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  1. Paladin

    MGM Press Release: Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

    I hope the MGM version of Rebecca will be in its original aspect ratio of 1.37.1 as opposed to 1.33.1. Both the OOP Anchor Bay and Criterion versions are in 1.37.1 but the Australian MRA Entertainment version is in 1.33.1. Does anyone know?
  2. Paladin

    20th Century Fox's 'Film Noir Classics' DVD Series

    I'm actually glad Boomerang keeps getting pushed back because I shelled out $40 for one of the ones that didn't get pulled. The longer it takes to release it the less unhappy I'll be about spending so much.
  3. Paladin

    Boomerang Not Being Released After All

    This is great news for me because I shelled out $40 for one of the pulled Boomerang DVDs. Now I don't feel like I wasted my money!
  4. Paladin

    Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection - Oct 14, 2008

    Because they want to make lots of money! If they sell this DVD boxset, lots of people will buy and then when they release the Blu set in a year or so many of the same people will buy them again.
  5. Paladin


    The MGM version of The Night of the Hunter is in fullscreen 1:33:1 format. I believe the film's original aspect ratio was 1:37:1(even though IMDB says 1:66:1). I would also like to have it in its original aspect ratio, but I don't imagine it will look much different from the MGM version.
  6. Paladin

    More Fox Noir in September, including Boomerang

    I wonder if Fox will pull Boomerang! again? I was hoping Fox might release The Locket and Undercurrent (1946) in the next film noir wave. And if they want to stretch the limits of noir why not release Blood on the Moon?