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    Star Trek: Into Darkness (Spoilers Discussion and Review)

    I was pretty underwhelmed. I still enjoy the character work for almost everyone, save for Kirk. McCoy was a little too cliche at times. I just wish the plots were done as well. One thing that really bothers me, and no one seems to ever mention this-- Khan manages to crash the ship into San...
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    May 3, 2013 Iron Man 3 announced

    This is one of the things that bugged me the most. All of the previous films had a very linear progression of Stark's technology, and created a respectable 'realism' for it to exist in. IM3 threw all that out the window. Not only can the armor pieces fly individually, they apparently can fly...
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    Star Trek sequel scheduled for May 17, 2013 Release

    If they wanted the villain's identity to be a twist reveal during the film, it was probably a bad idea to draw everyone's attention to said villain's identity months before release.
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    Star Trek sequel scheduled for May 17, 2013 Release

    The only problem with Eve being Marcus is that I really dislike the idea of Her having ever been in Starfleet. The original films consistently touched on themes of Kirk and the life he doesn't have because of his career, and Carol Marcus is a prime representation of that. Putting Her in a...
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    Star Trek sequel scheduled for May 17, 2013 Release

    Clearly just a lot of misdirection. There's no point in killing Spock in your second movie, the audience isn't going to have anywhere near the same emotional attachment at this point. You're just setting yourself up to fail. There's nothing about Cumberbatch that says Khan. So unless they're...
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    TCFHE Press Release: Skyfall

    Well the "IMAX" version wasn't cropped, it was open matt. The Red camera they used had something like a 2:1 native AR. I like 2:1 so I wouldn't mind if they used that.
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    New Bond Film: Skyfall

    Skyfall was good, but ultimately a notch or two below Casino Royale. The plot was thread bare, nowhere near enough to carry the character work they put into it. And I'm sorry but at what point are we meant to believe Bond and MI6 have redeemed themselves? I'm having a hard time seeing them as...
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    Amazing Spider-Man : July 3rd, 2012

    In the movies it absolutely is.
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    Nexus 7 Owners, Reviews and Discussion thread

    That's probably just something they say. :)
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    Nexus 7 Owners, Reviews and Discussion thread

    They probably didn't make enough for you, the 16gig version is all they made available to other retailers and the first shipment was used up last week. Google is the only one to carry the 8gig and that's probably all the stock that's left at the moment. Yours will probably come in early August.
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    Amazing Spider-Man : July 3rd, 2012

    They did not, that's sort of the point. The 'origin story' isn't over and it shouldn't be. Similarly I liked how even at the end of the film Parker was just starting to realize the full potential of his web-slinging on the cranes.
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    Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

    I seem to recall the Star Wars theme being in all 3 of the Star Wars prequels?
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    2012 Box Office

    That is a nice opening for Prometheus all around. My first thought though was; This bodes well for an R-rated Die Hard 5. Now its only hurdles will be the rest of the movie.
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    Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray available for preorder

    If you go look at some of the early praised DVD releases and see how they hold up to later ones, you'll see the same thing. Blade Runner was great in its day, and no one is saying it looks awful now. But the technology has gotten better over the years, and that makes Blade Runner's flaws more...
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    The Big Bang Theory - season 5 thread

    Yeah, I was more surprised to see a related article where Matt Bomer had recently come out. Now that's a real score. :tu:
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    GI Joe Retaliation..

    Release date is irrelevant? Bull. I don't know what's going to open the week after March 29... but it sure as hell won't be a Spider-Man movie. That's going to hurt your Box Office whether you're G.I. Joe or the next Batman flick. It looks like a major reworking is going to take place because...
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    GI Joe Retaliation..

    I think the movie just didn't have a chance in hell this summer. It's a C level action 'franchise.' It has far more potential in an early spring slot than wedged between Pixar and Spider-Man. It was a mistake to ever put it in that spot in the first place. (moved there when Star Trek got pushed...
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    AVENGERS Movie Thread

    She was actually related (probably Granddaughter) to Cap's love interest from his movie. They had a scene that was cut because Whedon felt it belonged in Cap's movies and not The Avengers. Apparently it was a really good scene though.
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    Will there be another Q & A with Warner Brothers Home Video?

    You're an inspiration to us all.
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    The Hobbit (merged thread)

    The trailer, like the Bluray and DVD to be released, was 24fps. That's why they're filming at 48fps, you can just drop every other frame and it will be/look like any other movie.
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    Anchorman 2 Officially Announced

    I'm not sure how anyone could think Will Ferrell needs a "comeback" at this point in his career, but if it helps I think the studio has been holding this one up for a while for financial reasons. The talent tried to do it a few years ago and that was the word on why it didn't happen.
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    Paramount Announces Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection Fall 2012

    Yeah, it's the alternate language tracks that really hog up all the disc space. I can see how some would see them as the same thing.
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    Paramount Announces Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection Fall 2012

    They'll probably do individual releases after a year or so.
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    One has nothing to do with the other. CBS controls the Trek TV library and they've been doing great work. They've preserved TOS in HD, got it in a new syndication package, got it into theaters. They put out a very successful new syndication deal for TNG a couple of years ago. They just got all...
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    Ferris Bueller 2?

    It's just a Honda commercial.
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    The Dragon Tattoo Extended Trilogy

    They were all TV broadcasts. That was the AR they were shown in, and why they're all the same length. I believe the first film (the only one shown theatrically?) was made with the intention of the TV release from the start, so they may have created it with both AR's in mind.
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    New Bond Film: Skyfall

    UPDATE: Hugh Laurie to NOT play Q
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    GTA V (Five)

    You can just ignore them entirely. They'll just stop calling you socially after a while. Any calls related to the story will still happen though.
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    Two And A Half Men season 9 thread

    Doing a quick search, it doesn't look like there's even been a thread for the show since season 4.
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    "That '70s Show" on Blu-Ray, widescreen in 1080p

    I've been watching the show on Netflix since this thread was posted. The framing isn't as simple as opening up the sides, it can change from shot to shot frequently. Sometimes there is some bottom cropping. Occasionally they'll zoom in on a smaller area making it a bit soft. Sometimes when the...