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  1. Peter_A

    Older Toshiba CRT Projection Red Gun Issue

    So my trusty old ISF calibrated Toshiba TW40X81 is getting on in years but it has always served me well. When I first got it there was a problem with the red gun not shutting off when it was supposed to. This was most evident when the screen was black and not receiving a signal, there was still...
  2. Peter_A

    G.I. Joe Season 1, Part 1 DVD Reviews?

    I did a search but came up empty. Has anyone reviewed the G.I. Joe Season 1, Part 1 DVD box set? I'm interested in picking it up, I used to love the show back in the day and think it would be a blast to watch them for the first time in over 14 years. But is the quality of the transfers any good...
  3. Peter_A

    NFS: Underground... So Which Version Is Best?

    So with NFS: Underground coming out for every platform including the PC, which version is best? Normally I wouldn't be too concerned but after the NFS: Hot Pursuit problems where the only good version was the PS2 one and the others were butchered, I want to be sure to get the best version.
  4. Peter_A

    A Video For All You Old School Game Fans

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=131487 Click on the "Watch This Movie" link. I think you guys will like this.:)
  5. Peter_A

    Will We Getting The Redesigned PS2?

    Title says it all. With Manuhunt coming out this fall I might have to buy a PS2 again but I'm more interested in the redesigned unit that was just released in Japan.
  6. Peter_A

    Game Boy Advance Game Suggestions?

    I just picked up a GB Advance SP and with it Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. So far the game is good but seems really easy... Anyways, what are some other recomendations on games? I'll be picking up Metroid Fusion for sure, Colin McRae 2.0, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance when it comes out in...
  7. Peter_A

    GameCube Component Cable In Canada?

    OK, so I finally bought a Gamecube, the free game deal sealed it for me. I ended up getting Metroid. Anywho, I want to get the component cable but am unable to find a source for it in Canada. I've only seen it on the Nintendo.com website and they will only ship to US destinations. :frowning...
  8. Peter_A

    WWII Movie Recommendations?

    Having just spent the weekend making my way through the superb Band Of Brothers DVD box set, I'm looking for some recommendations of other WWII films. What I'm looking for is meaningful, authentic movies, not your John Wayne, Hollywood propoganda type films. I already have some of my favorites...
  9. Peter_A

    FS: Monster Cable XBOX Cables!

    ***Mods, if you want to move this thread to the Hardware Sale section, that's cool. Just thought more gamers look in this forum. :)*** I have a Monster XBox Gamelink 400x component cable for sale as well as the matching Monster Lightwave 100x optical cable. Both are open but in mint condition...
  10. Peter_A

    Need Some Winamp Help

    I just installed Winamp 2.7 and I use it as my CD player in Windows. On older versions of Winamp, I just put the CD into a drive, Winamp launched and the CD started playing. Now though, since installing the new version, everytime I put in a CD, Winamp launches but instead of playing the CD, all...
  11. Peter_A

    Anyone Wanna Play Some Halo Online?

    Link Removed I'm gonna give this a try once I get a long enough run of RJ45 cable. It works well aparently but I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you have a high-speed internet connection. So who's up for some fraggin'? :)
  12. Peter_A

    FS: Brand New Monster X-Box Cables

    (If this is the wrong place to post this, moderators please feel free to move it. I figure more gamers look in this forum than the Hardware Sale forum) Anyways, I have a Monster Gamelink 400x component cable and a Monster Lightwave 100x optical cable for sale. Both are brand new, never opened...
  13. Peter_A

    The Original Singer Of "Spirit In The Sky" ?

    I heard this song recently at a party and had a bet going with a friend as to who the original singer or band that performed this song is. I tried a search at Cdnow, but got way too many results. So anyone know?
  14. Peter_A

    Now That The X-Box Launch Is Over, Which Games Are Next?

    I didn't buy an XBox last week since I was too busy playing MGS2. Of the launch games for the XBox, the only one that intereted me was Halo. I'll probably pick up an XBox before Xmas but what other must have games are coming out in the near future. I don't mean 6 months away, I mean a month or...
  15. Peter_A

    FS: Paradigm Reference Studio 60's v1.........Maybe

    I'm thinking of selling my v1, black, Paradigm Reference Studio 60's. The reason I say I'm thinking about it is that I'm not sure about the shipping. I don't have the original boxes, but I could use the boxes from the new speakers I'm looking at. Of course the box won't fit exactly, but I'd use...
  16. Peter_A


  17. Peter_A

    FS: Various Criterion DVD's

    I have the following Criterion DVD's for sale. All are open, but in mint condition. Add $3US/each to the price for airmail shipping(I live in Canada and shipping would be cheaper if you buy multiples). Here we go: Gimmie Shelter - $30US Hidden Fortress - $25US Beastie Boys Anthology - $22US...
  18. Peter_A

    Time Crisis 2 For PS2 - Will The Gun Work With Projection TV's?

