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  1. MikeDE

    3D OLED or what to replace 3D plasma

    My old 60” LG 3D plasma is about to bite the dust, so I need to start looking at replacements. Yes, 3D is still necessary, and a projector isn’t a viable option, so that limits things. The local FaceBook Marketplace has a business with great reviews that sells cheap displays. They have a...
  2. MikeDE

    What happened to The Phantom Creeps?

    The Blu-ray for The Phantom Creeps, release date of 1/21, is not available from Amazon, and it was just released a few weeks ago. Has it sold out or something? Is it a good transfer?
  3. MikeDE

    Athena Audition vs. Klipsch HD 300

    My 7.1 set-up takes up quite a bit of space in my not too large living room. I'm thinking about replacing the Athena Audition series B-1's, C-1 and sub with a 5.1 Klipsch HD 300 set I found for $360 that is smaller and can be wall mounted. The amp is an Onkyo TX-SR605. Will this be a...
  4. MikeDE

    Will I tell a difference with this amp?

    I currently have a PS3 going by toslink to an Onkyo sr502 (6.1 set up, 75 wpc) with Athena AS speakers. Last night I picked up an Onkyo 605 on a closeout deal, thinking it would sound better going through hdmi with a few more watts. Now, I'm having second thoughts about breaking the tape on the...
  5. MikeDE

    Sam's Club Plasmas not set up right?

    I was checking out the 50" Panasonics and Vizio plasma TV's at Sam's Club. The Panasonics had screen door looking pictures, while colors on the Vizio "smeared" when something moved quickly. Is this just because of the way they are set up, or is this the way they could look in my home after...
  6. MikeDE

    Help! My Panny CP-72 player won't work...what's the code mean?

    This Panasonic CP-72 was great...until it stopped reading discs today and the display showed "H02". Every disc I've tried, DVD or CD, will not play, and the TV screen says that the machine can't read this type. We turned it off and back on, unplugged it for a while, nothing works. Any ideas what...
  7. MikeDE

    New speakers shutting off amp...what to do?

    EDIT: Thanks to you all, problem solved (see last post). I finally got 6 Athena B1's hooked up to my Onkyo SR502, and while giving it a test drive with Phantom of the Opera, the amp shut off and has a blinking light. Turned it back on and it played fine for a few minutes, then the music...
  8. MikeDE

    Athena Micra vs complete set of B1's

    I have a gift certificate at Best Buy burning a hole in my pocket. Here's the current either/or: a set of Athena B1's all the way around for 6.1, with a not so good sub I already have, or the Micra 6 with a better sub (and an extra speaker for the center rear I can pick up from Amazon). Both...
  9. MikeDE

    What 6th speaker can I add to either of these systems?

    I have an Onkyo 6.1 TX SR-502 receiver, but the speakers are from an old 5.1 Denon AVR-681 HTB. I'd like to get some better speakers, but my budget is extremely limited. I've been thinking about picking up an Athena Micra 6 that is still sitting on a Best Buy shelf, but would have to find...
  10. MikeDE

    Past Disney Tins @ Wal-Mart Display

    My local "Wally-World" has a big display for the Disney Treasures. Along with the current releases, I was surprised to find (and finally pick up) Front Lines. Donald and Tomorrowland tins were there, too. I didn't have time to dig around, but the display had pictures of tins from the first wave...
  11. MikeDE

    Siegfried & Roy's Magic Box in 3-d

    I picked this up at Wally-World, not realizing it was being released. It must have been grand in Imax 3-d, but this edition leaves a lot to be desired. You get the usual colored 3-d glasses, and the effects are terrible. I wasn't expecting anything real great, but so much of it is double vision...
  12. MikeDE

    Anyone seen the new W.C. Fields set?

    I haven't seen any reviews and am wondering how they are. Mike
  13. MikeDE

    BlockBuster 3 for $25 began

    I previously posted that Block Buster's 3 for $25 previously viewed sale would be Labor Day weekend, but it has already started. It's Bubba Hotep and a couple of others for me. Mike
  14. MikeDE

    BlockBuster 3 for $25 coming

    Labor Day weekend will find another 3 for $25 previously viewed movie sale at Blockbuster. Just a heads up. Mike
  15. MikeDE

    Myra Breckinridge...what's the Special Edition?

    There are two versions on the upcoming Myra Breckinridge release, theatrical and special edition. Anyone know what is on the special one? My understanding is that Michael Sarne threw away all the extra footage in a fit of frustration. Did some of it survive? Mike
  16. MikeDE

    Free CBS preview DVD at Blockbuster

    Haven't seen this mentioned before. Blockbuster has free DVD's promoting CBS TV's new fall season. It includes an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer, making of CSI, a demo for the CSI PC game,a video of CSI Miami's theme with the Who, and a chance to win a GMC Envoy. There are also trailers for...
  17. MikeDE

    Pearl Harbor-4 disc Vista-$20 @ WalMart

    Well, actually it's $19.86, a decent price. It was on my "pick up some day" list, and this turned out to be the day. Mike
  18. MikeDE

    Star Warp'd: The Fandom Menace DVD review

    Just picked up a copy of the parody Star Warp'd. It's a like Star Wars meets Star Trek, with the Terminator, Predator, other sci-fi villains and some 2001 thrown in for good measure. The whole thing is done in claymation with plenty of gags. Capt. Kwirk and Spurk fight Darth Vapor, Darth...
  19. MikeDE

    Ultimate 3-d titles work with VR Surfer glasses?

    I'd like to see one of the Imax 3-d titles, but don't want to spring for the whole set with shutter glasses. Will my VR Surfer glasses work all right with them? If so, can you recommend which title is the most fun to watch? Thanks! Mike
  20. MikeDE

    Imax 3D...what type of glasses?

    Imax has just put out several 3D titles, but what type of glasses they use isn't spelled out. The ads mention a coupon is included for getting some type of "home 3D system", but doesn't say what that is. Will shutter glasses (like VRex) work for this, or would I have to spend a fortune for...
  21. MikeDE

    Help W/Denon Receiver

    Hoping some of you can give me advice. I picked up a Denon AVR-681 (same as the AVR-1601) on a closeout deal. Got it hooked up, worked great for a few hours, but now it won't turn on. After hitting the power button, the display flips through some things, then it shuts off and the standby...