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  1. Sam Hatch

    The Fifth Element...(Of Addiction)

    Although I love the film for other reasons as well, I still the think the number one draw for me is that it presents a fully realized world for you to visit for a few hours. Car chases and gunfights aside, I find myself getting the most excited during the segment showing working class guys...
  2. Sam Hatch

    Days Of Thunder: LD better then DVD?

    Don't worry about picking up 'The Rocketeer' on LD -- it's one of my favorite films, but that was always one of my least favorite laserdiscs. I didn't have the CAV edition, but the picture on the CLV disc is atrocious. The DVD is a big disappointment but is a revelation compared to the LD. If...
  3. Sam Hatch

    *** Official "THE RING" Discussion Thread

    Am I reading this right -- are you telling me that the spitting-image photo of Chris Cooper behind bars on the Parole Hearing newspaper article (also titled 'The Jason Valen Case' or something similar) at approx. 1:39:34 on the DVD is actually a picture of Richard Lineback? Color me kooky if...
  4. Sam Hatch

    "Superbit Disappoints"

    I haven't seen the Superbit edition of 'From Here To Eternity' as of yet, but I plan on picking it up soon. As far as I can tell, the Superbit monicker mainly implies the extra space given to sound and image bits. Most of the early releases have been newer films, but I'm very glad they're...
  5. Sam Hatch

    *** Official "THE RING" Discussion Thread

    On the Chris Cooper tip, he still manages to fit in a cameo in the film -- his picture and story are on the coffee-'ring'ed newspaper right before the 'big scene'.
  6. Sam Hatch

    Stanley Kubrick: filmmaking genius, or overrated control freak?

    I've grown up with Kubrick films (my odd dad let me watch 'A Clockwork Orange' when I was eight or nine) and while I have a few problems here and there with them, I really enjoy watching his work. All except for 'Eyes Wide Shut', which felt like he was trying way too hard to make a Kieslowski...
  7. Sam Hatch

    What's up with The Fifth Element?

    I like it for the reasons everyone else stated, but there's one more... Luc Besson obviously thought this universe out since he's supposedly been inventing it since his teens, but above all else what sucks me into The Fifth Element is that it takes place in a fully realized world. I believe...
  8. Sam Hatch

    *** Official "WILLARD" Review Thread

    Loved it as well! The perfect example of a 'B' movie done right. The campy tone, constant visual jokes ("Prudent Aggression"/the 'mouse' pad/"Numm Nuts"/"Big Ben" Clock) and sly references (Bruce Davison painting/Scully the cat) coupled with an exaggerated Hitchcock-meets-Tim Burton style made...
  9. Sam Hatch

    Do I really have to wait until June for The Two Towers!?!?

    I've inherited the gene as well. When folks suggest that I rent a certain title on DVD, I feel as if they's speaking in Swahili. I can't foresee myself ever renting a disc. At the most, I'll enter the store and buy a few used copies. That's unlikely as well, since they're usually so...
  10. Sam Hatch

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    Forgot to mention something about Session 9 -- the featurette on the disc talking about the hospital and filming there was really freaky. The bit with (the actor who played Swanney in Trainspotting) mentioning that voices were telling him to jump off of the rooftop was thirty times eerier than...
  11. Sam Hatch

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    I was disappointed in Session 9 as well, but am still glad to own it for its character work and excellent portrayal of dementia. I suppose it just wasn't supernatural enough to really creep me out. I'm with the Carpenter fans though -- there's some great oppressive terror in 'Prince'...
  12. Sam Hatch

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    Did anyone else notice that some of the programs on the TVs during the neighbor montage seem to be of Japanese origin? Perhaps someone's watching Ringu or one of its sequels? I was thinking it might be another one of those scattered Japanese references for fans of the original. And aside from...
  13. Sam Hatch

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    Yeah, and what if you didn't even have a phone to begin with? Would she ring up payphones on the street as you pass them by later -- or even call the cellphone of a guy next to you on a subway or something? "Yes, sorry to disturb you sir, but can you say 'Seven Days' to the a-hole on your...
  14. Sam Hatch

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    I find plot and logic to be the horror genre's worst enemy. So many frightening efforts are derailed in the second act by the filmmakers' queasiness about scaring the living hell out of an audience. I don't want to see the horror 'de-fanged' for my comfort, I want to be absolutely brutalized by...
  15. Sam Hatch

    Ringu impressions

    I'm just hoping for a release of 'Ringu 0: Baasudei' so I can enjoy that thread as well! Continue going round in ringus.. er, I mean circles!
  16. Sam Hatch

    Southwest Airlines Mag Pokes Fun at DS9 (and DVD) Fans

    I've been seeing quite a few of these reviewless reviews lately -- especially from the DVD guy in my local paper. Despite the fact that he hates anything that isn't completely obscure, he recently foamed at the mouth about the Six Feet Under boxed set. He argued that the price was too high...
  17. Sam Hatch

    Why is Ringu 24.99????

