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  1. Disney+ Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022)

    Title: Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) Tagline: It's not a reboot. It's a comeback. Genre: Comedy, Animation, Family Director: Akiva Schaffer Cast: John Mulaney, Andy Samberg, KiKi Layne, Will Arnett, Eric Bana, Flula Borg Release: 2022-05-20 Plot: Chip and Dale are living...
  2. Lord Dalek

    The Dismal State of 4K Broadcast television (A Rant)

    So... for the second year in a row the Super Bowl will NOT be broadcast in 4k. Last year it was understandable as CBS doesn't record or broadcast ANYTHING in 4k. NBC, on the OTHER hand, has no excuse as they actualy DO air 4k sports. ...And by that I mean strictly Notre Dame football and the...
  3. Lord Dalek

    Disney+ Star Wars: Galaxy of Sound

    D+ just ninja'd this out. Star Wars clips without dialogue and music collected by themes. Perfect for surround sound testing (its in Atmos). Anybody else watch it?
  4. Lord Dalek

    Doctor Who: The Collection Season 8 Announced

    https://scifibulletin.com/2020/11/25/bbc-release-doctor-who-season-8-on-blu-ray/ Abandon hope all ye who expect superb video quality here.
  5. Lord Dalek

    I have finally gone wired.

    After a year and a half of dealing with a flaky soundbar I made the switch to this bad boy. Yamaha YHT-3930UBL, and lord was it a pain getting this thing set up as my living room isn't the most friendly environment. Still after weeks of trying to get something future proof (4xHDCP 2.2!) at...
  6. Lord Dalek

    Coming from Arrow: Robocop

    https://www.diabolikdvd.com/product/robocop-limited-edition-arrow-us-blu-ray/ - Wow.
  7. Lord Dalek

    Big Little Lies (HBO)

    Surprised to see there was no thread about this show. Well that's fixed. Pretty strong start to Season 2 last night. Dat Meryl is bringing it.
  8. Lord Dalek

    So I got a Vizio SB3651-E6...

    So far its working out pretty well over ARC. Now its lossy so it only supports regular old DTS and Dolby Plus. This model also has something of a bad rap for turning off on its own but its only happened to me twice in isolated cases and both instances involved playing streaming content. Its been...
  9. Lord Dalek

    TV Shows in 'scope

    Since this is now becoming surprisingly popular thanks to Netflix, I've decided to compile a list of TV series shot with Anamorphic lenses as opposed to standard spherical ones. Not all these series were presented in their full ratios at broadcast and will be marked as such. Far from complete...
  10. Lord Dalek

    24p noob question

    So I just got a new tv (a TCL 49s405) and unlike my old one it supports 24p video. However I'm surprised to see how blurry and smeary it is. Now its not the "soap opera effect" as this tv does not have motion interpolation built in so is it normal?
  11. Lord Dalek

    UHD What is holding back UHD and what can be done to fix it?

    Right now the UHD format isn't doing so hot as far as I can tell. The rollout has been, to put it mildly, sluggish with low player and software market penetration in comparison to the sheer overwhelming number of affordably priced 4k displays currently saturating big box stores across the...
  12. Lord Dalek

    Highlander New 4k Restoration

    July 11 in Region B. Considering this is one of those films that has always looked horrible on home video, I'm kinda interested if they can make a silk purse of it.
  13. Lord Dalek

    The Pre-Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes list thread

    Inspired somewhat by the mono-stereo remix thread, I felt interested in doing a list on all the movies mixed in 5.1 PRIOR to the release of Jurassic Park (when 5.1 digital sound went mainstream since AFAIK Batman Returns, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Malcolm X were the ONLY Dolby Digital releases...
  14. Lord Dalek

    Is Super 35 on the way out?

    A couple years ago, it seemed like EVERY big summer movie was being shot in the Super 35 format but this year its the exact opposite. Panavision seems to be making a big comeback with Thor, X-Men, Transformers, Super 8, and Cowboys and Aliens all utitlizing it and Captain America was clearly...
  15. Lord Dalek

    Disney Technicolor Shorts

    Just recently I went through the rather exhaustive Hyperion Studios documentary on the Snow White blu-ray, and I was surprised to see that Disney had included in remastered 1080p several of their old shorts from the 20s and 30s. They were both stunning and disappointing at the same time...
  16. Lord Dalek

    Is my dvd burner dead?

    I have a Sony DRU842A DVD burner that I got a little over a year ago (its out of warantee now, I'm sure) as a slave drive to my Memorex, and have used it sporadically since. Earlier this week, the thing made some funny noises when booting up my computer then would simply not turn on when I...
  17. Lord Dalek

    Del Toro enters the Criterion Collection?

    The latest newsletter cartoon is indicating Criterion is going to put out Guillermo Del Toro's "Cronos" this fall. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me.
  18. Lord Dalek

    Scanners DVD Glitch

    So anyway I just recently picked up the MGM single disc of Cronnenberg's Scanners in the bargain bin at Big Lots, and while watching it on my computer using PowerDVD, at least three chapters won't play. Selecting them simply causes the film to skip to the web info on Title 2 of the disc. Anybody...
  19. Lord Dalek

    Original Star Wars Trilogy Restoration

    Ok this is what we know... The master film elements to the original pre-special edition Star Wars trilogy are in very poor shape. So poor that LFL had to reuse the old faces laserdisc masters for the 2006 2-disc releases. Heck the master negatives might have been junked for all we know...
  20. Lord Dalek

    Can't Reinstall PowerDVD!

    So anyway I've been forced to delete my copy of PowerDVD's (ver 7) folder because the damn thing wouldn't let me uninstall itself with its own utility. Having done that and cleaning out its registry and installation file it should reinstall right? WRONG! It seems the program despite being...
  21. Lord Dalek

    August Criterions - a sign of a renewed relationship with MGM?

    So I'm looking through the coming soon section of Criterion.com when lo and behold I find a film I never expected to be on dvd from them: House of Games. This is an Orion title, currently owned by MGM which hasn't been involved with CC since the Voyager Company days, so I'm hoping this is the...
  22. Lord Dalek

    What is the best way at adjusting color bars on a computer monitor?

    Hi, lately I've been busy creating color presets for DVDs using my ATI X800's video adjustment software. It's mostly being a success however I've been running into some problems with getting contrast levels right, namely on older Criterion titles like Brazil and ones that use the THX Optimode...
  23. Lord Dalek

    Godfather Trilogy "mishandled video"

    When this was released a few years ago, Paramount was taken to task for "mishandling" the elements of The Godfather films on dvd in an article for the New York Times. Could someone in the know tell me exactly what this was about and if the problem (whatever it was) was ever fixed.
  24. Lord Dalek

    Night of the Living Dead Divimax?

    Are there any plans for a new version of the original NotlD? The Elite Millenium Edition does have some nice extras but the transfer is really showing it's age. And I believe Anchor Bay now completely controls the rights to the "authoritive version".