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  1. Joan_H

    Theatertek & FFDSHOW problems

    Greetings: Right now I'm using Theatertek 2.0.6 for dvd playback in my HTPC and FFDSHOW 20041012 for post-processing the image, but I have a little problem with it, after I enable FFDSHOW I can't get the original aspect ratio from any dvd. The problem begins after I enable in FFDSHOW the...
  2. Joan_H

    Speaker tests

    Hello there: I think one of my speaker is making some distortion I think it might be damaged but I'm not sure, can somebody tell how can I test my speakers and knowing when they're damaged?? Thanks
  3. Joan_H

    How to choose the right subwoofer

    Hello there: Right now I'm planning to buy a new subwoofer but I really don't know much about how to choose the right one for me. Can anyone give me some advices about this. Thank you
  4. Joan_H

    Clean a rear projection screen

    Hello there My rear projection TV has some dirt in the screen, sometimes you can see some stains in it. I found in the internet some products and cleaning kits (monter cable, maxell, discwasher) but I don't know which one is better for this. Based on any experience can somebody tell me...
  5. Joan_H

    Infinity SM-205

    Hello there I know I shouldn't ask this kind of questions here, but anyone has any idea of where can I find Infinity SM-205 speakers to buy them Thank you
  6. Joan_H

    THX certified DVD player for less

    Hello there Right now I'm building my THX certified Home theater For the DVD player I wanted to buy an unit that is: - THX certified - DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD player - Progresive scan - MP3 player - Capable of play CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW - DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM...
  7. Joan_H

    Delay time

    Hello there guys I wonder if there is a rule for adjusting the delay time of surround and center channel speakers?? Please help I really don't have any idea of how to do this the right way. Thank you.