    Well before I go and get the game for my PS2, I'm just wondering if it will work my Toshiba TW40X81? The PS2 is connected via component video cable so I know I'll need the little adapter. But will the light gun be able to work with the TV? ------------------ Peter
  19. Peter_A

    Recording Concerts

    Going to a concert in about a month, and I'd like to record it on my MD. What kind of results can I expect from this. I won't be front and center, so I'm just wondering what kind of results any of you guys have had with recoding concerts on MD. I suppose it would depend a bit too on the mic used...
  20. Peter_A

    FS: Sony MZ-R70 Portable Minidisc Player w/PC Link

    I have a 3 month old Sony MZ-R70 portable Minidisc player/recorder for sale. The unit is in excellent condition as are the accessories. It comes with all the original accessories, box, manual, and also the PC Link(and it's instructions) which was not an included accessory with this model. I'll...
  21. Peter_A

    FS: RealMagic Hollywood Plus Decoder Card

    I have a Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus decoder card for sale. Works fine, I just never use it anymore so I'm trying to get rid of it. Asking $30US + $4 shipping via airmail for it. Includes all the original cords, manuals, and driver discs(though newer drivers are available online). The only...
  22. Peter_A

    Need Some Info on Onkyo 797

    I'm looking for some info on the upcoming Onkyo 979 receiver. You know complete specs etc, and most importantly, when it will hit the stores. ------------------ Peter "If rubbin' dirt in your crotch is wrong, hey I don't wanna be right" - Futurama
  23. Peter_A

    PS2 Games For Sale!

    I have the following PS2 games for sale, all in mint condition both case and disc. Zone Of The Enders + MGS2 Demo - $25US FIFA - $25US Shipping via airmail is included and payment is by Paypal. Please post here and then email me if interested. Thanks! ------------------ Peter "If rubbin'...
  24. Peter_A

    Three PS2 Games For Sale

    I have the following three PS2 games for sale, all in mint condition both case and disc. Zone Of The Enders + MGS2 Demo - $30US Red Faction - $35US FIFA - $30 Shipping via airmail is included and payment is by Paypal. Please post here and then email me if interested. ------------------...
  25. Peter_A

    Lot's Of DVD's For Trade

    I have the following DVD's for trade, all in mint condition. Gimmie Shelter: Criterion Collection Beastie Boys Video Anthology: Criterion Collection The Towering Inferno Blade Glory(2-Disc) You've Got Mail Erin Brockovich Rage Against The Machine: Battle of Mexico City Good Will...
  26. Peter_A

    FS: Sony CDP-XA20ES CD Player

    For sale is a Sony CDP-XA20ES CD player. This is the unit where the laser pick-up is fixed, and the CD moves to help reduce jitter. The unit is a year old, and is in mint condition. It comes with all the original packaging, box, manual, and of course remote. And, if you live in Canada it even...
  27. Peter_A

    DVD's For Trade, Including Criterions!

    I have the following discs for trade, all in excellent condition. Gimmie Shelter: CC Beastie Boys Anthology: CC Silence Of The Lambs: CC Erin Brockovich Bull Durham Best In Show Rage Against The Machine: Battle of Mexico City The Patriot This Is Spinal Tap(MGM) Good Will...
  28. Peter_A

    Wanted: Final Fantasy Tactics for PSX

    Looking for a original copy of Final Fantasy Tactics for the original Playstation. I don't care if it's sealed or open as long as the disc is in good condition(fine, surface scratches are OK), and the instructions are also in good condition with no rips, tears, or writting on them. Same goes for...
  29. Peter_A

    FS: Sony CDP-XA20ES CD Player - Canada Only

    For sale is a Sony CDP-XA20ES CD player. This is the unit where the laser pick-up is fixed, and the CD moves to help reduce jitter. The unit is a year old, and is in mint condition. It comes with all the original packaging, box, manual, and of course remote. It even has an extended 5 year...
  30. Peter_A

    For Sale: Dreamcast System w/Accessories

    I have a like new Dreamcast for sale. About 7 months old and hardly ever been used since I got my PS2, and it has all the original packaging manuals etc. Included in the package is: 1 Dreamcast 1 Sega controller 1 Sega VMU(blue) 1 Sega Jump Pack 1 3rd Party S-Video cable Asking $70US...