    I was naive enough to believe that Best Buy might offer some sort of 'buy both get yadda yadda off' price break, but what a shock to see that 24.99 tag in the flyer! A studio-sanctioned discount coupon attached on the cover (a la Legend Ultimate Edition) would have been welcome as well. My...
  18. Sam Hatch

    sick of revisionist cinema? watch South Park 2-nite

    I don't think the Spooky-Vision graphics have been removed, as they weren't on the Mechastreisand episode to begin with. But they were on the Spookyfish episode with Stan's creepy pet fish. I saw it a few months back on Comedy Central and the Babs stingers were still there.
  19. Sam Hatch

    Windtalkers: Director's Edition..... 3-Disc Set....20 Min. Extended Cut..... May 20th

    Just to make Matthew feel better, I'll chime in and say that I'm a film critic who enjoyed Windtalkers quite a bit. My co-host had differing ideas, so I can share in your anxiety over defending so-called 'stinkers' that actually have quite a bit going for them. This one was not only Woo's best...
  20. Sam Hatch

    Chris Cunningham and art on dvd?

    The video he did for Portishead is also included on their 'PNYC Live at Roseland' DVD.
  21. Sam Hatch

    Smoking in the movies; a new low

    I personally love the proliferation of smoking scenes in films, and would like to see even more. Why? Because as a nonsmoking minority amongst scores of arrogant smokestack fiends...I mean friends, I've been subjected to hours upon hours of nicotine haze experiences at restaurants, clubs and...
  22. Sam Hatch

    Austin Powers: Goldmember - Technical Issues (merged thread)

    Same problem with my A120 -- but... I tried to pause one scene (the TV news bulletin after Dr. Evil & Mini-Me's World Court trial -- to read the funny little headlines), and first discovered the lockout problem. But skipping back to the beginning of the chapter, I was able to pause just fine...
  23. Sam Hatch

    John Woo's - A Better Tomorrow

    Though the corrected Anchor Bay version still has a quick sound dropout in the beginning, it's the one to go with. Strangely, the big problem with the original release was the use of unlicensed music from other films -- such as Forrest Gump. Yet the correct version of the film (on the mono...
  24. Sam Hatch

    What are some good lesser known 60's rock bands ?

    Where's the Del-Vetts ? "Last Time Around" ROCKS!
  25. Sam Hatch

    Hannibal prequel on October 4th!

    I don't know -- just saw it last night and I found it able to coexist nicely with Manhunter without competing for superiority. I suspected with the cast involved that this was going to be more than a rehash/cash-in, and despite a good chunk of the film mirroring Manhunter (by necessity of...
  26. Sam Hatch

    Without fighting, defend _Fight Club_.

    Spoilers involved so beware... Count me in as another fan of its twisted coming-of-age angle. The concept behind Jack's story is based on a Buddhist principle (Buddhism shows up quite a bit in the film -- the Space Monkeys having to wait three days on the patio of the Paper Street 'temple' for...
  27. Sam Hatch

    "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" reviews?

    I just reviewed this on my radio show tonight (was giving away free tickets to boot, but Ohio to Connecticut is a bit of a haul!) and really loved the film. Having little to no exposure to the band going into it, I was surprised at how enjoyable it was. Of course I wound up getting hooked on...
  28. Sam Hatch

    What Is YOUR Perfect Pop Song?

    I could go on forever with older tunes, but when I was driving to work the other day listening to Jimmyeatworld's 'Bleed American' disc, I couldn't stop thinking that 'The Middle' is just an absolutely flawless pop song. It might not be my perfect pop song in the long haul, but it certainly...
  29. Sam Hatch

    What songs would you play at your funeral?

    Though I really like both Dead Can Dance's 'Host of Seraphim' and Type O's 'Bloody Kisses' as well, I'll have to go with: Radiohead: Pyramid Song Jeff Buckley: Satisfied Mind Nick Drake's 'Fruit Tree' gets a runner-up status. Since suicide's not my style, I can't use (sadly) The...
  30. Sam Hatch

    Panic Room - Is it Truely Superbit

    Robert's on the money. I was impressed from the word go -- the opening credits are packed with detail. Cityscapes usually look nasty and crawly on my non-HD Sony 43", but this disc shines. I tend to notice compression artifacts on solid, monochromatic objects - and considering the fact that...