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  1. mitch

    Pioneer Elite VSX LX104 Reviews?

    Hi All, It's been some time since I've posted anything to the forum due to business with work and family issues. Now retired, it's great to be back! I still have my Home Theater Forum plaque in my home theater downstairs. I'm replacing my old Integra DTR 7.8[now not working properly] and...
  2. mitch

    Bitstream and LPCM Confusion with the PS3

    Hi All, Maybe someone can once and for all easily explain to me what my correct optimum sound settings should be with my PS3. My system consists of the PS3 [just upgraded to 2.2 firmware], Integra 7.8 AVR, and Sony 46" LCD Bravia widescreen all connected via HDMI. I have a 5.1 system with...
  3. mitch

    Using both inputs on subs.

    Hi All, I am now using two subs in my home theater system; the infamous and all powerful SVS PB12/Plus 2 and my older sub, the very accurate and beautfiful Velodyne HGS-15. The system sounds great with the two subs. It really fills in the home theater room in my finished basement. Being a...
  4. mitch

    PS3 5 Free Blu-Ray Discs

    Hi All, I purchased my PS3 80 Gig on January 4th and of course, I'm still waiting for my 5 free Blu-Rays. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the documents that I submited to the fullfillment company. Does anyone have the toll free number for this company so that I can contact them to find out...
  5. mitch

    Dual Subs advice.

    Hi All, I'm thoroughly enjoying my new SVS PB12/Plus 2 in my home theater as it is a killer sub and integrates well with my Snell 5.1 speaker array. Before I bought the SVS, I was using a Velodyne HGS 15 Sub, which is certainly no slouch, but cannot compare with the SVS for earth shaking...
  6. mitch

    PS3 Audio settings.

    Hi All, I'm in the process of setting up my PS3 to use as a Blu-Ray player [my son uses it for games] in my home theater. I have it hooked up via HDMI to my Integra DTR 7.8 and my Sony 46" Bravia HDTV [HDMI all around]. The Integra is capable of processing all of the newer hi-def sound...
  7. mitch

    PS3 and the Harmony 880 Remote.

    Hi All, I just purchased the PS3 [my son uses it for the games and I'm using it for the Blu-Ray player]. Pretty good timing anyway considering the recent announcements, although I also own the Toshiba A2 HD DVD and still love it for HD DVD's and the upscaling of SD DVD's. So now I'm format...
  8. mitch

    New PS3-How do I connect to wireless network.

    Hi All, I just picked up a new PS3 today and I'm trying to connect to my wireless network. I have a D-Link DI-634M wireless router. When I try to access the network with the PS3, it finds my wireless network and shows 87% strength, but says that it can't connect. Can anyone help me to...
  9. mitch

    Poor sound quality in Transformers HD DVD.

    Hi All, I don't know if this has been reported in a previous thread, but does anyone else think that the sound quality [especially the LFE sounds] in the Transformers HD DVD is poor? I have the Toshiba A2 [with the new 2.7 firmware update], the Integra 7.8 DTR, and a 46 inch Sony Bravia...
  10. mitch

    HD DVD Demo Disc?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there is an HD DVD Demo disc available yet? I'm thinking in terms of an HD DVD demo disc with the new HD audio formats that has clips from a variety of different movies that can be used to show off a system. Thanks, Mitch
  11. mitch

    Why is the volume always lower with HD DVD's?

    Hi All, I was watching Batman Begins in HD DVD and noticed that the volume is significantly lower than when I watch my SD DVD's. Is this because of the lossless audio format? I have the Toshiba A2 HD DVD player [which I recently updated to the 2.7 firmware] and the Integra DTR 7.8...
  12. mitch

    Upgrading from Toshiba A2 to A35. Is it worth it?

    Hi All, I'm considering selling my A2 to a friend who is looking to take the big next step into HD home theater. Would it be worth it to replace it with the A35? Has anyone recently upgraded from an A2 to the A35 and do you feel that it's worth the extra money? What are the biggest...
  13. mitch

    Multichannel. How do you know which HD DVD audio format?

