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  1. Steve Phillips

    John Wayne's HONDO 3-D (1953) remastered for Cannes

    There are two major mistakes in the article. First, HONDO was never released theatrically in the awful red/blue anaglyph format as Richard pointed out above. All the 3-D features of the 50's were clear glasses polarized. Second, despite numerous reports to the contrary, HONDO actually got...
  2. Steve Phillips

    The Streets of San Francisco...

    If they did have Michael Douglas appear in a sequel series, let's just say they'd have to ignore the events of the early 90's TV movie "Back to the Streets of San Francisco" in which Malden returned to reprise his role. I've been enjoying the first set, but if they are going to release half...
  3. Steve Phillips

    Meet the Robinsons

    Disney also produced "Melody", part of the "Adventures in Music" cartoon series, in 3-D. They also shot a color 3-D short featuring the Mouseketeers for showings at Disneyland. Both were shown at the World 3-D Film Expo II last year.
  4. Steve Phillips

    Meet the Robinsons

    I was very impressed by the Digital 3-D version; with each release the Real D movies seem to get better. It was great fun to see "Working for Peanuts" on the big screen. It was beautifully restored and makes we want to see some other classic 3-D material in Real D. As more and more theaters...
  5. Steve Phillips

    3D Redux - The Next Big Thing?

    All the theater chains are jumping on board the Digital 3-D bandwagon. I don't know if people will pay double, but the box office of previous releases has proven that they will pay $1.50-$2.00 more for Digital 3-D. Some of us have known 3-D was where it's at for some time. Glad to see some of...
  6. Steve Phillips

    Mama's Family - Season 2?

    I'll only be annoyed if Season 2 is released in truncated, edited versions like Season 1 was. Maybe not annoyed, but Warner will once again lose a sale. Luckily Season 3 on were produced at shorter lengths (since the show was in first run syndication at that point) so they should be safe.
  7. Steve Phillips

    Star Wars 3-D: On Schedule?

    SUPERMAN RETURNS wasn't shown in Digital 3-D at all, but rather IMAX 3-D. The two camps seems to have different approaches in 2-D to 3-D conversions.
  8. Steve Phillips

    Star Wars 3-D: On Schedule?

    The number of theatres being upgraded is increasing rapidly though. For example, while Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE only played in 3-D on just 85 screens, the upcoming MEET THE ROBINSONS is targeted for as many as 500. Reports are that things are on target for 1000 screens to be ready by the end...
  9. Steve Phillips

    Cases and covers are worthless?

    I still have a lot of discs in the original cases, but I bit the bullet and put a load of them in disc sox and/or binders. The original art is still intact and can easily be put right back into an empty keepcase for resale at any time. It saves a lot of space, but I'd agree that overall the...
  10. Steve Phillips

    Star Wars 3-D: On Schedule?

    I'd be shocked if this occurs before Summer 2009.
  11. Steve Phillips

    Meet the Robinsons

    This will be the widest Digital 3-D release yet. I've heard they are shooting for 500 screens, but I'm not sure if they'll make it. In any case, it will play on significantly more screens in 3-D than CHICKEN LITTLE, MONSTER HOUSE or NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS did. The 3-D trailer shown with...
  12. Steve Phillips

    Columbo: "Sir, Just One More Thing"

    I picked up a few of these at Best Buy also. For some reason, the fifth season was marked $13.99 on all the signage, but the clerk still tries to charge me the $19.99 price. She relented when I told her there were at least two signs that said $13.99, so I did get the lower price on that one.
  13. Steve Phillips

    Ultimo squalo, L' (1981)

    First of all, this movie is NOT good. It is a terrible JAWS knockoff that got released in the US for about 2 weeks before Universal sued to get it pulled. That said, I saw it twice. There are copies out there, but I doubt you'll ever see a legit US release.
  14. Steve Phillips

    LG BH100 HD DVD / Blu-ray hybrid player (merged thread)

    I've already seen reports that LG's 2nd Gen BD/HD DVD hybrid player will be available as early as June, and that it will feature full HD DVD functions.
  15. Steve Phillips

