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  1. Rob Young

    Blu-ray/HD-DVD vs Downloading HD Movies..

    There is no way the d/l model will happen within at least 10 years. Many people don't even have broadband now and those that do will not want to spend the time d/ling multi gig movies and providers will not be all keen to have people d/ling hundreds of gigs a month so prices will HAVE to go up...
  2. Rob Young

    Dawn of the Dead (2004) HD DVD still censored!!!

    so covering a boob shot with blood that signifies violence and death...yep, us north americans have awesome priorities. hehe I for one do not get the point of covering it up but I also do not get why someone would not buy a film because they don't get to see a boobie. Whatever floats one's...
  3. Rob Young

    Spider-Man -films (Blu-ray) on 10-30-07

    Not that I care about extras but the lack of extras for 1&2 is lame. They go off on the capacity of bluray yet you constantly get studios (ie Fox) releasing discs on the 50 giggers and without even the dvd extras. I will most likely order the boxset because I would like to think those...
  4. Rob Young

    TCFHE Press Release: Fox and MGM unveil Blu-Ray Worldwide Releases for 2007

    I like the list and will buy many on it but I will use the nice intelligence I was given and wait until these are released before praising Fox and all that. Not like the January CES announcement thing (how many did they release from that list? 3?) was so long away for people to forget.
  5. Rob Young

    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    Gee, what a shocker that those complaining in here are either exclusive bluray supporters or prefer the format. So let me get this logic straight...ok for companies to be exclusive on bluray but not ok if a dual format company decides to support hd dvd? GREAT UNBIASED LOGIC. Maybe this will...
  6. Rob Young

    Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut (HD) in September / on BD25 ????

    Yeah I'd guess it will be a two disc set but hey, just slam Warner before all the details are given.
  7. Rob Young

    A study in contrasts-or-someone needs to fire their marketing director

    How people can slam hd dvd for something paramount decided is beyond me but I guess I shouldn't be shocked by stuff I read regarding these formats. Should I slam blu-ray for Fox charging 40 bucks for catalog discs (that often are lacking in features) when other studios are at 30 for their...
  8. Rob Young

    Universal releasing Carlito's Way, Inside Man and Seed of Chucky on 10-23-07

    I'm down for Inside Man. I watched it on hd cable a few months ago and it looked decent but I am sure (well, hope) the hd-dvd verison will look better.
  9. Rob Young

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ 300 -- in HD & BD

    I'm getting the blu-ray version since it is cheaper and I do not care about the added extras on the hd-dvd version. Nice to be a dual format owner.
  10. Rob Young

    "Starship Troopers" & "Hollow Man: Director's Cut" coming!

    That has to be a new record...announced and delayed within a week. Sheesh.
  11. Rob Young

    Fifth Element: Gee I have to keep dvd

    have you watched the special features on the dvd? If so, why do you need to watch them multiple times? Guess I'm just not a special features guy...
  12. Rob Young

    Blades of Glory/Face Off - BD HD differences

    And they have done the same for other paramount releases and the vc-1 (hd-dvd) version has come out on top...why mention one disc that is diff from the norm? If the hddvd/vc-1 versions are coming out superior then the paramount person David talked to is on crack. As for the news of these...
  13. Rob Young

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind - November 13th

    This is great news and here's hoping it has awesome quality and does well in sales and it gets Spielberg (and the studios, etc) to release some of the other big titles like Jaws, JP, etc. As for the cost...If 35 is too much for 3 versions of a film along with features then I dunno what to...
  14. Rob Young

    Cars BD

    Yep, should be a great showcase disc. Shame it isn't until Nov (apparently) but meh.
  15. Rob Young

    Image Entertainment and GalleryPlayer go Blu.

