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  1. HubbaBubbaKid

    TV Movies on DVD / Blu Ray

    is there a list of pre -1980’s TV Movies on DVD or Blu Ray ? I just watched The Blue Knight (fantastic character study) and will probably pick it up. I have Then Came Bronson and Operation Heartbeat ( Medical Center TV Movie) already and i know that warner archives has a lot more but i...
  2. HubbaBubbaKid

    Bionic Woman BD Turbine

    Hey guys and gals , i ordered the Bionic Woman BD —(SD on Blu Ray) from Turbine and i cant get it to play the episodes. it will get to the menu but once you hit play on an episode it pauses then highlights the next episode. every disc does this. i was told this and the SMDM set was region free...
  3. HubbaBubbaKid

    Cannon Complete Series Defective Disc

    Hi all, just ordered the Cannon complete series (older version) and had heard that one of discs on one of the seasons had a problem VEI was aware of and had replacement discs if needed. can someone who had that problem clarify that for me? i tend to only watch a few episodes at first of a...
  4. HubbaBubbaKid

    WTB : The Bill Cosby Show Season Two DVD (Shout Factory)

    looking to see if anyone has a copy of Season Two of the Bill Cosby Show from the late 60’s (not the 80’s Cosby Show) . It was released by Shout Factory. Thx!