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  1. Cinescott

    Still Very Little Disney Live Action, Really?

    I had high hopes for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (my favorite Disney live action) for its 60th Anniversary this year, but it's not looking good. We have Mary Poppins, but beyond that the Blu-ray catalog seems pretty weak. Why the dividing line between animated and live? Disney doesn't seem to...
  2. Cinescott

    H.265/HEVC and the Future for Blu-ray

    I recently started a project to back up 50 or so of my favorite Blu-rays to a HDD in bit-for-bit quality and ran into a wormhole of tech articles related to H.265. Simply put, H.265 is the newest codec for high definition video (HEVC=High Efficiency Video Codec). It can apparently encode HD...
  3. Cinescott

    Breaking Bad

    I watched the first few episodes recently and wow this is a great show! I've had the best luck over the past couple of years choosing what to watch. First the Sopranos, then Lost, now this. Feel like I'm batting 1.000.
  4. Cinescott

    Why Can't We Get Standard Def TV series on Blu-ray?

    I've heard all the arguments about causing consumer "confusion," but hasn't Blu-ray been around long enough to overcome that? I'm looking at this from a storage capacity angle. Wouldn't it be convenient to have a whole season of a favorite show on 1 or 2 discs at 480 lines? If a show's...
  5. Cinescott

    "Moire" Patterns on Blu-ray?

    Every once in a great while, I will get a "shimmering" effect on my screen when watching a Blu-ray. It tends to happen on surfaces that have a very fine pattern, such as on an old-style suit or a screen fence. Does anyone else experience this??? I noticed it recently on my "Twilight Zone" set...
  6. Cinescott

    Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes?

    I've been going through this fantastic Blu-ray boxed set and am curious what other common folk find to be their favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone, from any of the shows five seasons. I've seen about 80% of all the episodes, and barring any hidden gems, I'd say my top five go something...
  7. Cinescott

    Best TV Series on DVD or Blu-ray?

    I don't have many TV series in my collection, but there are few series and miniseries that I am very glad to have; among them are: All in the Family (DVD, All) Sex and the City (DVD, All) Two and a Half Men (DVD, S1-8) The World at War (Blu-ray) Cosmos (DVD) The West (DVD) Series I'd like to...
  8. Cinescott

    The Twilight Zone Complete, These Discs Are Gorgeous

    I recently bought the Complete Twilight Zone, Seasons 1-5, on Blu-ray as part of a pricing error at DVD Planet for about $65. I had no idea these transfers were going to be as beautiful as they are or that the extras would be as voluminous. Multiple commentaries, radio dramas, sponsor ads...
  9. Cinescott

    How About 1984's "The Killing Fields"?

    This is a film I have found extremely moving for 30 years now and would love to see a Blu-ray. Dr. Haing Ngor's performance is remarkable, especially given his true life story in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime. A well-deserved Academy Award. The fact that Dr. Ngor managed to survive the...
  10. Cinescott

    International Remains of the Day in Europe and Not US?

    Sony US continues its pattern of releasing big titles overseas and not in America! I noticed on the Amazon UK site that ROOD will be released there in October under Sony's own label, but no announcement here? Since Criterion has lost rights to Merchant/Ivory productions, will we have to start...
  11. Cinescott

    Eagle Rock Set to Release SD Content on Blu-ray

    Starting with a series of concert videos originally shot in standard definition, including the Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd, these BRs will be from SD source material, upconverted with lossless audio. They'll be identified on the cover as "SD Blu-ray." IMO, this is a good...
  12. Cinescott

    Star Trek: TMP Director's Cut

    This has been addressed before, but time to resurrect the subject. It had been speculated with the release of "Into Darkness" that fans might get a Blu-ray for TMP, Robert Wise Cut. Didn't happen. Will this version ever see the light of day on BRD? C'mon, Paramount!!!
  13. Cinescott

    Terms of Endearment?

    I know this is available in Europe, but nothing on the horizon for the US? Multiple Oscar-winner including Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, Actress, and Screenplay? I might be tempted to get an import if the studio doesn't see the light on this title. Having seen TOE in the theaters...
  14. Cinescott

    Any Word on Season 2 of Space:1999?

    A favorite show of mine when I was a kid. Season 1 looks fantastic. Even though the second season is weaker, I'm looking forward to completing the set.
  15. Cinescott

    Anyone Pick Up "An Officer and a Gentleman"?

    Loved this movie back in '82 and still do today. Another day or so before I get it, so wondering how it looks and sounds on Blu.
  16. Cinescott

    WHV Announcement: Jeremiah Johnson (Blu-ray)

    Watched this Blu-ray last night and the cinematography is gorgeous!
  17. Cinescott

    Really Good Imported Blu-rays With No U.S. Announcements?