    Warner Brothers 3-D Box Set suggestion

    Both the 2003 and 2006 3-D Expos were amazing. I managed to sit through every show both times! Crazy, I know, but I had to do it!
  16. Steve Phillips

    Warner Brothers 3-D Box Set suggestion

    It's fun to imagine that box set, though.
  17. Steve Phillips

    The Dr. Mabuse Collection from Image

    I saw three copies on the shelf at Fry's yesterday.
  18. Steve Phillips

    Shout Factory to Bring Elvira's Movie Macabre to DVD

    Sure was. It actually goes back to 1936,a nd has always been the traditional method for 3-D projection. All of the 3-D movies released in the 1950's were released in polarized form, except for a few burlesque short subjects and such. Really only a handful of theatrical films have been released...
  19. Steve Phillips

    Shout Factory to Bring Elvira's Movie Macabre to DVD

    No, the 3-D films that were syndicated around the country circa 1982 were most definitely NOT shown in their original format. All of the red/blue anaglyph broadcasts were horribly downconverted from the original clear glasses polarized 3-D format. The TV versions didn't look a thing like the...
  20. Steve Phillips

    Sequels--the worst

    Kevin was obviously sent to the same summer camp as kids of soap operas are, where they come back several years older than when they left. This is known as SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome). At least Kevin only aged an extra year. On "Days of Our Lives" for example, babies born in...
  21. Steve Phillips

    Charlie Chan Collection #2 on the way

    I want the sets to keep coming, but I hope they reduce the size of the packaging. I'd prefer thin cases, but even if they'd switch to two double keep cases the sets would take up half the space. The SRP needs to come down also.
  22. Steve Phillips

    the laugh track

    Just because a show was shot in front of a live audience, you shouldn't assume that there was no laugh track added to the final product.
  23. Steve Phillips

    Honey West

    I've been enjoying both the Honey and "Burke's Law" sets. I'd never seen either before, though I do remember the CBS revival of "Burke's Law" from about a decade ago. One of those episodes had Anne Francis reprising her Honey West role 30 years later! Hopefully that series will surface on DVD at...
  24. Steve Phillips

    MARVEL 1960's Superhero Cartoons

    I recently came across a review of a German release at DVD Basen. A quick search on shows it was released on 10/27/06 and sells for 23.89 Euros. For those who are region free/PAL capable, an option. Shipping is expensive from Germany though, about 14 Euros.
  25. Steve Phillips

    Saw 3 extras not on standard DVD? What is this BS?

    Regular DVDs will play just fine on both the new HD DVD players and Blu-ray disc players. You just can't play an HD DVD in a Blu-ray player or vice versa. Regular DVD is 100% backwards compatible. Why complain about extra features being included on new formats with far more capacity? If...
  26. Steve Phillips

    The Mummy (1932) 75th - Want a DVD?

    I don't care if Universal releases another (4th!) version. The question in the thread title is "Want a DVD?" My answer is no, but if others want one and Universal is agreeable, then so be it. Makes no difference to me. But, as Joe said, let's just hope they don't take the low selling...
  27. Steve Phillips

    The Mummy (1932) 75th - Want a DVD?

    I'd also much rather them release their horror movies that aren't already out there on DVD. As for THE MUMMY; I think I'll hold on to the original DVD and the two double features of the follow-ups. I didn't even bother with the Legacy Set.
  28. Steve Phillips

    Shows You Hope Will Be Completed In 2007

    Green Acres 4, 5, 6 I Dream of Jeannie 4, 5 Leave it to Beaver 3, 4, 5, 6
  29. Steve Phillips

    Get Smart!

    Mine was just delivered! I know what I'm doing tonight!
  30. Steve Phillips

    Perry Mason - Season 1, Vol. 2 announced!!

    There were a couple of dozen made for TV reunion films made in the mid-80's and into the 90's, which of course were in color. A rerun of one of these might be what you saw on Hallmark in color.