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  1. Todd J Moore

    Amazon Cancelling MOD Releases

    Being an indie filmmaker myself who has used the Amazon MOD program for years (and CreateSpace before they were morphed into Amazon), I got an email today that does not make me happy. Amazon is stopping it's MOD program in favor of streaming. They will stop taking new MOD titles as of March 31...
  2. Todd J Moore

    A 3-D Observation

    There are currently 13 3-D from the 1950s that have been restored and are in DCP format. We know there's a few more at least coming from Paramount and possibly Universal. Give it a few more years and there may be enough of these to do World 3-D Film Expo 4!
  3. Todd J Moore

    My Blog Posts

    As some of you may know, I do a blog from time to time and if a post fits a certain topic, I'll leave a link. But I figured I'd do this thread to update you on any blog posts that don't fit in to certain movie threads. To wit, tonight's post was a review of The Tingler...
  4. Todd J Moore

    3D 3D Blu Ray Question

    I'm gonna get kicked for this and probably deserve it, but I figured it's worth asking. After less than two years, my Vizio 3D Blu Ray player is giving me issues--mainly with the tray, which will either not open, not close, or not stay closed to load the film. It takes a bit of time to get it to...
  5. Todd J Moore


    So, I have a number of Real D glasses that I've saved up over the years which is great since I have a Vizio TV. I'm having a 3D party at my place on Saturday and I noticed some of the glasses are kinda dirty/dusty. Any thoughts on how I can clean them before peeps come over?
  6. Todd J Moore

    3D What 3D Blu Rays do you have?

    Seeing this being discussed in the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON thread and not wanting to contribute to a derailment of same thread, I figured I'd open this one up. As much as I love 3D, I can only cop to owning a few 3D Blu Rays: Adventures of Tintin Beauty and the Beast Captain America: The...
  7. Todd J Moore

    Warner announces Blu-Ray Triple Features for May 5th 2012

    Got a question: I got the McQueen triple recently at Best Buy for $14.99. I spot checked the discs and when I put the Blu in on THE GETAWAY, the menus were in Japanese (or Chinese--not sure which). Do I have a defective disc or does anyone else have this triple with the same menus?