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    Svs sub older but capable pb2-isd

    Running 5.1.2 . Klipsch all around (rf3's and rc3 rs3.. Klipsch ceiling heights) Denon 3500x. My sub sounds good most of the time. Music bass sounds tight and clean. For movies most of the time bass is good. But at times(hacksaw ridge gunship shooting scene for example). I get some rattling when...
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    Audyssey mt32.. and speaker setting(largevssmall)

    I'm running avr3500x. Klipsch rf3lls mains 5.1.2. rc3ll center.. and two rs311 surronds. Klipsch ceiling speakers for the height channel. Svs isdn dual 12. Quick question. When listening to two channel source like general music. Sound is only output to the fronts, no sub. I went thru the...
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    Deion 3500x and which dolby format to choose

    So obviously dolby atoms is the first choice. But say if I'm watching regular tv or netflix which gives a 5.1 signal. Which is the best choice dolby digital or dolby digital plus. The manual isn't clear which is the better choice.. see attached pic from manual
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    denon 3500x hdmi monitor 2 out question

    So i have have everything running thru the avr using the arc out channel from avr the arc in channel on the tv. The one problem is the arc in channel of the tv doesn't support uhd deep color. This is primarly only a issue for my 4k samsung bluray. The hdmi 1 port on tv does support uhd, could i...
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    Samsung 65 4k tv and uhd setting..

    I'm setting everything up after lots of rewiring and snakes wires in the wall. Sheetrock repair to due having to move wires and such. Spackled painted and now getting ready to hook stuff up. I upgraded from 6.1 to 5.1.2 Atmos. Running Denon 3500x, Klipsch speakers. And svs dual 12 in sub. My...
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    Dipole Klipsch rs-3ll

    I upgraded my older Denon to a 3500x. Rf311 for fronts rc3ll center and Klipsch 2500 ceiling speakers and svs sub. I'm kinda stuck with my rear surrounds being rs-3ll. I have been reading that dipoles arent ideal for rear surrounds anymore. Will that sound horrible? Any thoughts?
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    Which ceiling height speaker to purchase(actually to return)

    I purchased The klipsch r 1650 c a pair. After later review i was little concerned that the power range was only 35 watts. i will be running 5.1.2 on denon avr 3500x with klipsch rfIIi's as mains and the center and rear surrounds of all the same line. Svs pb2-isd( dual 12 in powered sub). I...
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    Dolby Atmos upgrading? From older Denon

    Hello I have a older Denon avr 2803. I have been running a 6.1 setup. Two fronts front center left and right rear surround and a single rear channel and a svs sub. The speakers are Klipsch rf3s. I was looking at the avrx3500h. Which is a 7.2 channel. I alreadly have two ceiling speakers that I...