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  1. JamesHl

    Good universal player?

    I'm looking for a good dvd-a/sacd player in the sub-$1000 range, preferably somewhere in the neighborhood of $500. Quality dvd playback is not a necessity, nor is dvd playback required, in fact.
  2. JamesHl

    The next phase of hdtv? (Merged)

    http://www.e4engineering.com/item.as...0014&type=news Neat, if incredibly far in the future.
  3. JamesHl

    windows networking question

    I have two windows xp machines. Both can see each other, but my laptop will not logon to the desktop. When I try, the place for your user name is greyed out and 'computername'Guest is stuck there where I should be able to type my name in. Password field is fine. The desktop to this system does...
  4. JamesHl

    hdtv over coax q

    I've been thinking about this since I've been playing with the hd cable box more lately. I'm watching harry potter on hbohd right now and it's quite phenomenal. So how does this picture and sound come out of a ratty coax cable, lowest of the low quality interconnects?
  5. JamesHl

    ReplayTV removes commercial advance, 'send show'

    http://biz.yahoo.com/rc/030610/tech_replaytv_2.html Not really any clear choice between Tivo and ReplayTV anymore, sadly. If I had the cash to buy my own pvr instead of subsisting off of my 14 hour Tivo leftovers I would surely have purchased a ReplayTV for the commercial skip. I also like...