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  1. Jakob_S

    Reservoir Dogs SE Screen Shots

    I'm just glad that I bought the Reservoir Dogs R2-UK, which have a beautiful anamorphic transfer (near reference quality!) and the orginal stereo mix, which suits the film perfectly!
  2. Jakob_S

    Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

    Anyone? Really, no one?
  3. Jakob_S

    Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

    "Lauryn Hill - MTV Unplugged No. 2.0" I've seen the show on MTV some months ago and was stunned. Is there any one who have the DVD and can tell me about the quality of the sound and the video? And does it contain the complete performance? Also, is there any reviews of this DVD outthere?
  4. Jakob_S

    Toy Story 2 and those pesky Black Bars!!!

    I know what Open Matte is, but what does "MAR" stand for?
  5. Jakob_S

    How to tell dual-layered discs from single -ayered?

    I was wondering how to tell dual-layered discs from single-layered? I read the offical DVD FAQ, and it says that you can look at the gold color on the disc. Well, the problem is that this method only works on R1-discs. I have checked quite a few R2-discs which I know for sure is dual layered...
  6. Jakob_S

    If _Star Wars_ were on D-VHS...

    "If Star Wars were on D-VHS..." ...then somebody would manage to make excellent quality bootleg DVDs and sell them for a lot of money! ...which is the reason why I think they don't come on D-VHS. I know this topic were meant different, but I just thougt about the headline. Anyway, this...
  7. Jakob_S

    All Access: Backstage (IMAX): DVD?

    So what's the deal with "IMAX: All Access" - is it out yet? Or does somebody have a date?
  8. Jakob_S

    Britney Spears is stacked! (The DVD, that is)

    Hey, common guys, give Britney a break. She is beautiful and that's the only thing that matter
  9. Jakob_S

    Commentary Tracks -- who listens?

    I have listened to very few commentaries. I think they destroy the movie actually. I like making my own analyzes of a movie and don't want the director who made the movie to say I'm wrong I do like and hear some commentaries though. For example I enjoyed the "Almost Famous" track with Cameron...
  10. Jakob_S

    Who Framed Roger Rabbitt laserdisc question

    Is their place on the net, where you can see all those edited frame(s) and extended/deleted scenes you guys have been talking about for ages now?
  11. Jakob_S

    A Perfect World

    Is there any info about a DVD release of the great film "A Perfect World" by Clint Eastwood? I did a search on this forum, but didn't find any threads about this movie.
  12. Jakob_S

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Vista Series? When?

    Still no info about this release? I want it so badly, so what's taking them so long?
  13. Jakob_S

    What happened to DVD Coverart?

    Thanx, Ric. Jens, The URL is
  14. Jakob_S

    What happened to DVD Coverart?

    What happened to DVD Coverart? The URL doesn't seem to work anymore.
  15. Jakob_S

    HTF REVIEW: "The Usual Suspects - Special Edition" (with screenshots)

    I could be wrong, but putting two transfers on the same side of a DVD couldn't possible be a good thing! So what's the deal? Is the transfer really that good? And how did they actually put the movie on the same side twice? -Are the "Fullframe" and "Widescreen"-versions placed on their each and...
  16. Jakob_S

    HTF REVIEW: "Vertical Limit" Superbit vs. Standard

    I think I read somewhere that the SB-titles don't use all the space/bits available on a disc - is this correct?
  17. Jakob_S

    Art for LOTR Extended and BTTF Trilogy!

    If the BTTF cover is something like with The Godfather DVD, then I think it's kind of cool. Then this would only be the outer cover. The individual disc-covers inside the outer cover will hopefully be the original poster arts, as these are kind of cool, and shouldn't be messed with.
  18. Jakob_S

    Moulin Rouge vol2, not entirely what was promised

    I read a thread some weeks ago saying that a score album of "MR!" would arive in stores soon. But what do I see now? A freaking "Vol. 2 Pop Album" - Darn, I feel like I'm going to explode So what's the deal? Is there a small hope for a "Score album" or is this it?
  19. Jakob_S

    Picture artifacts on DVDs

    Thanx for the explanations I haven't connected my DVDplayer via s-video, so that might be the problem. But why do I see the same kind of artifacts when I play DVDs via DVD-ROM and use the PC monitor then? I fully understand the word "pixelization" now I think. I also understand your...
  20. Jakob_S

    Picture artifacts on DVDs

    Thanx, but I already know that place though. But hey, I just spotted that they have an explanation of "aliasing". I'm still searching for explanations of the following, though: - shimmer - pixelization And I've found some more expressions, that I don't know the exact meaning of: -...
  21. Jakob_S

    Picture artifacts on DVDs

    When I see movies on DVD I notice a lot of irretating artifacts, but I don't know them by name. Can anyone explain and maybe give some examples with screen shots of the following artifacts? - shimmer - pixelization - aliasing I might have some other "artifacts words" too that I don't...
  22. Jakob_S

    How to convert VOB to MPEG2 ????

    I have some VOB-files, which I would like to write on a DVD, so I can play it on a normal DVD player. How do you convert VOB-files into DVD-format MPEG2? Is there any freeware programs outthere which can do that? I hope you guys can help me. Thanx! - Jakob S.
  23. Jakob_S

    Canadian DVD's lower video bitrate?

    I think I've read somewhere that the canadian release of "Memento" should look worse than the USA-version. I don't know if this is correct, but who actually cares about these 2 DVD's now? I think we're all waiting for that special edition to be anounced...
  24. Jakob_S

    What format are TV shows in (originally)?

    I was wondering how a TV show (both cartoons, sitcoms and other TV series) is recorded. Are they originally recorded with 30 frames per second as an NTSC transfer? Or are they recorded with 24 frames per second like movies? Examples... Cartoons: "The Simpsons", "Walt Disney shorts", etc...
  25. Jakob_S

    12 Monkeys: Ultimate Edition

    I'm still not sure which version of "12 monkeys" I'll buy. I have some questions though, that proberbly would make my decision easier: 1. What is the bitrate for the Dolby Digital 5.1 track on the R1-release? 2. Is there English subtitles on the DTS-release? I have looked at scanned back...
  26. Jakob_S

    How is the video recorded on a DVD?

    Well, I guess my question/doubt is regarding this
  27. Jakob_S

    How is the video recorded on a DVD?

    Hey, thanx for all your answers! I'm glad you all actually undstood my question (I din't after reading it again ). Anyway, so the conclusion on this thread is, that in theory anamorphic images and non-anamorphic images look the same on a 4:3 TV. But because anamorphic images doens't take as...