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  1. ScottR

    A Charlie Brown Christmas-out of sync

    I can't believe this mistake with one of the most beloved television specials of all time. WB newly remastered version looks great but the sound is out of sync for the entire special. Recall!
  2. ScottR

    JFK digital glitch

    I just purchased this Blu-Ray and was flipping through it. During the Walter Matthau plane scene there is a glitch when it shows a shot of the White House outside the plane ("We've bitten off more Vietnam than we can possibly chew.) The picture breaks up and on the next shot there is a dropout...
  3. ScottR

    It's the Great Pumpkin sound

    I picked up the Deluxe Edition of this classic. It looks great, but I am disappointed in the sound. One of my favorite Peanuts moments is when Linus brings home a pumpkin in the opening scene and goes all the way around the fence and back. In previous versions, you can hear him rolling it around...
  4. ScottR

    Sony BRAVIA-auto dimmer?

    This is very annoying. I have an XBR5 52" Sony Bravia and the backlight has an auto dimming feature. The problem is that when you are watching movies like Star Wars, the light constantly dims and brightens depending on the information on the screen. End credits are horrible. The picture goes...
  5. ScottR

    Birth of A Nation-now or later?

    I want to buy Birth of A Nation. Should I get the 2-disc Kino disc now, or has anyone heard of a new version?
  6. ScottR

    The Waltons-season six editied episode?

    On Amazon, a reviewer states that The Waltons Season 6 episode "The Return" is missing six minutes! Does anyone familiar with that episode know if it is indeed edited on dvd? What is the running time? The reviewer also notes that some Season 5 episodes were edited.
  7. ScottR

    Roots: The Gift-in widescreen and cropped

    I finally got Roots:The Complete Collection and was horrified to see that Roots: The Gift has been presented in a cropped widescreen format. Why? I mean, seriously, the other two films are presented in their correct AR. This was a senseless act on WB part. So, we have.... Roots with the...
  8. ScottR

    Easy Rider-chapter list/insert

    Is the Easy Rider Special Edition supposed to have a booklet or insert? Mine doesn't and I was just wondering.
  9. ScottR

    Help! CD magazine stuck in car

    I've got a Chrysler 6-cd changer in my Dodge and I took the magazine out last night to put in a cd. Now, it won't play or eject. I think it may be in crooked. Can someone please tell me how I can get the magazine out? Thanks.
  10. ScottR

    Carrie (1976)-image quality

    What do you guys think of the current dvd's image quality? I thought it was quite good, but the contrast seems off...the whites appear to be blown out (and no, I'm not talking about the White family!) The fire at the prom scene is blinding white, but on one of the disc's docs it is flatter...
  11. ScottR

    Could ROOTS be a syndication print?

    I have a bad feeling that ROOTS is presented on dvd in a cut, syndication version. Here is why.... 1. The ABC NOVEL FOR TELEVISION titles have been removed and replaced with a generic title. 2. Some of the end credits have been combined, and at least one of them has names for people not in...
  12. ScottR

    Where is Psycho Legacy edition?

    I thought that Universal was going to add Psycho and The Birds to their Legacy Collection this September. Does anyone know if these got bumped?
  13. ScottR

    5.1 remixes

    Why is it when a 2.0 stereo film is remixed for 5.1 that certain sound effects/dialogue seem muffled. For instance, on the Glory dvd, the 2.0 soundtrack has a bright sound, but the 5.1 sounds deeper with some incidental sounds buried in the mix. I wish they would include the original sound mix...
  14. ScottR

    Popeye (1980)-stretched?

    To my eyes, this film looks vertically stretched on dvd. For example, circles are not round, but oval. Is this due to the widescreen process used, or a mistake during transfer to dvd?
  15. ScottR

    The Flintstones-cut episode

    It is frustrating that out of six season sets, only one Flintstones' episode is cut...Season 3's The Big Move. Is there any way WB can fix it?
  16. ScottR

    The Godfather series-subtitles

    Were the dvd subtitles for The Godfather films video generated? They are in a slightly different place on the full frame versions airing on television. Also, the letters seem to not be solid, having what appears to be NTSC artifacts.
  17. ScottR

    Roots The Complete Collection

    I'm really excited about this upcoming release (even though Roots will still not be the 1977 broadcast version.) The exclusive bonus disc looks interesting...it includes an Alex Haley/David Frost interview. Plus, the 44-page full-color book will be nice to have. I was kinda hoping that the...
  18. ScottR

    Polarized 3-D...does it work on dvd?

    If a film were encoded properly and all you had were the polarized glasses, would this work with today's television technology, especially if you have a projection screen. I wish the studios would release 3-D films this way.
  19. ScottR

    What is this line on widescreen films?

    What causes the "clear" line right underneath the top bar on widescreen films? On some films, when the image goes through the line, it becomes slightly distorted.
  20. ScottR

    Friday the 13th Boxed Set-should I buy?

    I initially didn't want to buy this because Part 3 isn't in 3-D, but I met Ari Lehman (Jason in Part 1) this weekend at the HorrorHound convention in Indy. I read on Amazon that Part 7 has been censored (the sleeping bag death) from its theatrical version. I'm not sure these will be released...
  21. ScottR

    Fantasia running time

    Ok, so I watched this again for the first time in a while...still wonderful! However, I was wondering about the running time. According to the Fantasia Legacy disc, the Roadshow version originally ran 2:04:22. But the version on dvd barely runs 2:04:05...if you don't count the extra black screen...
  22. ScottR

    Fantasia Anthology booklet?

    The back of the Anthology box claims that there is a special booklet for Fantasia 2000 included, but mine only has the fold out insert for both films. Did anyone else have one in theirs?
  23. ScottR

    The Office Marathons

    I haven't seen any of these. Do they have new footage of the host introducing the episodes or is it clips of footage already in the episodes themselves?
  24. ScottR

    The Exorcist..will there be a 2-disc SE?

    I really hope there will be. AMC has been showing the original version lately...and when I say original, I mean ORIGINAL. The vintage WB logo appears, and the jump cut of Jason Miller towards the end is there, not computer enhanced. It actually looks pretty good too. It made me want a Special...
  25. ScottR

    When Snow White becomes available....

    Do you think Disney will fix the minor mistakes with the current transfer? 1. The wash-up scene is really blurry...the 1994 version looks better. 2. The colors look good, but in the final scene they appear off. Snow White's sleeves are purple, as well as the Prince's tunic during a dissolve...
  26. ScottR

    Stagecoach-1 disc or 2 disc?

    The one disc version of this title is $9.99. Does the second disc have enough quality features on it to justify skipping the one disc?
  27. ScottR

    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Review

    What's happening this summer is that everything is a retread of what we have already seen. Too many sequels and not enough originality
  28. ScottR

    The Civil War audio sync

    Has anyone noticed that the last episode is seriously out of sync? Has it been corrected on the Paramount version?
  29. ScottR

    The Dukes of Hazzard-2-hour episodes

    Does anyone know if the episodes Carnival of Thrills and the 10 Million-Dollar Sheriff were originally shown as two hour specials or two back to back episodes, and if the former are there scenes missing on the dvd sets since they are each presented as two-parters? Maybe, if WB has the uncut...
  30. ScottR

    Lawrence of Arabia-new date?

    Does anyone know if Sony has announced a new date for the Lawrence of Arabia Collector's Edition? I still haven't added this title to my collection, and I was looking forward to this...only to be disappointed when it was pushed back from March to May and now an unknown date. I'm almost tempted...