    I have a couple of UK imports in my collection that are very nice Blu-rays with regard to image quality, and yet no foreseeable release in the US? Interestingly, both are Universal titles: The Deer Hunter and Smokey and the Bandit. What gives? Wouldn't this be a simple matter to release the same...
  18. Cinescott

    Need Recommendations for New 55" HDTV

    I'm officially "retiring" my 42" LG LCD HDTV tomorrow, and need some advice from those "in the know." The main reason for an upgrade is I very much want a larger screen and wish I had bought larger from the start (live and learn). I've had the LG for about 2 years and the screen keeps getting...
  19. Cinescott

    Best Blu-ray Packaging/Artwork?

    There has been a lot of slamming of Blu-ray artwork and packaging lately and I thought it might be a good idea to put out examples of what in our collective opinions represents the best the format has to offer. This can be a great package, great artwork, or both. For me, the best of both...
  20. Cinescott

    What Are Some of the Best Commentary Tracks?

    These could be ported from DVD or new to Blu-ray. Personally, I have loved this feature ever since the dawn of Laserdisc and it's one of the reasons that streaming scares me. I'd hate to lose value-added features such as this for convenience. I've listened to many, but a few that stay in my...
  21. Cinescott

    "A Fish Called Wanda" Walmart Exclusive Blu-ray

    This is one of my all-time favorite comedies and I was distressed to read all the bad reviews of the Blu-ray transfer prior to receiving my copy. After sampling most of the chapters, I'm happy with the results. Is it reference quality? Nope. However, there's also very little tampering present...
  22. Cinescott

    Thelma and Louise Blu-ray

    This is a favorite of mine (probably in top 20), and I recently watched the Fox/MGM Blu-ray. I am pleased big time on this one. Good detail, nice quality. Very few scratches or dirt and a beautiful DTS MA track for a bonus. This movie and Alien rank as my top two Ridley Scott movies and he'd be...
  23. Cinescott

    "The Color Purple" Blu-ray Impressions

    This is a movie I have always unapologetically liked and recently bought on Blu-ray. In the mid 80s, it was a big deal for Steven Spielberg to be directing a character-driven drama. He'd never done it before, certainly not on any sort of scale. So when The Color Purple came out, a lot of people...
  24. Cinescott

    Blu-rays With the Worst Cover Art

    Photoshop is the enemy. Why are so many potentially perfect collectible discs tarnished with a butt-ugly cover? Especially when there is often existing poster art that would look incredible? To make matters even worse, the cover art is often permanently affixed to the disc itself, making the...
  25. Cinescott

    "The Natural" Blu-Ray

    In a word, awesome. I've loved this movie from the time of its release in 1984 to today. Watching the blu-ray is like re-enacting that very first theatrical experience. Although not the "director's edition," I found this transfer to be on-par with so many other Sony releases that are handled...
  26. Cinescott

    Is "South Pacific" a Good Transfer?

    While the use of colored filters will always be controversial, this is a musical I have always enjoyed. I never saw the stage play, so was introduced to the music by the movie. It's not perfect, but has a high nostalgia factor for me. The disc completely flew under my radar when released and...
  27. Cinescott

    A Passage to India Blu-ray

    I've been looking for a David Lean Blu-ray beyond Dr. Zhivago and The Bridge on the River Kwai that would tide me over until the release of Lawrence of Arabia. Well, having the first two films and A Passage to India is not a bad start. I watched APTI yesterday for the first time in a long...
  28. Cinescott

    The Godfather Coppola Restoration Collection - Very Glad It's on Blu-ray

    I know this set has been discussed ad nauseum in many locations, but I gotta say after re-watching parts of I and II that this is a pretty tremendous collection of Blu-rays. My display's not the largest (42" LCD), but the experience of watching these restored films on Blu-ray is a revelation for...
  29. Cinescott

    What Are Some Good Imports That'll Work in Region A?

    I've only bought two myself so far: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (theatrical release). UK edition, region free. This is a very nice disc. The video and audio (DTS-HD 7.1) are stellar and until we here in the US get a Blu-ray of the director's edition, this will do just fine. $25 shipped. I...
  30. Cinescott

    Where is The Deer Hunter?

    I finally caved and bought the region A&B UK edition of this (after holding out for a year waiting for an announcement), given it has pretty outstanding reviews on the video side and a Cimino commentary. If it gets a US release with different features, I'll get that as well. This was out on...