. Glenn [email protected]
  30. Glenn

    Blue Man Group Audio DVD-A discontinued?

    Hey, I don't know about the DVD-A but Directv is featuring the Blue Man Group this month as part of their free concerts on channel 103. I watched it the other night and it was outstanding. Glenn