    Hi All, How do you know which HD DVD audio format that you are listening to when the receiver displays "Multichannel". I have the Tosh A3 HD DVD and my receiver is the Integra DTR 7.8. All is hooked up via HDMI. When I play an HD DVD disc, it reads "Multichannel" on the Integra. How do I...
  14. mitch

    Can someone please explain the various new audio formats of HD DVD!

    Hi All, I'm confused about all of the new audio formats on the newer HD DVD discs. Can someone please explain the differences and the advantages to each. Thanks for sharing the information! Mitch
  15. mitch

    What are the advantages of a more expensive Toshiba HD DVD player?

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase an additional Toshiba HD DVD player for my primary home theater where I currently have a Tosh A2. I will put this existing A2 in my upstairs den for "casual" movie viewing. In replacing the A2, what are the advantages in buying a more expensive HD DVD model...
  16. mitch

    Non-anamorphic DVDs tripped me up after Toshiba 2.7 firmware upgrade.

    Hi All, I just updated the firmware on my Toshiba HD DVD A2 to 2.7. When I went to check everything out, I put in a standard DVD. What played was the movie inside of a box about 1/2 the size of my Sony 16.9 LCD. When I used to play any DVD, the screen would be full size. When I tried an HD...
  17. mitch

    How many ports do you block on your SVS?

    Hi all, I'm still experimenting with my new SVS PB 12/Plus 2 sub and was wondering how many ports do most of you block to get the best balance of low frequency bass and output? Right now, I'm blocking one port to get 20 Hz. and it sounds unbelievable! I'm going to experiment and block the...
  18. mitch

    Is it OK to run two pair of bipoles for surround.

    Hi All, I have an opportunity to purchase another pair of Snell SR.5 Bipole surround speakers [they aren't being made anymore but a local store has a pair left over from old stock]. They will sell them to me at a reduced price. I was thinking about adding another pair of these SR.5's to my...
  19. mitch

    Second subwoofer cable length question.

    Hi All, I'm thinking about adding a second sub to the back of my Home Theater room [about 30 feet from the front HDTV and receiver area]. My question is, how much sound degredation do you get if you use a decent cable [like a BetterCable or an Ultra from RiteAV]? I would probably have to...
  20. mitch

    My new SVS PB 12 Plus/2-Subwoofer Heaven!

    Hi All, I received my SVS PB 12 Plus/2 yesterday afternoon. The much anticipated "monster woofer" came via PittOhio trucking from the local terminal here in central NJ to my home. If anyone else is lucky enough to get a great driver like I had, consider yourself very fortunate as he was more...
  21. mitch

    New Power Sub Suggestions.

    Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade my powered subwoofer [Snell PS10] as part of my Snell system [E.5's front towers, SR-5 surrounds, and CR-5 center]. I love my Snells' but I'm looking for a significant upgrade to the sub. My friend has a Velodyne HGS 15 which rocks the house, but he paid...
  22. mitch

    Toshiba HD A2 5 Free DVD's Problem

    Hi All, I'm a little suspicious about this 5 free DVD offer from Toshiba. I bought my HD A2 HD DVD player mid July and submitted my offer paperwork along with the receipt and UPC code as instructed immediately. Given all of the problems that I have read relative to some members never...
  23. mitch

    Upgrade advice on new receivers.

    Hi All, I am trying to decide my next move on upgrading my electronics and considering a new receiver [probably an Integra model]. I currently have an older Denon AVR-5700 which has been fantastic for my home theater, but I'm looking at getting one with HDMI. My system currently consists...
  24. mitch

    DTS Demo Disks.

    Hi All, I was demoing some new equipment this morning at my local Home Theater shop in town and the owner popped in a DTS Demo disk which blew me away. It had the movie Hero on it in Japanese [or Chinese] and it was awesome. Does anyone know if these disks are available for purchase as...
  25. mitch

    Integra receivers.

    Hi All, Does anyone out their have any experience with Integra Receivers? I'm contemplating replacing my old Denon AVR-5700 with a more modern receiver with HDMI and the newer digital sound processing. I know that the Integra line is the upline model to Onkyo and they come with a 3 year...