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    Adire Alignment Tempest

    For Sale: Adire Alignment Tempest Sub with Parts Express 250 watt amp. Built with 3/4" mdf and covered in 3/4" oak. I will be graduating from college in December and will be moving into an apartment. So, I am selling my sub so that I can build a smaller one. There is nothing wrong...
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    AV12 problem

    Hello, I was just wondering if anybody has had any problems with their Stryke AV12? The reason I ask is because my brother got one for his truck and the voice coil was broke. He sent that one back and got the new one yesterday and the voice coil is broke in that one. It is installed in a...
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    av-12 box

    Hello, does anybody know the depth of the av12? thanks
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    PE Amp ?

    Hows everybody doing? I just got my pe amp for christmas and was wondering how to hook it up. My sub enclosure is already finished and I don't want to cut a hole in it. I was planning on building a seperate enclosure for the amp. Is there any way to run speaker wire from the front on the...
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    AV1+ question

    Hello, I have decided to build the av1+, but I have a few questions. First, is it worth it to get that blackhole 5 material or would it sound just as good with polyfill? Second, how well does the Sonicap capacitor upgrade work? Lastly, does the internal bracing need to be rounded off on the...
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    adire kit281 question

    Hello, I am thinking about building the 281 and had a question. What is the difference sound wise between the transmission line cabinet and the vented cabinet? I want the best design out of the three for music. thanks for your help, David
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    Used Gamecube

    I want to get a gamecube and want to know if anybody has bought one of these used systems before? http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=909064 If so, did you have any problems with it? Would you recommend that over a new one for someone that will not play it a whole lot? Thanks...
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    X-10 wireless instead of rca cable

    Hello, I was wanting to use my receiver's multiroom output capability but did not want to run wires all over the house. Would the x-10 wireless receiver work ok for this? Here is a link to what I was looking at: http://www.x10.com/products/x10_vk57a.htm thanks, David
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    SSX tricky sound ?

    I just got an optical cable for my ps2 and wanted to try the dts decoding on SSX tricky. When I select DTS on the sound option menu I get no sound but my receiver says that it is getting a signal. Has anyone else had this problem? thanks David
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    Tempest finished

    Here is a picture of my tempest. Me and my dad finished it over the weekend. David
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    Sock for sonotube material

    Does anybody know where to get an elastic sock to go over a cylinder? I built some speaker stands using the home depot version of the sonotube and was wanting a good way to cover them. thanks
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    Denon vs Marantz vs Sony

    Hello, I currently have a Kenwood 509 and was wanting to upgrade. Which one of these do you think would be the best for 70% 2 channel music and 30% 5.1 movie: Denon 3801 and 3802 Sony STR-DA3ES and STR-DA5ES Marantz SR7200 I will be using the internal power for probably a year and then...
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    Amp for Tempest

    How is everyone doing? I was wondering what amp do you use for your tempest? I currently have an adire alignment powered by an old dpl receiver. I WANT to get a new amp for the sub but do not want to hear the fan. Would the fan be noticable in something like the Mackie M800 or should I just...
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    Sony DA5ES upgrade question

    I currently have a kenwood vr509 and was wondering if there would be much difference if I upgraded to the Sony DA5ES? I have JBL s38 in the front, S-Center, N24 for the surround, and a diy tempest sub. thanks David
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    New sound card and mp3 questions

    Hello, I am wanting to hook my computer up to my stereo, but my current sound card only has an analog out. This causes humming, so I want to get a digital card to eliminate this. My first question is will the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 be a good card for this? I want to get one as cheap as possible...
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    Question about new tempest

    Hello, I just finished my Adire Alignment Tempest and it sounds great most of the time. This is my first sub, so I am not sure how to describe my problem. To me it sounds like it is starting to bottom out at the higher frequencies and certain parts when it is turned up loud. Right now I am...
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    Norh 4.0 vs JBL S-38

    Hello, What do you guys think is a better speaker the norh 4.0 or the jbl s-38? I bought the s-38 about a month ago and got a great deal, $240. But I seen the norh's are on sale for $300. So should I sell the s-38 and get the 4.0? Also, I will be building a tempest subwoofer, so bass will not...
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    Kenwood vr509 remote

    Are there any websites that have good info on how to program the remote?
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    Port tube ?

    I have a friend new to DIY who is looking at building the SBB4 adire design for a Tempest. He would like to know the difference between using flared ports or nonflared? The two tubes he is looking at are from PE. One is $1 and has one end flared (maybe) and the other is a PNR AeroPORT valued at...
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    Flexy rack wood

    Is it ok to use wood other than MDF for a flexy rack? I like to make one out of oak. thanks
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    Tempest frequency graph

    Does anyone have any spl graphs of the vented designs for the Tempest on the Adire website. Which one of the three designs would be best for 75/25 music/movie. thanks David
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    Flexy Rack

    Has anyone done a flexy style rack that goes over the top of a RPTV? I don't have much space so this would be ideal. Thanks in advance.
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    Difference between ported and sealed

    Hello, what is the difference, in terms of the sound, between a ported and a vented speaker? I see most people have ported speakers for the L+R front and a sealed center channel. Also, does anyone recommend the audax home theater system? Would an adire system of three 281 and two 81 sound...
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    Quality of DIY speakers

    Hello all, I am currently in the process of upgrading my home theater. I am going to need all five speakers and a subwoofer. What I would like to know is what is the advantage in going with DIY speakers over one from a company such as psb? I will be building a tempest subwoofer. Can you tell me...
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    DIY crossover

    How hard is it to assemble the crossovers in speaker packages? I have no experience with electronics but wanted to build my own speakers and was worried about the crossover. thanks
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    4 ohm speaker on Kenwood

    Hello, Does anyone know if the Kenwood vr509 can handle 4 ohm speakers? thanks
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    first sonotube design

    Hello, Is there a good place to get designs for my first sonotube? Also, what is a good speaker and amp to use? thank you