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  1. TomH

    polk rt800s fs

    What finish are the 800's? Shipping to 85748? Thanks Tom
  2. TomH

    SVS Questions

    The ULD-15 was expensive and highly rated in its time. It was an audiophile product before Velodyne became a mass market product. Reviews are all excellent. I just have no reference to compare it to SVS. It has developed a rattle or popping sound at idle. However, if I lay it on its side with...
  3. TomH

    SVS Questions

    I currently have an old Velodyne ULD-15 (15" driver) that is beginning to have problems. The ULD-15 was high end at one time and seems to perform well. If I replace it I would like to see a drastic improvement. Does anyone have any idea how these old Velodynes perform compared to an SVS...
  4. TomH

    Looking for Alias S2, 3, 4 (& others); many to trade

    Alias Season 4 will not ship until 10/25. Amazon has preorder with free shipping for $38.99 Tom
  5. TomH

    WTB:Hero, Downfall, House of Flying Daggers

    I picked it up this evening. Thanks for the Tip. Tom
  6. TomH

    WTB:Hero, Downfall, House of Flying Daggers

    Thanks Tom
  7. TomH

    LCD vs Plasma

    Has anyone compared the Sharp LC-45GX6U 45" LCD to Plasma displays. My understanding is that LCD displays exceed the quality of plasma and do not have burn-in, heat and power consumption issues.
  8. TomH

    Don't like direct-rad surrounds. Why do you?

    Has anyone tried M&K tripoles? Do they really bridge the gap between direct and bipole? Thanks
  9. TomH

    Want to know a typical audio equipment sales margin?

    Just pay your tax and margin. I know we all would hate to see Britney give up the $7000.00 a night hotel rooms!
  10. TomH

    Looking to Buy an Internal DVD Burner...

    Yes, VCD is low quality. The Sony DRU510A/DWU12A and the Pioneer DVR-A06 both can write all formats. Try Newegg.com or Googlegear.com. Tom
  11. TomH


    FYI http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...122515&loc=111
  12. TomH

    Which is a "safer" bet: Going the DVD-R/RW route or +R/+RW route?

    Alf, Check out this deal at buy.com. XP50 and the SA-XR10S receiver for $299.00 with $50.00 rebate. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...122515&loc=111
  13. TomH

    Which is a "safer" bet: Going the DVD-R/RW route or +R/+RW route?

    Ron, The manual of my XP50 says that it will play DVD-Ram and DVD-R but not + or - RW. It does not mention DVD+R. Do you know if the XP50 will read DVD+R? Thanks Tom
  14. TomH

    Where to buy an RP-91 and what to look for.

    Newegg.com lists them at $289.00 Tom
  15. TomH

    WTB: Computer Motherboard

    Here is a good deal on a once high end board. http://store.yahoo.com/justdeals/ascusmotsoc31.html
  16. TomH

    going to pick up a DVD player tomorrow. Circutcity/bestbuy... what ones NOT to get ??

    You may want to consider this. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...515&dcaid=1688
  17. TomH

    going to pick up a DVD player tomorrow. Circutcity/bestbuy... what ones NOT to get ??

    Not much to choose from. There may be some CP72's left at Circuit City. Tom
  18. TomH

    Help me find the best cables for a decent price.....

    Outlaw has some quality cables at a reasonable price. www.outlawaudio.com Another option is to pick up "open box" Monster cables at Best Buy. Usual discount is ~50% which is about what they are worth. Tom
  19. TomH

    looking for a good cable to hook a pre amp to a amp

    Check out the Outlaw cables. Nice quality at a reasonable price. www.outlawaudio.com Tom
  20. TomH

    No Load on one Amp Channel?

    It is an older B&K 200wpc. Cabled for 7.1 but for now I am using a single rear center. Thanks for the info. Tom
  21. TomH

    No Load on one Amp Channel?

    I plan to drive a rear center with one side of a stereo amp. Are there any issues leaving one amp channel with no load? Thanks Tom
  22. TomH

    Outlaw 950 Pre/pro Or New Receiver??

    I think I would be impressed by my 950 at up to twice the cost, even with the green power button. Next step up for me would be an Anthem. Tom
  23. TomH

    Where can I find a Panny XP30?

    Try Froogle.
  24. TomH

    Favorite DVD-A source?

    What are some of the better on-line sources for DVD-A? Thanks Tom
  25. TomH

    Panasonic XP50

    Thats odd on the shipping. Mine was $25.00 which is still a bit high. They had the same offer last weekend so it will probably be back. Its $50.00 less than Good Guys. Tom
  26. TomH

    Panasonic XP50

    Here is the link http://www.buy.com/retail/clearance/...178&dcaid=1688 $299.00 less a $50.00 rebate posted on the site. Yes, that receiver. I dont need the receiver either but for the price I plan to use it for the PC's surround sound. Today Only Tom
  27. TomH

    Panasonic XP50

    For those looking for the Panasonic DVD-XP50. Buy.com is selling the SFX1050S bundle for $249.00 AR. This includes the XP50 and the matching 5X100 receiver.
  28. TomH

    What do you recommend for a $250 DVD player?

    Does the RP91 have the chroma bug? It was hot last year, how is its value against current products? Thanks Tom
  29. TomH

    Yamaha going down hill?

    Your salesman probably should have said "We cannot compete with the big box stores on Yamaha products so we will focus on product more suited to our business" Slamming any product they do not carry is the standard story at most B&M's. Tom
  30. TomH

    Older Pre/Pro or new Receiver

    Why not get a new pre/pro? The Outlaw 950 is an incredible bargain at $899.00. It can hold its own with and outperform some "flagship" receivers. Yes, it has 6.1 and 7.1 but their use is optional.