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  1. TomH

    SVS Questions

    I currently have an old Velodyne ULD-15 (15" driver) that is beginning to have problems. The ULD-15 was high end at one time and seems to perform well. If I replace it I would like to see a drastic improvement. Does anyone have any idea how these old Velodynes perform compared to an SVS...
  2. TomH

    WTB:Hero, Downfall, House of Flying Daggers

    Thanks Tom
  3. TomH

    LCD vs Plasma

    Has anyone compared the Sharp LC-45GX6U 45" LCD to Plasma displays. My understanding is that LCD displays exceed the quality of plasma and do not have burn-in, heat and power consumption issues.
  4. TomH

    No Load on one Amp Channel?

    I plan to drive a rear center with one side of a stereo amp. Are there any issues leaving one amp channel with no load? Thanks Tom
  5. TomH

    Favorite DVD-A source?

    What are some of the better on-line sources for DVD-A? Thanks Tom
  6. TomH

    Panasonic XP50

    For those looking for the Panasonic DVD-XP50. Buy.com is selling the SFX1050S bundle for $249.00 AR. This includes the XP50 and the matching 5X100 receiver.
  7. TomH

    Wanted: Suikoden 1 or 2 for PSX

    Wanted to purchase: Suikoden 1 or 2 for Play Station 1.
  8. TomH

    Current RSP1066 Status?

    I am still considering the 1066. I know that it has had its share of problems and upgrades. Have most if the issues been resolved? Video bandwidth limitation is a design issue. Is it possible that the double or triple bass problem will be a SW fix? Is it comparable to the Outlaw bass problem...
  9. TomH

    UPS's on HT electronics?

    Does anyone use UPS's (like APC) on their HT electronics? Thanks Tom
  10. TomH

    Snell/Boston Question

    Has anyone listened to both the older Snells (B,C,D,E ect) as well as the newer lines that were introduced after they were purchased by Boston? Is the sonic characteristic close enough to mix the old with the new or are they drastically different? Does the new line sound more like Bostons's...
  11. TomH

    Used MC1 questions

    I am about to give up on Outlaw and the 950. From what I can tell, a used MC1 may be the next best choice. Used MC1's range anywhere from under 2k to around 3k depending on age and upgrades. Looking for help in selecting a used unit. What were the upgrades and costs that were available for the...
  12. TomH

    Digital Video Essentials

    I just received notice from Dvdplanet that "Digital Video Essentials" has been cancelled by the manufacturer. Can anyone suggest the best alternative to calibrate 6.1? Thanks Tom
  13. TomH

    Audio Blue Book?

    What is the accepted audio blue book and where can I get it? Can anyone give me current market value for a pair of Snell "D" speakers? Thanks Tom
  14. TomH

    SPL meter

    I know this has been covered before but.. Radio Shack still has the analog SPL meter for $39.99. The digital one is $20.00 more. Which is the best choice and why? Thanks Tom
  15. TomH

    Acurus Closeouts

    For those of you considering some of the Acurus closeouts on Ubid. I just received my Acurus A200X5. It is new, factory sealed in the original Acurus box with manufacturers 2 year warranty card. It was shipped double boxed. Bid price was $869.00 which is not bad for a $2000 list amp. I will A/B...
  16. TomH

    Outlaw 950. Plan B?

    For everyone who has been patiently waiting for the Outlaw 950, what is your second option or Plan B should the unit not meet expectations of face more delays? Tom
  17. TomH

    Receivers as Pre/Pros again

    With all of the new full featured receivers coming out (Denon 3802/4802, Onkyo 797/898, Sony 3ES/5ES)once again everyone (at least on this forum) sees an opportunity to get the pre/pro features they want at a reasonable price. Outlaw certainly risks losing potential sales if they delay much...
  18. TomH

    Warm or Bright?

    Would anyone take a shot at classifying the following Amps as "warm" or "bright" Adcom Acurus ATI B&K Denon Marantz Outlaw Parasound I have heard the argument that amps are neutral and do not have a characteristic but I beleive that matching a bright amp with a bright speaker can be a...
  19. TomH

    Adcom Products?

    A few years ago Adcom was a highly respected product with outstanding value. Now there seems to be very little interest on the forums. Whats the story with Adcom? Tom
  20. TomH

    Acurus A200 pricing?

    What is the best clearance price anyone has seen on the Acurus A200x5? Tom
  21. TomH

    3801/3802 4800 5800 ?

    At moderate sound levels with average efficiency speakers, is there a discernable difference in the sound of a 3801, 3802, 4800 or 5800? Tom
  22. TomH

    Denon 3802 on line

    WorldExchange.com has the 3802 listed for $749 or $849 depending on which page you check. Has anyone purchased from these guys? Tom
  23. TomH

    Outlaw 950 vs Denon 3802?

    Based on what we know about the Outlaw 950 which will not be available until October, How would the 3802 used as a pre/pro compare? Features and cost are similar. Also, The Outlaw update for July is up. Tom
  24. TomH

    Denon Dave?

    Todd, Who is "Denon Dave" and how do you contact him? I do have a friend who purchased a new, A stock, factory sealed unit on-line that has been denied warranty service. Tom