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  1. Jean-Michel

    Gladiator Blu-ray - release date 09/01/2009 - Read before buying!

    It's not only the arrows: This is just absurd.
  2. Jean-Michel

    Track the Films You Watch (2008)

    In which case I would think he deserves at least the blame for the In the Land of Don Quixote footage that is liberally used throughout the film, even though that was a completely separate project and nobody has claimed otherwise. One can forgive Franco with the excuse of "extenuating...
  3. Jean-Michel

    Salo - BFI Blu-ray 09/22/2008

    I didn't buy that explanation when it first surfaced after the original BFI release, and I don't buy it now: the use of the Gottfried Benn poem (which amounts to all of three lines) is more than defensible as fair use, other copyrighted works (e.g. Pound's Canto XCIX) still appear in the...
  4. Jean-Michel

    Salo - BFI Blu-ray 09/22/2008

    Criterion says the missing scene doesn't appear in the interpositive or in any of the archival material they checked, including the Pasolini Foundation's prints -- which would make sense, given that it isn't in the negative either. They don't explain why the UK version ended up with the scene...
  5. Jean-Michel

    Video format of SD extras on European BDs

    Masters of Cinema uses NTSC where no PAL or format-neutral (e.g. 24p) master is available -- mostly Japanese titles (Scandal, Kwaidan, Funeral Parade of Roses, etc.) but a few others as well (Salesman, Grey Gardens, Sunrise, Abhijan). In their case it has nothing to do with sloppiness or...
  6. Jean-Michel

    Orson Welles CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT new domestic release

    Sorry, got the two mixed up -- Nostalgia was formerly Hollywood's Attic (cf. their website). As for the question of quality, given that they also sell the movie on VHS, I wouldn't be shocked if it's just an old tape master burned onto a DVD-R.
  7. Jean-Michel

    Orson Welles CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT new domestic release

    Hollywood's Attic is a bootleg outfit (formerly known as Nostalgia Family Video).
  8. Jean-Michel

    New Line, I want the Extended Cut of Golden Compass on Blu-ray!!!!!!

    They're inconsistent about it, but their other New Line titles (Shoot 'Em Up, Rendition, Hairspray) are all Region B, so I'm guessing this will be too. They're also inconsistent about doing proper 1080p24 transfers.
  9. Jean-Michel

    Criterion please! Edgar G. Ulmer's Detour

    Who has the original elements for this one? I doubt Criterion would bother with a PD title unless they could get their hands on those, or at least something of similarly high quality -- The Lady Vanishes and The 39 Steps are both PD, but Criterion still licensed them from Granada/Rank so as to...
  10. Jean-Michel

    Where Is New Line Cinema? - Merged, also see post #72

    That list covers most of the major titles, but it's far from comprehensive -- go to IMDb for a more extensive list, although bear in mind that a lot of these films (especially the early releases from the '60s and '70s) aren't with the company anymore.
  11. Jean-Michel

    Shows that make it past a 7 year run

    American sitcom character, maybe. Peter Sallis has been playing the same character on Last of the Summer Wine since 1973.
  12. Jean-Michel

    A Return to the Sell-Through Business Model?

    The local Hollywood had dozens of Eragon and Happy Feet available for rent on the street date.
  13. Jean-Michel

    LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - 5/22/07 - Japanese 5.1 MLP

    The IMDb is wrong. That said, I was wrong too -- WB handled all theatrical distribution of Letters (U.S. and non-U.S.), although Dreamworks/Paramount still has the non-U.S. DVD rights.
  14. Jean-Michel

    LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - 5/22/07 - Japanese 5.1 MLP

    And Letters was most definitely a WB release in the U.S. The studios did indeed split them up, with Dreamworks/Paramount getting the U.S. rights to Flags (and the international rights to Letters) and WB getting the U.S. rights to Letters (and the international rights to Flags). It's not an...
  15. Jean-Michel

    What's the word on Lost Highway?

    I believe DVD Bitrate Viewer includes all tracks on a given title (video, audio, subtitles) in its calculations, so the higher bitrate on the mk2 can probably be chalked up to the French dub and subtitle tracks not included on the Cinema Club edition. Indeed, I'm almost certain that's the case...
  16. Jean-Michel

    Quick, eBay your Salo DVD now! Criterion re-release coming soon!

    It's been confirmed that Weinstein/Dragon Dynasty has the rights to The Killer and Hard Boiled. The odds of Criterion re-releases are pretty much zero.
  17. Jean-Michel

    Will missed target numbers shift any format suppoft from the studios?

    Take it as you will, but I've heard from a couple of industry sources (neither of whom are remotely Sony-friendly) that the actual figure for shipped PS3s in North America is closer to 300,000 (which is still a missed target, since the original goal was 400,000). It's not gospel but then neither...
  18. Jean-Michel

    DOA: Dead or Alive (Weinstein Co.) - DVD & HD-DVD or Theatrical release in December?

    The Feast DVD was announced and dated in early August; the cover art and full specs were available by the middle of the month. No major e-tailer seems to have DOA for pre-order (Amazon has a listing but no date), so I strongly suspect the December 12th release isn't happening -- my guess is they...
  19. Jean-Michel

    IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION) coming October 31 from Paramount!

    Criterion has shown no objection to licensing out their old LD extras to other companies. If Paramount wants the commentary and is willing to pony up for it, it'll be on there. If not, it won't. Simple as that.
  20. Jean-Michel

    Any word on a DVD release of PROSPERO'S BOOKS?

    The Tulse Luper Suitcases had some "name" actors (about as big as Minnie Driver, anyway) and that didn't help -- it didn't even get released in the UK, much less the U.S. That said, I suspect the scale of the project frightened off potential distributors and its self-referential nature limited...
  21. Jean-Michel

    Any word on a DVD release of PROSPERO'S BOOKS?

    This actually is available on DVD, but only as part of an expensive 25-film boxed set from Benelux: Here (I like that it's listed under the "Family Entertainment" category). The quality is said to be middling at best. There was indeed an LD release. There's a copy on eBay right now but it's...
  22. Jean-Michel

    BD demo at Tyson's Corner in DC

    A thirty-minute video with a constant bitrate of 54Mbps would occupy less than half the space available on a 25GB disc.
  23. Jean-Michel

    PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations

    BD-Video playback was specifically mentioned in the press conference ("Not only will Playstation 3 support Blu-ray Video..."). It's about a quarter of the way through this IGN video (warning: large download). My suspicion is they're not showing BD-Video playback because the current hardware...
  24. Jean-Michel

    PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations

    I don't see any pricing info in that link.
  25. Jean-Michel

    PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations

    Specs No HDMI on the cheap model. Ouch.
  26. Jean-Michel

    GoodFellas HD-DVD cropped to fit 16x9 HDTV?

    It already is. 1.85:1 films are frequently transferred at "taller" ARs (typically 1.78:1, but 1.80-1.82:1 is sometimes seen as well), much as Academy ratio films are usually transferred at 1.33:1 instead of 1.37:1. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of the HD DVDs already on the market follow...
  27. Jean-Michel

    HDCP has already been cracked!

    I think he might've been referring to certain claims regarding Gary's IRL behavior that have been levelled against him at other forums.
  28. Jean-Michel

    blu ray delayed

    The fact that there's no games or even finalized devkits probably played a role in that, too.
  29. Jean-Michel

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid SE on June 6th See Post #8

    The original DVD (and the old SE laserdisc) had a documentary by this title, but it was definitely not made in 1994 -- the IMDb says 1970, which sounds right. Anyone know anything about this?