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  1. Kevin Alexander

    Denon avrs are top notch.

    Absolutely nothing special about Denon anymore. They used to be great receivers, but not anymore. Out of the box, they don't sound good and lean heavily upon the Audessey crutch to sound decent.
  2. Kevin Alexander

    Top 10 Best AV Receivers and Processors for 2020

    The days of the hot running Onkyos are gone. The crown of the blow torch receivers go to Denon and Marantz.
  3. Kevin Alexander

    Top 10 Best AV Receivers and Processors for 2020

    There is an industry wide bias in favor of Denon/Marantz imo. I've found Yamaha to be more balanced in sound whereas D/M tends to roll off the upper end.
  4. Kevin Alexander

    Outlaw Audio

    Thanks for the heads up on Outlaw. The HTF actually played a part in putting them on the map back in the day. How times have changed.
  5. Kevin Alexander

    Trying to repair Sony STR-DA777ES PROTECTOR! error

    I once owned this receiver back in the day it's definately separates quality sound if you can get it working.
  6. Kevin Alexander

    Onkyo and Pioneer add DTS Play-Fi ‘Critical Listening’

    Anxiously awaiting an announcement of new Onkyo receivers.
  7. Kevin Alexander

    Sound United may acquire Bowers & Wilkins

    I hope that backing out of a deal with Onkyo didn't harm Onkyo to where all we are left with is Denon and marantz being roughly half of our options at receivers.
  8. Kevin Alexander

    Commercials that just irritate you....

    Yeah. If I hear the girl who named her car BRAAAD, I'm gonna.....
  9. Kevin Alexander

    Anyone hear from Mike Knapp anymore?

    Wow. I guess rumors of your demise really were exaggerated. Unless this is "Knapp-bot". Anyway, nice to see some of the "OG's" still contributing here.
  10. Kevin Alexander

    Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong - Which should I visit, and why?

    Greetings fellow HTF'ers. It's been a long time. I still lurk, but don't post as much. Anyway, I will be in the Philippines next month and have an opportunity for a mini excursion to either Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. Has any of the members here been to any of these places? I'd appreciate...
  11. Kevin Alexander

    Southland (Season 1 and 2)

    great news!
  12. Kevin Alexander

    What is the fascination with being the owner of a "bad dog"?

    Let me preface my rant by saying that there are alot of good dog owners of many breeds, BUT, there is a particular type of owner I'm starting to see more and more. The jackass a few houses down from me is the latest. It's becoming more and more fashionable for people to not just own, but train...
  13. Kevin Alexander

    Southland (Season 1 and 2)

    Anyone catch the pilot episode for this? Outside of "The Shield", I'm usually not into cop dramas, but I liked the edginess of the show. It reminds me of a cross between "The Shield" and "Training Day". If this show makes it, I'm all in.
  14. Kevin Alexander

    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    You say sad, most say fitting, ironic, and proper for the NFL's all-time interception leader. Seriously. The guy's a turnover machine. Always has been, always will be - although this was a better than average year for him.
  15. Kevin Alexander

    least expensive true DTS-HD DD-HD reciever?

    Onkyo 605 will be the least that can internally decode the new HD-Audio formats. If you check often, factory refurbs can be found substantially discounted here... Shop Onkyo
  16. Kevin Alexander

    on the Fence-- Onkyo TX-SR605 or Yamaha RX-V661

    Both are nice receivers. Go with Yamaha if you are running 7.1 as it will overlay PLIIx over 5.1 lossless and the Onkyo won't. Onkyo is HDMI 1.3, Yamaha is not. Onkyo will internally decode new lossless formats internally, Yamaha will not. Owners of both rave about both. Onkyo...
  17. Kevin Alexander

    HDMI STB Issue. Is there a work-around possible???

    thanks for the link patrick.
  18. Kevin Alexander

    HDMI STB Issue. Is there a work-around possible???

    I think I'm in the right place for this question, anyway..... Can someone let me know if there is a workable solution for this? My Comcast DVR has a DVI and component output, when I used a DVI to HDMI cable run through the receiver, it won't work (HDCP issues). But when I run it the DVI-HDMI...
  19. Kevin Alexander

    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    As a Cowboy fan: The Giants "are who we thought they were."
  20. Kevin Alexander

    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    So I'm listening to Tiki Barber after the Dallas/Giants game and, worst...analyst...ever. He bashes his former team/coach/ QB very publicly in the media last week and blames them for his loss of love for the game, but while addressing the needs of the Giants during his post-game comments, he...
  21. Kevin Alexander

    What kind of bug is this?...

    A type of Cerambycid or Bostrichid Beetle.
  22. Kevin Alexander

    Farewell Mike Knapp and HTT

    This whippersnapper wishes you success in your new direction. See ya around Mike!
  23. Kevin Alexander

    How have your HTF "habits" changed?

    It's not my posts, but me that people have come to despise - but 'I ain't mad at 'cha':) Seriously, I don't post much at all anymore either. I think that I'm a little too "cerebral" for some. But I still do my dvd reviews here and read the posts from fellow old-timers.
  24. Kevin Alexander

    Commercials that just irritate you....

    How about the stupid commercial for a Toyota (Corolla) w/ the nerdy teen convienience store/gas clerk is oogling all over this lady pumping gas and asking her how many miles to the gallon it gets. He then says, "So, I guess we won't be seeing each other very often?" Then after she gets back in...
  25. Kevin Alexander

    Narrowed it down to SVS PB12-NSD, HSU STF-3 and Outlaw LFM-1. Which one do I buy?

    I currently have the PB12-NSD in house that I am comparing to a PB10-NSD, and find it to be a stellar performer. What are your room dimensions?
  26. Kevin Alexander

    Why do we celebrate holidays like Halloween?

    Those 2 statements are one in the same aren't they Mark? :)
  27. Kevin Alexander

    Why do we celebrate holidays like Halloween?

    Good points Colton. I think it's a documented fact from numerous respectable sources that the celebration of Christmas is pretty much a fraud w/ it's origins coming from the winter solstice and the worship of the ancient Roman Sun God Saturn. And as for Easter, could someone please tell me what...
  28. Kevin Alexander

    Why do we celebrate holidays like Halloween?

    Let me preface my comments by cautioning everyone against turning this thread into a religious discussion as that is not the purpose of my post here. Anyway, as I drive around through the city and around the different neighboorhoods including my own, I can't help but to notice all around us...