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  1. Brian_J

    In-wall Speaker recommendations

    I can highly recommend the Triad Gold and Silver series of in wall speakers. Not cheap but extremely nice... Brian
  2. Brian_J

    *** Official *** XBox 360 Hardware DISCUSSION Thread

    Wow, the lack of understanding for the supply and demand cycle of the economy is astounding to me. But I guess with the lack of teaching of economics in public school I should not be surprised. There is a reason why things like generators are impossible to find at all during a storm. The...
  3. Brian_J

    *** Official KING KONG Review Thread

    A Stunning Film... I am amazed by some of the comments of those about editing this film down and particularly as it relates to the opening hour. My only thoughts are that we as a society have become so numbed to typical Michael Bay filmaking and so impatient in the new technology driven...
  4. Brian_J

    Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

    Do you think they will use this line in the film: "How can the same thing happen to the same guy FOUR times?!" ;)Brian
  5. Brian_J

    Denon AVR-5805.........Second look:Wow!

    I think the 4805 will be targeted at what the 5800 was targeted at just a few years ago. This seems to be a step above that, at least to my eyes. Brian
  6. Brian_J

    Kit281 vs. HE12.1

    Well my old Denon 3801 powers through them with no problems whatsoever, something that surprised me. I have never had the receiver shut down no matter how hard I pushed them. Brian
  7. Brian_J

    Veneer - wood glue/ironing method

    The iron on method is perfect if you follow the proper instructions. First, you need to use yellow glue, not white glue. White glue has a higher bonding temperature. Next, you need to water down the glue slightly and apply and let dry at least two coats to the veneer and the piece. Finally, I...
  8. Brian_J

    FS: Barco Graphics BG808 CRT Projector-$2,000

    Still available! Brian
  9. Brian_J

    I was shushed at the movies!

    I think it was basically a "shot across the bow" so to speak. Brian
  10. Brian_J

    *** Official THE AVIATOR Discussion Thread

    The cinematography looks out of this world on this movie and it is sure to be the reference dvd, or make that hddvd when it comes out on that medium. The colors absolutely sparkle. Brian
  11. Brian_J

    Burton's "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" teaser poster

    Bingo for me...unfortunately. Brian
  12. Brian_J

    How do you play games on an RPTV and prevent burn in?

    By playing different games and as mentioned before by keeping contrast low. I have never seen a problem but most of the games I play are like Halo with the opaque graphics. Brian
  13. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Ok, does anybody in this clan actually play together anymore? I cannot remember the last time I looked and saw more than three people online and all of them being in matchmaking. Brian
  14. Brian_J

    HTF Xbox Live Gamertag Compilation

    Add me again, please. My son screwed up my clan. Brian
  15. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    I need a reinvite to the clan guys. My son got be knocked off by accepting an invite with someone he met online. Thanks, Brian
  16. Brian_J

    FS: Barco Graphics BG808 CRT Projector-$2,000

    BARCO GRAPHICS 808 FOR SALE! VERY GOOD CONDITION This projector is very easy to setup and extremely stable. I only tweak convergence a few times a year! It was purchased with VDC rebuilt tubes about 18 months ago. The projector came from a local reputable CRT seller (Chuchuf-AVS Forum). He...
  17. Brian_J

    Valve opens release Date for Half-Life 2!!!!!

    I believe there was a driver update specifically to address Half Life "glitches" by Nvidia. Try guru3d.com. Brian
  18. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    I hope to be on later with some custom games. Slayer-Swords, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers...enough said. Brian
  19. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    I want to warn in advance that I am not on tonite, my son is playing with a friend. So, if they somehow screw up a clan match or important game (because the other kid really sucks) feel free to boot em off!! Brian
  20. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Somebody mentioned this game being like crack, well I am on a business trip for several days and am in serious withdrawal pain! And to top that off when I get back we are going on vacation for a week. Oh the pain... Brian
  21. Brian_J

    Language and XBOX Live

    Cool, thanks. Brian
  22. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Is anybody else having trouble picking out the right team to kill at times? I don't know what it is but sometimes it takes me a second to figure out if they are my team or not and I keep thinking I must be missing something. This lost time can have deadly consequences. Things like Warthogs...
  23. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Also, I asked earlier but I think it got passed over, does everyone use the default controller configuration or do some prefer a different style? If so which and why? Thanks, Brian
  24. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    I still don't follow? Do you physically take a bomb there (i.e pick it up from somewhere like the flag and carry it there) or do you just stand on the opponents bomb for 5 seconds? Then what? Brian
  25. Brian_J

    Language and XBOX Live

    This aside, I never thought the single or coop modes were particularly violent in the sense that its useful violence. :) I.E. war type violence, a necessary evil. This unlike a game such as Kingpin or GTA where you just go pop random people for no apparent reason. Which I would never ever let...
  26. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    What was his deal anyway, what was he spouting off about? He ran me and my son off in about 20 seconds flat. Brian
  27. Brian_J

    Language and XBOX Live

    Hey I am not easily offended and I anticipate the occasional f-bombs from adults, otherwise I would not even let my son get on. You take that in stride. Not to mention the fact that I was letting him play a game where the goal is to get a "head shot" on your opponent. It was the graphic use...
  28. Brian_J

    Language and XBOX Live

    Ok, I am not a prude or anything nor do I assume my 9-year old kid doesn't hear any of this stuff during the week but the language was getting a bit out of hand the past couple of nights (yeah you know who you are). Between the F-bombs, c-sucker and other much more graphic language it seems...
  29. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Does everybody use the default controller configuration and are people using any different than the regular XBOX controllers? The biggest problem I find is pushing the wrong dang button, pressing the stick or just basically pissing my pants. ;)Brian
  30. Brian_J

    Halo 2 HTF Clan

    Sirfurr....(that name still haunts me) :frowning: Right now I suck and its like everyone else is on double speed, double armor and double firepower. Brian (DreadMantis)