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  1. Jeff Pryor

    The Star Wars Prop Replica and High-End Collectibles Collecting Thread.

    Those are some really nice collectibles! I think my favorite is the trio of Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan/Darth Maul, awesome stuff!
  2. Jeff Pryor

    The Star Wars Prop Replica and High-End Collectibles Collecting Thread.

    Hey, thanks man! Believe it or not, that model is only 1/72 scale! Much smaller than the Master Replica version. I gave it an ultra-detailed weathering job, which might make it look bigger in photos.
  3. Jeff Pryor

    This is when Blu-ray starts to piss me off.

    I've owned a PS3 and 42" Panasonic Veira for a little over a year now, and have only outright purchased about 7 Blu Ray titles. But I watch Blu Ray titles all the time by renting them from Netflix, so if there's some additional content that's not on my SD version, I don't pay an arm and a leg to...
  4. Jeff Pryor

    The Star Wars Prop Replica and High-End Collectibles Collecting Thread.

    I would've loved that lego Deathstar when I was a kid! Hey, guys. Just thought I'd peek into this thread and show y'all my newest Star Wars scale model. It's the inexpensive Finemolds Y-Wing, done up in all her weathered banged-up kicked-around glory. I spent about 2 months working on her...
  5. Jeff Pryor

    Gene Simmons "Family Jewels"

    My wife got me hooked on this show. I love the banter between everyone, and Gene's mansion is beautiful. I read his books years ago, and it's interesting to sometimes see him conduct business and bow to his money god. But when we see him occasionally pull out that fat wallet, I wish I were on...
  6. Jeff Pryor

    Big Brother 8 Discussion Thread

    Has anyone noticed how Evil Dick's voice sounds just like the actor Eric Roberts?
  7. Jeff Pryor

    How far away from home are you?

    I graduated in 1986 and then was gone for about 11 years. I spent 6 years in the Army at FT Bliss, TX and SHAPE, Belgium. I came back home from Europe and moved back to El Paso, TX. Then almost a year later my marriage ended and I moved to Memphis, TN. There my brother and I shared an apartment...
  8. Jeff Pryor

    Help me find Mysterious Stones name

    You're probably thinking of this: Cave of the Glowing Skulls
  9. Jeff Pryor

    Help me find Mysterious Stones name

    A good place to find answers about archaeology is Those guys know everything about the ancients!
  10. Jeff Pryor

    The Star Wars Prop Replica and High-End Collectibles Collecting Thread.

    2 weeks ago I finally became the owner of the MR Kenobi Force FX blade. Now I'm hooked bad, reeeealllly bad. I'm amazed at how loud it is, very cool. Here are some quick pics of my 1/6 Screamin Chewbacca I finished last year. With the exception of the...
  11. Jeff Pryor

    Battlestar Galactica Season 3 (Oct 06)

    I watched the preview again right after the show ended. Anders' lips don't move, and it sounds like the voice is Chief Tyrol's.
  12. Jeff Pryor

    Female Singer with the Most Beautiful Voice?

    Hope Sandoval. She's an aquired taste for many, but I fell in love with her the moment I first heard 'Fade Into You' in 1994. Since then, I've collected just about everything she has recorded which isn't enough for me.
  13. Jeff Pryor

    Your mugshot...

    Michelle and I.
  14. Jeff Pryor

    Khef, ka and ka-tet - Any Dark Tower fans excited over Book 5?

    I was disappointed in the ending at first, but I've come around. The last book in the series was awesome and I believe I will read the entire saga again before I one day pass from this world.
  15. Jeff Pryor

    Favorite 2007 superbowl commercial

    I was hoping for some Caveman commercials myself. Love them guys!!!
  16. Jeff Pryor

    Books You've Read in 2007 (merged)

    The I Chong--Tommy Chong Cell--Stephen King Godless--Ann Coulter The Political Zoo--Mike Savage Freakonomics--Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner Starship Troopers--Robert A. Heinlein Yeager:An Autobiography--Chuck Yeager, Leo Janos
  17. Jeff Pryor

    For those that like Galactica...

    Hey, thanks for that link!
  18. Jeff Pryor

    For those that like Galactica...

    It's been a while since I posted here at the Home Theater Forum. Just thought I'd drop in and show off my latest completed project, a replica of the Prison Barge/Astral Queen from the original BSG series. She's 9 inches long and made of parts from several unrelated kits with a little...
  19. Jeff Pryor

    Interest in old copies of Sci Fi Magazine and Cinescape?

    Nelson, I suggest maybe posting this at We are a bunch of sci fi geeks of the highest order. Try using the Marketplace forum.
  20. Jeff Pryor

    The Highlight of your life (so far)

    The highlight of my life? Good question. The day I left my ex-wife instead of killing her, she was a cheater you see. April 14, 1993. It's been a wonderful life ever since.
  21. Jeff Pryor

    An observation about 'PIMP MY RIDE' and shows like it...

    PMR and Overhaulin are 2 of my favorite shows. What really irritates me when the new ride is revealed is an owner that says 'Oh my god' over and over and over again.
  22. Jeff Pryor

    At what point do you choose to put your dog down?

    This is a very tough decision. I would say it's the dog's time, but that's too easy. I have an 11 year old border collie named Trixi, she's the best damn dog I've ever owned in my entire life. I know one day her time will come, but for me to have to make that decision for her would be just...
  23. Jeff Pryor


    Man, my wife was so jealous of the nurse who shaved me! It wasn't required that I do it myself so I didn't!
  24. Jeff Pryor


    Had one in 1997. So the doc goes in and cuts the right tube, then goes to the left and lo and behold there is NO TUBE! Of course, there's a testicle but it isn't connected to anything. Seems that my right one has been doing all the work. Anyway, no tube usually means no kidney. So I had to...
  25. Jeff Pryor

    Third Reich Memorbilia

    Thanks for the link, Dennis. I'll check it out. BTW, there are no obvious signs that anything has been sawed off this dagger. Considering that I found this item in the possessions of a deceased WWII vet who flew over Germany many times in the B-17 Liberty Run, I would hate to be disappointed...
  26. Jeff Pryor

    Third Reich Memorbilia

    There's also some minor rust along a small segment of the edge near the tip. I would like to get rid of that as soon as possible.
  27. Jeff Pryor

    Third Reich Memorbilia

    Hey, guys, I've just come into possession of this: I did some research on the Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen stamp and found it's circa '41-'45. Probably a K98k Bayonet, but I could be wrong. My question is this: it has...
  28. Jeff Pryor

    David Gilmour: ON AN ISLAND (3/7/06)

    I didn't know about the BB disc! Anyway, I've been listening to this CD over and over everyday. It's mellow, for sure, but this is a damn good solo from Gilmour. Certainly not like his older solos (of which I have both), but it's easy on the ears and begs for multiple plays.
  29. Jeff Pryor

    Ever fallen in love with a place?

    El Paso, TX. I love this desert town. Lived there for about 4 years. The people (the natives, excluding the military personnel--of which I was once a part of) are friendly and helpful, the food is great, the scenery is pure desert beauty. Great shopping in Juarez, great getaways like White...
  30. Jeff Pryor

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread I don't post here about my opinions of Galactica since I usually do that on another board, but I'm in the camp that says a move to NBC primetime will eventually kill our beloved show. Think about it. The chances are it will eventually be toned down...