    Cees is correct. It is SIMPLE to grasp that having two formats isn't the problem but having exclusive studio support is. I've said this since day one. when people have preached on about how "their" format was better. Why should studios decide which format is king by basically "forcing" buyers...
  16. Rob Young

    Pressure mounts on U to turn Blu

    exactly. I feel the same way about not caring although for me, I do not prefer one over the other. There are things of each format that I find better than the other but as a whole they both are the same to me and give me equal enjoyment.
  17. Rob Young

    5-disc "Blade Runner"/"Harry Potter" sets (Blu-ray/HD DVD) coming

    the price diff for the 5 and 4 disc bladerunner set must be a typo as I can't see why the 5 disc would cost so much unless it comes with some statue or something. I realize the 4 disc may be the dvd version and 5 disc for the next gen but at more than double the price? No way. I am giddy for...
  18. Rob Young

    Will we see any Fox announcements at EMA?

    hehe back in a big way by probably re-announcing and finally releasing all the titles they announced 7 months ago and pulled coupled with a few new titles. Come on Fox be useful for a change and let me give you my money. Such a simple concept.
  19. Rob Young

    first pics from remastered FIFTH ELEMENT :) 21.6 MPEG2 versus 35.1 GB AVC

    Huge diff between those and I will probably pick up the new version. I chuckle at some people who last year said 5th element wasn't that bad a transfer as clearly it was crap. Sad that one's preference for a format can make them that biased.
  20. Rob Young

    Nature's Journey - Battle of the bits

    I'll laugh if there is no real diff and some diehards continue to spew forth how the bitrate advantage is such a key thing. I would guess there will be an ever so slight diff that you need to blow up to 40000000% to see and people will (like they do all the time at avs) go on how huge the...
  21. Rob Young

    Why are some of you in here?

    Like others, I am an HD fan and do not care about the formats....they DO THE SAME THING and that is provide me with high def goodness. The fanboys (aka almsot all of avs HD sections) annoy the hell out of me. How someone can get orgasmic over one forum and trash the other is beyond me. Again...
  22. Rob Young

    Proof that J6P has entered the realm of Hi-Def

    Wow...I first read the posts here then that thread thinking it'd be sooooooooooo bad and it wasn't as bad as the comments here would imply. Yes they are being silly there and I find the whole "fill up my screen" stuff outright lame but sheesh, elitist much in this thread? You know it is...
  23. Rob Young

    Playstation 3 1.80 Firmware Update - DVD Upscaling to 1080p, 1080p/24hz support....

    I like some of those things we get and will probably update my firmware tonight. I saw a comparo shot of a pS2 game at 480p and 1080p and the diff was massive. Impressive....I don't plan to play my old PS2 games on it but none the less impressive. I really like the btb and wtw and dvd...
  24. Rob Young

    The Matrix Trilogy HD DVD Reviews...

    I feel upconverted DVDs can look really good (assuming they have quality transfers) and some can come close to poor HD but a half decent HD transfer is easily superior to upconverted DVD and then a top HD transfer kills any DVD. As for the POTC 1 dvd, I agree with David that it was poor with...
  25. Rob Young

    Warner announces 100K sales of Departed

    Yep. I have both formats and went wiht the bluray version because it was cheaper. I am sure a good chunk of the blu ray sales are from people just like me. As for the 100k sales figures...really puts things into perspective and makes all the format bickering people do on internet forums even...
  26. Rob Young

    Both Pirate films cracked before their HD Launch

    Umm, they still are making good money and there are more consumers buying the stuff than d/ling/pirating it. Sorry but I find the piracy stuff to be outright lame and is just fear mongering to get the masses to actually think it is such a huge issue when reality it isn't. The problem that...
  27. Rob Young

    Mission: Impossible-Blu Ray vs. LaserDisc

    Maybe it was cooked on the laserdisc and this is the more accurate presentation. Accuracy trumps everything...IMO that is.
  28. Rob Young

    Flags of our Fathers "sharper" on Blu

    He noticed this in a side by side and said it was very minor not a "OH MY GOD THE HD DVD VERSION LOOKS LIKE VHS" type way. Me thinks that the logical opinion (well, guess) is that these will look close enough most would not notice the diff in the "real world" unless compared side by side or...
  29. Rob Young

    Fox: Please Drop DTS-MA for Dolby TrueHD

    Here we go again...the DTS vs DD crap. Sheesh Seeing as how my player can decode TrueHD while none can do DTS-MA then right now I'd say I would prefer TrueHD. If there is no benefit to DTS-MA in terms of performance then I see no point to use it over TrueHD...and I don't give a rip about...