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    Steve Jablonsky's TRANSFORMERS score CD OOP already?

    After streeting just last October (pursuant to a fan petition from what I understand), the disc is now no longer listed at various e-tailers (Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble). Does anyone have any info as to what is going on with this disc's availability status? Although the music is...
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    FT: THE FUGITIVE (HD DVD) - New, sealed

    Purchased as a gift for me by someone unaware that I owned it already. Would like to trade it for any of the following: HD DVD Batman Begins 12 Monkeys Blood Diamond The Thing BD Dreamgirls T2 Black Hawk Down Tears Of the Sun Vertical Limit The Patriot The Curse Of the Black...
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    FS: THE FUGITIVE (HD DVD) - New, sealed

    Purchased as a gift for me by someone unaware that I already had it. New HD DVD, sealed in manufacturer's shrink wrap. $16.50 + $2 shipping in padded mailer via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. PayPal preferred. Please e-mail or PM with any questions. Thanks. Paul
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    "Universal Music backs Sony's Blu-Ray" - (Reuters UK)

    Man, it gets more interesting by the week! http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/News...IVERSAL-DC.XML Does this mean UMG may now abandon DualDisc in favor of hi rez audio on Blu-ray? -p
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    Top 20 r&b/soul albums - Making a list

    My partner has decided to reform his wayward ways and get more into r & b. He asked me, the bigger music buff, to come up with some recommendations of albums he oughta have. For the sake of accessibility/digestibility, I'm thinking of trying to come up with a "top 20" list although I think...
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    Not surprisingly, there's been no mention at DVD File or The Bits; no reviews at DVD-Basen; and searches here for "Tina Turner" and "Wildest Dreams Tour" did not return any hits for what appears to be the re-release today of this concert film. Previously available from Image Entertainment in...
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    Gay-themed romancer LATTER DAYS

    Many will not (including Roger Ebert and the Village Voice's Ed Halter), but I enjoyed this one. It opened in New York and the L.A. area (and was supposed to open in Salt Lake City but I understand Madstone Theaters rescinded its original booking of the film) on January 30. Widened this past...
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    DVDAudioPreview.com defunct?

    It would appear that Warner has abandoned their www.DVDAudioPreview.com Website. From at least three days ago until as of this typing, going to that URL brings up what looks like a search engine/clearinghouse that has nothing to do with Warner Bros. or DVD-Audio. This is the site the label...
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    New Fox Digipaks: CAST AWAY, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, THE ABYSS, others?

    Although Peter Staddon referred to this in chat over a year-and-a-half ago, Fox's newly re-packaged 2-disc sets are apparently just now finally hitting shelves. I recently spotted The Abyss and Cast Away (at Best Buy) and The Sound Of Music (at Costco) in attractive, colorful Digipaks. In other...
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    Trouble playing Capitol/EMI DVD-Audio hi rez stereo tracks on DVD-V player

    Guys: Is anyone else having difficulty getting their DVD-Video player to play back the "Advanced Resolution Stereo" track on the newly-released Capitol/EMI DVD-Audio titles Crowded House and/or Empire? On Capitol/EMI and newer Warner titles such as Little Criminals, the 24/96 stereo track...
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    Columbia House does DVD-Audio

    Unless its ownership has changed recently, Columbia House is co-owned by Sony and AOL-Time Warner. So I've been wondering for a while which high rez format the music club would eventually stock, if either. Looks like they've at least started with DVD-Audio...
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    George Strait in L.A.same day as Rush in Vegas - September 21

    So George is not doing a Country Music Festival Tour this fall. Instead, for the first time since I've lived in L.A., George is coming to L.A. proper and playing the Forum on September 21 (http://www.billboard.com/billboard/d...ent_id=1506182)! Unbelievable: that's the same day that Rush...
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    "Desperately" seeking comments: ViewSonic P225F

    Howdy, guys: My "old" (a little over four years), low-fi, .39 mm dot pitch 17" AST monitor has died. I'm looking to make a significant upgrade to a 21" or 22" monitor. I don't do heavy gaming (yet?), but spend a lot of time online doing word processing and a lot of 'Net reading. I have an AMD...
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    Martina McBride/Academy Of Country Music Awards

    Anyone else knocked out by Martina rippin' the roof off with her performance of "Where Would You Be" on last night's ACMAs? Wow. Even Alan Jackson, who won awards for "Where Were You," said he was glad he wasn't competing in Martina's categories. Heh heh. Cheers, Paul
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    Dying Toshiba SD-2108?

    Howdy, guys: I have an idea as to what the verdict will be on this, but would still like to hear from anyone who's perhaps had similar experiences with their (Tosh?) DVD player. I've had my SD-2108 since December 1998. Within the first year of ownership, I had the firmware upgrade performed...
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    Madonna: Remasters and DVD-Audio

    So . . . remasters of Madonna, Like A Virgin and True Blue (and other Madonna albums?) streeted back in May. So who else is vexed in their purchasing decisions on these remasters by the possibility of DVD-Audio releases of Madonna's catalog? Why the heck wasn't/isn't there a Music DVD-A...
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    Howdy guys: As ya'll may know, there is a DTS Entertainment, Inc. (re-)release of Sting's 1987 album ". . . Nothing Like the Sun." Although it is packaged in a Super Jewel case like WEA and other DTS DVD-Audio releases, there is no labeling on the package to indicate that the disc features an...
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    Test For Echo

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    HTF Rush fans: Seeking info. on Japanese EXIT . . . STAGE LEFT and CHRONICLES DVDs

    Howdy guys: I recently came across a couple of eBay auctions for what are seemingly Japanese DVD releases of two of Rush's video titles: the 1981 concert film Exit . . . Stage Left and the 1990 video compilation Chronicles. The discs are also available through an e-tailer called CD Japan that...